Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Oversoul and Space/Time

As my space time becomes increasingly fluid I found this information helpful, though it is the same as you will find in the "Seth" series.  I find that I keep interacting with different versions of the same personality and wonder if this is an example of dealing with a particular Oversoul?  Or maybe I'm meeting myself coming an going?  :-)
Visited with Patricia yesterday but wasn't very good company.  I tend to get horrific three day headaches which seem to come this time of year.  She offered to do some energy work on it.  I could feel a warm glow over the sore spot.  It's always about a three inch circle on the top right of my skull.
I "saw" a black and white snake dividing my screen of vision with purple on one side and pink on the other.  Then Large Eyes watching what was going on.  The process took about 15 minutes and I felt much better.
While Patricia shook off the energy she shook in her seat as she "saw" what caused the trauma.  I had been hit by a stone axe in an ancient Central American Jungle.  Then she freaked.  SHE was the one who had hit me and the explosion of energy at death threw us both into other dimensions, represented by the snake.  The whole point of meeting her it seems was to get this healing.
Her "Guides" said that nothing more should be talked about for three days.  We're meeting for coffee on Friday to compare notes.
I'm feeling great today, but then I usually do after three days.  Makes for a great story.  We'll see how it pans out.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Crazy Art

Some crazy art I found to entertain my granddaughters, but still pretty cool....

Bag Art

Push Pin Art

Kinetic Art

Kinetic Art Fair

Water Art

Sugar Art

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Performance Art

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Prime Radiant

I thought this was most helpful as he demonstrates how the ONE is Multiple.

Moving into the 5th Dimension

Here are interesting videos explaining how we are moving into higher dimensions.

Bashar - The Physics of Intention
Bashar - Transformation and Integration

Friday, July 27, 2012

Time Line Jumping

I woke up this morning with a strong sense of having jumped a timeline.  It's been happening more frequently and I'm guessing partly because I have really been doing my "work" clearing out my mental closets and partly because there are new vibrations in the air.  This Shift seems a bit more hefty than what I've experienced in the past.  Maybe because the planet got a direct hit from solar flares recently which are thought to shift the electromagnetic flow which holds our bodies in place.

I'm having some interesting side effects.  While my Mind is going "Yahoo!  Let's get this Party started!"  my body is freaking out.  I woke up with some odd and disturbing dreams that have taken the morning to sort out where I lost all my teeth, my car that I was having trouble driving makes a U-Turn, I moved into a new apartment where I crash a wedding party going on.  I don't think my Body Awareness is up to speed.  It is however, reacting well to the change by looking a lot better.  In my visualizations I've included being "ageless" and am interested in seeing what manifests.

The other thing that is different are my results with the pendulum.  I've done Tarot for over 30 years for my own amusement and have picked up The Vibe before I  could talk, always having a sense of what is around the corner.  It's not an exact science as you have to factor in probabilities, but there is always a  general sense of energy brewing, sort of like watching a thunderstorm gathering at the horizon.  One of the reasons I settled for this part time job was because I "knew" that my reality then would not be the one I would experience in September.  Using the pendulum has been a fairly good way to access my higher mind to download the information it has picked up.  Now the outcome has shifted dramatically.

This makes planning for the future crazy, but then, we are suppose to proceed without expectation.  Ride the flow.  Coming to Santa Fe was a deliberate exercise in doing that.  I have no responsibilities now so I could take risks.  The idea of the game was that for each step I took there would be a platform under my feet to hold me up.  And there has.  I was wildly freaked out this winter because I couldn't see any way to continue and the Voice kept saying "Faith.  We will not let you down".  I had to consciously create a Contentment within myself when logically it didn't seem like I would succeed.

Now I've passed the point of no return.  The Contentment within has now settled into a Groove.  The sense of Future seems lighter and I'm sure my body will chill here soon.

Taking a Pulse

I woke up to one of those mornings where I knew I had made a dimensional "jump".  Things just aren't feeling familiar.  This is happening more frequently, but then, I've really been pushing it.  Coming out of a Void Zone in my life I've started to fill it up again and have used a lot of imagery and fantasy.  Where do you go when you have been reduced to nothing?  I don't want to fill my life with a lot of useless detail that I'll just have to work through again.  So I'm starting from my core and then letting it fill up from there.
I've been imagining feelings of supreme contentment.  It's been difficult because that has not been my life these last couple of years.  But each day it's been gathering momentum and I judge my progress by how well my life is going, letting the details fill in that reflect that feeling.
This morning has been quite a leap however.  My body is aching and nauseous.  My  jaw feels stressed.  It reminds me of a scene in a SyFy movie where you have been teleported and your molecular structure has to adjust.

