Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Encounter With Good and Evil

Last night after our Prayer Circle I fell to sleep with a feeling of contentment and safety that has eluded me for a very long time.
About 1:30am I wake up from a dream of being given blue crystals and lapis for protection. I make a cup of mint tea and go back to sleep. But I get up again to shut the window. Evenings up in the mountains get chilly. As I pull the glass shut I remember saying to myself that I'm feeling very spacey and turn to go back to sleep when I find a beautiful young Chinese girl in my living room. I realize then that am still asleep, but NEVER like this. I've had dreams where I knew I was dreaming and I've had visions where things seemed very real. But THIS space was as real as the room I am sitting in right now.

The child runs into my arms and I figure that she must be part of the angels that we had gathered earlier and she is bringing in a new dimension. It is WONDERFUL. She floats around the room and I join her. The freedom of flying is exhilarating. I ask if she is hungry and I go into the kitchen to find something to feed her. I grab a can of pineapple but I can't find a can opener.
Then a car drives past my kitchen door! I "know" that these people are real somewhere else and don't realize they are in my living room. As they go past I see a dozen people sleeping in my bed and a Christmas Tree lit up in the corner.

One of the people is my son. He has pain in his back from motorcycle accidents and is facing surgery. I realize that we are in a Heightened Reality so I try to heal him. I turn him over and put my hands on his spine. Then I write "MOM" across his back in blue marker so he knows I am there.

I go back to the kitchen to find this child something to eat when the full view of my vision is a computer screen that starts typing out...

My instinct takes over knowing that I must act instantly. I push the child to the floor and step on her arms with my feet yelling "Who ARE YOU?" several times.
The child squirms and the face starts morphing into evil until it is all black and decayed.
How am I going to get out of this? I need holy water!

So I spit on her/it's face three times and the body dissipates in a puff of smoke.
I realize that the child's form was chosen because a couple days before I met the boss's precious adopted daughter.
I am exhausted and go to the door for some fresh air.
Across the street is a woman with grey hair and an expensive beige pants suit who resembles Blythe Danner.
She signals to me.
"I've glad you finally found ME. I am God."
As she walks over to me she fades away and I wake up.
It's 3am.

Oct 2015
This dream still stays with me.  At the time I thought it was unimportant that the food I was trying to find to feed the child was pineapple.  It was meant to have something to do with the Pineal Gland.
I met the lady in the tan suit.  An impeccable sales woman at Santa Fe Dry Goods in an elegant cashmere pants suit as PC played above.

I don't believe in satan, but now I do believe in "demons"...not of God but semi-solid thought forms that humans cook up with too much negative emotion.  People don't realize that they do that but these things can hold enough "charge" to stir shit up.  Turn the other cheek.  What you do not focus on dissipates.

When Two or More are Gathered

It seems like Maya and I are on the same page. We are having the same dream themes that have brought us to this location.
Today we have added another person to our Prayer Circle.
The Grail Gals have come together!

One of the things we have shared is our encounters with "evil". Maya feels that Satan is the collective thought form for the negative emotions of humanity and that is my feeling also.
It is said that the Temples in Tibet are protected by the
Thought Forms of the Monks.

We shared our experiences. I have gotten to where I avoid people who seem to have minds that are easily manipulated. They soon become aggressive towards me as Fear is introduced to their subconscious from some unknown source. I know several people who can introduce thoughts directly to a person's subconscious so surely this Satan can also.

We end our talk with a Prayer.
In less than a minute I "see" Angels. Maya does too. A ring of
20 foot Angels, shoulder to shoulder, hovering above this Space.
I shudder and a ripple of energy goes up my spine. The Power and Glory wells up and I have to break our connection as I am overwhelmed.

When Two or More are Gathered
The Power of Collective Thought
Tibetan Thought Forms

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rare Alignment

Across the Abyss

I have breakfast at the French Bakery and walk out the door to start my new job across the street. I look up, shielding my eyes from the morning sun and I'm startled. Here is the Patio in my dreams! Why didn't I recognize that before?

The shop that I will manage is in a cluster of little businesses on the corner. The top floor is the bar and Maya's shop along with some others. The patio is enclosed by the iron rail fence from the dream.
Dreams actually. It hits me that this is also from a dream I had a couple months ago.
In the dream I am looking for a job. The Voice says to go to the Mall and climb the stairs. At the foot of the stairs are two young women in sunglasses talking on their cell phones. They give the impression of being Secret Service. I go up the stairs and when I get to the top I walk through "The Door" and am in another dimension.
I tried to find this place when I was looking for a job. I didn't recognize it though I passed it almost everyday. Not until I saw it from across the street.

This is where Bear has led me. This is the Cantina in the Dream at the end of the Path.
The Cantina is part of the Dream of the Green Jade dated September 16, 2009 which I had over five years ago.

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Living the Dream

Part of the process of "Rehab" was to release the Normal and allow the Miracle. I had kept a tight rein on the magical part of my life so far. I had to stay normal for my children and my sanity. As a small child I can remember going with my Christian Scientist Practioner Grandmother to do healings at the State Mental Hospital. It had a profound effect on me. One, it made me realize how fragile sanity can be and if you lost it this is where you would live. However, the other thing was how powerful Mind is. This has kept me on a Cosmic Teeter-totter my whole life.

