Friday, October 16, 2015

Ancient Draco Bloodlines

This guy does a good job Connecting the Dots.  I've come across most of this information but there were a few times listening to this that the Light Bulb went off above my head.  Often when I've brought up any of this the first thing some one will say is "Well, no one can keep a secret that big."

Before I left Santa Fe I was sitting in the Plaza and started talking to a couple sitting next to me who were waiting for others to join them.  Turns out the Group that was gathering were Cold War Spooks who broke codes and passed on secret information.  None of them knew of the other or that there were others until the end and being the smart guys they were they  started to Connect the Dots.  Once their contract to keep all things secret for 30 years they started to meet.  The wife looked at me with such an unusual smile "Can you imagine living with someone for 30 years and not knowing they were a spy?"

Because I was raised by a Christian Science Practitioner  Grandmother and I was high on Phenobarb and having "seizures" I was aware and guided to recognize Health and UnHealth.  The trick in the healing was to ONLY acknowledge the Health no matter what was presented.  Without giving it much thought and only later realizing that I was always "adjusting" my environment.

From a very young age I was aware of this Agenda on the Horizon and without realizing it I slowly "adjusted" the parallel reality I occupied.  At this point I don't "see" myself in the reality of this video.  Because of bleed through I do feel I've had to deal with "ghosts" of unrealized potential from my original Visions. 

Again, it's all subjective.  Could be the drugs?  LOL  Could be we side stepped Armageddon.

My Dream of Good and Evil - June 30,2010

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