Now I realize all of this is subjective.  I try not to let my imagination run away with me and have found that working with a pendulum is handy.  I usually start the day while drinking my coffee starting out with "Is there something I need to know?"  and then work through the questions with a yes or no.  Sometimes when I suspect the answer is yes and I get a no I find out that I have to ask "Is this extremely going to happen?"  And if the question is important I'll ask a couple of times through the day.  Sometimes I need to ask "Am I getting the right answers" and if "no" I'll drop it.

Then I forget it.  I use the answers for a guide.  The principles are based on the idea that your Mind knows all the answers and that kinetically your body will respond.  I've found a pretty good video that explains that.  The pendulum I use is a bead on some stretchy string that I make bracelets out of.  I've found it doesn't have to be fancy.  And I usually brace my arm on my knee so that I don't put too much spin in it.  If nothing else, it gives you an idea of how you feel about a subject.  Yet I'm always surprised when I get a consistent answer to something I feel otherwise about.

The pendulum confirms that I've made a quantum jump to another timeline.  A more contented one I hope.  After my body snaps back I'm headed to the fabric store to get stuff to make a quilt cover.  I'm finding color is really affecting me more deeply and I need some pizzaz in my room.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brain Wave Chart

C# - Tone of the Planet

Bashar - C# - See Sharp
136.1 Hz or C# in 432 Hz (Sound of Earth's Planetary Cycle)
The Creator's Circle - Tuning Fork Sound Healing 
How to Use Weighted Tuning Forks for Sound Therapy

Two Hearts Beat as One

Two Hearts - Phil Collins
Bashar - The Intelligence and Power of the Heart
Our Hearts are Electromagnetically Connected

Review of "The Heart Code"

Probable Futures

This is a video on the physics of  Parallel Realities and Jumping Timelines.
I've noticed this phenomena in my life quite a bit in the past five years as I have consciously attempted the direction my life was going.  I'll wake up with an odd feeling that though I recognize my surroundings, it has the feeling of being the first time I've been there.  Sort of like taking a vacation without leaving.   Recently I've noticed things have "disappeared" that represent strong associations from past  relationships that are no longer a part of my life.  Where did they go?  Or maybe a better question is Where am I Headed?

Parallel Universes and how to change reality

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

3 Aspects of You

This is a hard lesson to grasp that I've only recently "got".

The Three Aspects of YOU

Ask and It is Given

Ask and it is given.  This is a great video that explains the principles of that.
As I finish up this period of self exile cleaning up my personal bullshit I wonder what I can replace my "Space" with?  How far can I take this concept?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Recommended Movies

I have not seen these movies but they have been recommended to me and I put them here so I could come back to them.


"Out of the Blue"


Sunday, July 22, 2012

What Is Our Responsibility

Abraham Hicks - What is Our Responsibility to Others?

Abraham Hicks - Are We As Humans Responsible For The Events In The World?

Abraham Hicks - Are We Always Responsible for How We are Treated?

Abraham Hicks - What is Our Responsibility to Mother Earth?

Abraham Hicks - Why Do We Exist?

You Making a Connection with Non-Physical

Abraham Hicks - Making a Clear Connection with Non-Physical

The Pineal Gland

The Secrets of the Pineal Gland
936Hz Pineal Gland Activator Meditation

Pineal Gland Detox

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fred Alan Wolf: Shamanic Physic

Fred Alan Wolf Interview

Good Vibrations!
Shamanic Drumming video

Becoming a Shaman

A response in a forum to someone asking for help to become a shaman...

No one can help you undergo a shamanic initiation or death ritual. The spirits themselves will decide and it will not be by any ritual. First they will test you to see if you have any ability what so ever to perceive them. They can not tell you the secrets of life or the universe or the secrets of healing and the future if you can not see them, sense them or understand them. To be a traditional shaman of ancient time is to have one foot in both worlds. To be both dead and alive at the same time and at will. No person "wants" to be a shaman of this realm as to do so means risk of loss of life. The shamanic path is much safer. Practicing meditation, self deprivation (loss of ego) and service to the community. These are all things that Jesus did. 