I am a fan of the "The Holographic Universe" and I was giving myself permission to allow the Universe to speak to me. It is amazing what you find when you do that. Often it is a trinket on the street that you find that answers the question you had ten minutes earlier. I've had some strange encounters these past few weeks that I'm still reeling from.

One was with the Snake. I've gotten use to the wierd body sensations and the odd dreams but have never had an encounter like I did with this Entity.
First, let me explain that I have gotten into the habit of putting a Bubble of Protection around me every morning. As I have become more sensitive to the Energies around me sometimes it is like being in a storm. Or I will get lost in someone else's agenda. Wearing my Bubble has helped a lot. It is sort of like a Cosmic Suit of Armor. I think it also was part of the reason I lost so many people in my life as energy connections were cut.

The morning of Mother's Day about 3am I was pulled awake by a emerging Energy in front of my face. As it rose up it took on the shape of a Cobra and came down to strike, hitting my Bubble of Protection. I heard a sizzle and smelled a slight electrical burn and the energy dissipated. Later that day on my walk up in the hills I came across a rattlesnake stretched across the path. While I have heard them before I have never seen one.

I've also had some interesting dreams that have come to pass this past week.
In one I am walking down a path when I come to an abyss. On the other side is a young man and two young women on a patio, one sitting down looking off into the distance and the other beside him. I get the feeling I am to meet these people and as I continue I fall down.
I am wearing a ring that belongs to the Family Matriarch and it gets caught in a net. A young man with the most beautiful and loving smile reaches down and says
"I'll help you get untangled."

About the same time I have a dream of meeting a young man with black hair. I realize now it was the man on the patio. We meet and he hugs me. Some time passes and we meet again and he is still affectionate like a puppy that jumps on your lap. The third time I take him to the Garden of Eden. He hugs me and lifts me up. I'm embarrassed by his attention. We get to the entrance to the Garden. It is a secret door behind lush vines with clusters of red fruit like cherries. I warn him not to eat them as we don't know what they will do. There is a dark path through the vines. I run and he follows. It is an exhilarating feeling. We go through room after room. In one we encounter threatening lions. For a moment I am afraid and want to turn back but God gives me courage. Finally I see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are women and children in sleeping bags and we tiptoe as not to wake them. I sense they are different versions of my past. We walk out a door to the side and come into a luxurious garden where I find an unusual orchid. It is white with small purple spots. The petals are long and it almost looks like a little man.

Last week the first young man came into the shop where I work with his Mother. As she looks at jewelry I ask her if her son is a healer and I tell her my dream. Though they are Native American she says he is not Traditional but Christian and he prays for people. She called him over and I asked to shake his hand when tears ran down my face. I said I didn't know why I was crying and the mother suggested that maybe they were tears of joy.
Yes. Joy that such a wonderful person exists.

A few days later the other man came into the store as I was closing up. He was with his friend. They were working at a summer camp up in the mountains and had just come into town for their day off. He looks at me with astonishment.
"I will come back. I have got to talk to you and hear everything about your life. I have never met anyone like you and I have traveled the world." His next day off is Thursday. It will be interesting to see if he returns. My last day at work is Friday.

The Holographic Universe
Christian Science Healing

God Releases Me From Rehab

My friend says I should quit saying rehab as it gives the wrong impression. Though Pisces are notorious for their addictions there is nothing that I am hooked on. But this Spring has felt like I have been locked away to wrestle with my demons.

I had a generous windfall that allowed me to live in Durango, Colorado for a couple of months without working, though very simply. I found a hotel kitchenette which fit my purposes just fine. It reminded me of a dream from this past winter of Perez Hilton inviting me to "Celebrity Rehab". I wasn't ready to find "home", but needed something institutional as I worked through this Rebirth Process.

Because I was being so unconventional I lost most of my support from family and friends. People who had been in my life for decades were now gone. I haven't talked to my children since early Spring which means my grandchildren also. I spent weeks locked in my room crying and raging at God.
(God as in Divine Mind that talks to me....I think the real God would probably fry my neural circuits if IT actually communicated.).
I had no TV to distract me and only a couple of books that I had already read. Occasionally I could pick up the internet from the hotel but not enough to keep me from getting bored. And my camera broke, which if I do have an addiction would be how I keep my sanity. I had nothing and no one to distract me from myself.

God answered back.
I was "told" that everything had been taken away so that the only thing I could concentrate on was myself. This was to be a total breaking down of ego. As all my children were doing well, I was to redirect that focus and I was promised that those relationships would be restored.
I was going through the alchemical process of Death and Rebirth. And it sucks.

I went to the Herbalist for some homeopatic medicine for grief. Then a couple of weeks later for some St. John's Wort to be happy.
I don't have a car and while everything is within walking distance it meant carrying those groceries and that laundry. I lost ten pounds a month and firmed up.
I finally found a job which I'm quitting on Friday. It was also part of this Rehab Process and brought in people to my life that represented the past and the future.

God says that I'm "cooked" and it is time to Live the Dream.
I've been in "rehab" three months and exactly a year since I started my travels.

"She Talks to Angels" by The Black Crows
"Rehab" by Amy Winehouse