Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The White Lotus

Doing part time cashiering at Hobby Lobby...which is a whole story on it's own.  But I've met some wonderful people who come in and buy art supplies.  So selling to artists in Santa Fe is not such a bad thing.  To keep from being bored I get people to tell me their stories in the 2 minutes we share.

One of the things I've learned is that cashiers are seeing regular numbers more frequently  this last 4 months.  It used to be a rare thing to have someone's purchase to ring up as an even $7.00  or $50.00.  Now it's several times a day.  Or their purchases will be $13.13 or $49.94.  Or a great number in one shift will have the same change...over and over during one shift.

What Intelligence is "speaking" to us in numbers?

It's also been a very strange couple of months for events.  A murder/suicide and this week another death accompanied by strange dreams.  Death card shows up over and over in my tarot readings.  Many relationship "deaths".  Such a sad time, but then there was a dream of a White Lotus springing up, covering the planet.

Then there have been  Dances with Kachinas and spontaneous "rituals".  Something was brought "IN" and the Kachinas are protecting that. 

Lots of synchronicity coming faster and far fetched.  Hmmmm.