If you wish to open yourself up to the world of spirits you must first remove yourself from the comforts of the flesh. Spending time completely alone, surrounded by nature and depriving one's self of certain things are roads that many Native American Shaman of past have walked down. These things make it easier to see the spiritual world, when all the noise around us no longer competes for there attention. Listen to the sound of the water in the brook, listen the trees in the wind. Look at the moon for a long time. 

Listen to your dreams. One of the ways's that the Spirits talk to us is through imagery. Pay attention to the pictures and images that pop up in your head. Pay attention to the symbols and messages in your dreams. These are the ways the spirits talk. They have no physical bodies to make sound with so it is only through charades and masquerades as archtypical figures that they can get through to us. This is a simplistic way to explain it but it is how it starts. If you are successful the initiation begins and you will literally see a parade of spirits one after the other teaching you and showing you. Hope this helps.


Shaman Death and Rebirth

Shamanic Ceremonies
by Jade Wah'oo Grigori

The time of secrets is over.
Shamanism is humanity's oldest and most enduring spiritual practice. It has existed since the development of conscious cooperative communities, or tribes, extending back to the first offerings of flowers upon the graves of Neanderthal peoples. The primary reason that shamanism has been with us as an integral part of our evolution is because it works and does what it is intended to do: re-establish balance and harmony within ourselves in relationship to the natural order of creation.

There is nothing mystical about shamanism. The shamanic time-honored practices are founded upon the spiritual application of physics, just as the technological developments and perspectives of material culture are based upon the scientific application of physics. In fact, the principles upon which all shamanic practices are based are found in quantum physics. This elder of spiritual forms is in the forefront of today's rapidly expanding field of healing and spiritual awakening methodologies. There is a coherence and consistency with the underlying principles of natural law that enables shamanic practices to be readily observed, understood and replicated.

The unique initiation of the shaman is that of death-by-intent. Shamans-to-be undergo a full physical cessation of life, pass to the other side, receive a vision of creation and a particular power inherent within that vision. While maintaining full awareness, the shaman must then return to the physical body and use the gifted power to revive the body, healing it of that which brought about one's death. Literally, the shaman dies, goes to the other side and then reincarnates in the same physical body. This enables we shamans to remember who we are, from whence we came and to know our spirit's purpose. The power is then dedicated to the worldly fulfillment of the vision, which is always one of integrative benefit to humanity.

The rest of the article....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Parallel Earths

I just came across this and thought to tack it on in this series of posts.  While I have heard of Bashar I've never checked it out and don't really know that much about it except it is another example of channeling.  However, I believe completely in what is being said in this video and have experienced jumping from one parallel life to another.  You wake up sometimes and while you logically recognize your surroundings you KNOW you aren't in one that is familiar.

The theory of this video is the Path I am taking.  I want to take my Mind so Out There that I end up in a completely new reality.  I've lost the Old one.  What else is possible?


Seeking the Heart's Desires

The Angels are suggesting I add this post about my life.  What does the Heart Desire?
The ONLY thing I've truly wanted was to understand the unusual things that have happened to me my entire life.  It seemed I was on a Path that didn't follow what everybody else was on.  For awhile  I thought I had gotten some contentment in my life.  Then about 18 months ago the Voice said "We are going to take EVERYTHING away so you can get to the core of who you are".  And they weren't kidding.
I even lost my face when I woke up one morning looking like I had had a stroke.  It turned out to be Bell's Palsey that is only just now going away. It wiped out my identity and how people reacted to me.  Then  I lost my home, job, family, friends and most of my things.  At the moment I am renting a room from a Navajo woman working a temporary part time job.  And I don't think I could deal with anything more at the moment.    I lost my life and gained my soul.

Things are turning a corner and I'm not sure where they will lead.  What have I got to loose?

Working With Angels

Patricia has introduce me to the value of working with Angels.  Growing up Christian Scientist that really wasn't emphasized.  What I got out Sunday School was that we relied on our direct contact with God.  However, I've seen a change in my life as I've recognized and asked for Angel Assistance.
What I'm observing is the extent of their abilities...or maybe their purpose is a better way to put it.  With no disrespect they are an exotic servant waiting to be asked to serve.   And my needs are met.

Something I have done for a couple of years is to start my day creating a Bubble of Protection.  I was aware at the time that I had energy vampires attached to me and wasn't skilled at figuring out who or how to prevent them.
I start out addressing the Four Directions to define the Bubble.  I didn't know why that was important but it is in all the Sacred Texts and cultures.  The Four Directions also are known as the Four ArchAngels: Raphael, Michael, Gabriella and Urial.  And four points of the zodiac and the symbols on the Tarot "Wheel of Fortune" card:  Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio.  Which also correspond to the four books of the Bible:  Mathew, Luke, Mark and John.  What ties all of these together?

After defining my circle I add violet to filter out my negativity and any coming at me.  Then pink for unconditional love and a layer of white for purity and clarity.  Then I create a bubble of a Gold Mirror Shell that bounced back any negative intention coming my way and only allowing a gold vibration in.

Then the Angels said "Good job, but you then isolate yourself.  Consider creating a garden in that space and allow us to help you weed it".
The weeding was difficult.  It brought up all sorts of things I could not, did not want to examine.  Yet, everything in my life that had been a mystery fell into place.  The Garden is now lush and exotic.  This is all pretty new in my life and was chaotic for awhile, just now evening out.  I'm trying to stay in a state of expectation without being specific of the outcome.  Though Oprah has started chatting with me in my dreams.

Who Lives in the Eleventh Dimension

Visited with Patricia last night and we talked about our encounter with the Star Trek Guy.
I have to say ahead of time that I view any and all of this stuff with a skeptical eye but not to the point where I discount it.  I have been "presented" with phenomena  my entire life.  I observe it and then wait to see how it plays out.  So, there may or may not be a Star Trek Guy, but if "he" exist he will make his  presence known in concrete ways eventually.  I feel we made contact.  It really shook up Patricia and I can see changes in her vibe.

This video talks about the characteristics of an eleventh dimension.  Mr. STG claims to be from the 25th and wants to have a dialogue.  Interesting.  What are the consequences of that if true?
We have been advised to avoid contact for three months until our systems have been calibrated that allow us to take in the immense energy.  I'm not doing anything real important at the moment so have  time to wait around.  The initial contact made us real spaced out for several days and I do sense adjustments taking place within and without.  Life is going more smoothly and people seem drawn to me.  My body is becoming more youthful and I've been picking up more telepathic contacts from others.  When I hold  some one's hand they feel a charge going up their arm.  My plants are thriving.  At the same time many things from my past are dropping  away. MANY.  It's sad but I understand.  At the moment I'm in a null zone, neither here nor there.  Very uncomfortable at first.
Suicidal uncomfortable.  It was such a non state I just didn't want to continue and then slowly the gaps are starting to fill in.  Where will we be in three months?  Interesting....

"Who Lives in the Eleventh Dimension"

Getting Out of Your Way

I think this process needs to be added to the list of Manifesting.   It's about letting go of the Outcome to allow it to manifest in your life.  Easier said than done.
Abraham Hicks - Setting Goals

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some Great Videos on Creating Reality

Summary of the Law of Attraction

Abraham Hicks on the Power of Appreciation
Abraham Hicks on Reality is Perceptual
Abraham Hicks on Creating Your Own Reality
Abraham Hicks on Fairness vs Law of Attraction

Focus on Abundance Not of Lack

An important thing to understand about all of this is that our brains are like a computer.  You get out of them what you put in, not what we might think is fair.   Realize that your Emotions power your visualization and they each have a frequency.  To come from a low energy emotion only brings more into your life.  To focus on lack only energizes that emotion and brings more to you.
Instead, create a fantasy in your mind that brings out the feeling of joy and draws more to you.

The Power of Gratitude is a great way to start the day.  It aligns you with a Frequency that brings in more to be grateful for.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Great Quote

I've gotten some great information from the Abraham videos where Ester Hicks channels a Group Mind known as Abraham.  Not everyone goes for that sort of thing and I understand, but what is being said resonates.  I really liked this quote:

"Say what you want and have it BE by the Power of your expectations
regardless of the behavior or action surrounding it.
Do not alter your behavior.
Alter thought.
When you do all things are possible."

Abraham - He has a jam session with infinite energy

Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to Create Reality

Holographic Universe (Part 1 of 5 ) its all illusion.

Michael Talbot: Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe

Abraham - He wants to know the nature and cause of this reality?

Advice I Gave My Granddaughter

I could see she was struggling with things.  At eleven the world starts to smack you in the face with twists you hadn't thought of yet.  I saw that she had that extra "shine" in her soul and sent her this video.

She posed for me one day after playing dress up when she was six.
I used her photo in the blog on
You can see what I'm talking about.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Check Out These Videos

sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotions  1 hour


Hidden HIstory of humanity

Ancient knowledge of the Vedas

Nassim Haramein - Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields - FULL VERSION  1.5 hours


Manly Hall - Magnetic Fields of the Human Body and Their Functions  1 hour


Gnosis Secret Gate to Garden of Eden  1 hour


Ancient Knowledge Pt.1 Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality


Friday, July 6, 2012

"You Can't Handle the Truth"

I'm so intrigued by all of this and meditate again to make contact.  My heart fills with BLISS.  Images run past me.

There is a triangle shaped Library with a triangle window to Outer Space at the top.  A couple of clowns are crawling along the aisle.  I go to pull out a book and it snaps back in place.

I come around a corner to a Great Room in partial darkness and past that is an immense stage with ancient burgandy curtains.

I'm on a balcony above many interconnecting stairs and halls as in  an Escher print.  There is a man who is walking below me with an earnest face and doesn't see me when I call to him.

Later I sit down with paper.  I find that by writing out questions I get answers.
Q.  Why can't I pull out a book?
A.  You aren't ready for The Truth?
Q.  What do I have to do to be ready?
A.  Clear out your emotions.  Let go of the sadness.  Prepare your body by not eating flesh.  Imagine that a Colonial slave owner suddenly appeared to you.  While it might have been acceptable to own slaves in his time period, would you feel you would want to talk to him?  You have the opportunity to "meet" a variety of Beings who would feel that way about you.
Q.  What is the stage for?
A.  A future event.
Q.  Who is the man below me on the balcony?
A.  Man.  Because of the higher perspective you may be given you may be able to offer a map to the man below to help him out of the maze.

"You can't handle the truth" in a Few Good Men

PS.  Interestingly, "A Few Good Men" was on TV the next day.

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

After typing the previous post I went back to bed and immediately was put in touch with The Star Trek Guy...who seems to want to be known as Stephen.  Like in Stephen Colbert.  An entity of this caliber would scan my thoughts for a relevant symbol.  Maybe it's because Mr. Colbert has two layers to his persona also.  It reminded me of a dream I had of Colbert.  He was in an airplane waiting to take off.  A huge crystal in the co-pilot seat.  This seemed to freak him out and he jumped out, the plane blowing up.  So sorry Mr.  Colbert if you have been hijacked.

When Patricia picked up on The Star Trek Guy he appeared as a holograph.  It was explained that to make direct contact would explode us.  Made me think of the Ark of the Covenant where direct contact with  God would kill you.  Star Trek Guy is not God we were told, however, but pretty "high up there".

In my waking dream this morning we "talked" with an Angel standing between us.  "He" appeared as a  swirling cloud.  I asked what "his" interest in this contact was.  Evidently it's such an unusual thing that curiosity  is getting the better of him.    We'll see where this goes.
Sweet Dreams are Made of This - Eurythmics

Riding the Crazy Train

I've really done it this time.
Exposure to the Star Trek Guy has left me in a very weird place.  I'm supremely indifferent to life right now.  The "place" that "he" comes from is beyond duality and I think that has something to do with it.
I feel like I am hovering above Life observing it without being a part of it.   Reality has expanded and I'm aware that there is more space than substance.  I've been in this "place" before but not to this extreme.  Usually after awhile I adjust to it and am hoping to also now.

What a crazy year this has been.  That was the theme of the move and I got what I asked for but still.  After a life of living on the fringes of the Twilight Zone I came to Santa Fe free to fully give myself over to the process.  I had fulfilled all my responsibilities so I could allow my life to be as free flow as was needed.  Too much for my family to watch and they left me to work it out while I deconstructed my life on many levels.

Meeting Patricia threw things in over drive.  The Angels strongly suggested not working while things shifted.  That put me in a very stressful place but I don't see how I could have been responsible enough to be employed with constant headaches which felt like my brain was being rewired.  Yet, I have been totally been taken care of.
Now the Dreams are of being at the end of the journey, the end of the path, the end of a tunnel.  Good. I'm exhausted.  But I hope it doesn't leave me stranded in this feeling of being between Life and Death.

"Crazy Train" - Ozzy