Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Aliens Take Jesus :-)

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The Event Horizon by David Wilcox

David Wilcock interviews Graham Hancock

How Far We Have Come

Egypt by John Anthony West

Origins of Egyptian Civilization

Bible Quote on Pleiades

God Challenges Job
Job 38:31 "Water becomes hard like stone, And the surface of the deep is imprisoned. 31"Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, Or loose the cords of Orion? 32"Can you lead forth a constellation in its season, And guide the Bear with her satellites?…
Cross References
Job 9:9
He is the Maker of the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellations of the south.
Job 38:30
when the waters become hard as stone, when the surface of the deep is frozen?
Job 38:32
Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons or lead out the Bear with its cubs?
Amos 5:8
He who made the Pleiades and Orion, who turns midnight into dawn and darkens day into night, who calls for the waters of the sea and pours them out over the face of the land-- the LORD is his name.

"The Pleiadian Agenda" by Barbara Hand Clow


Alchemy of 9 Dimensions by Barbara Hand Clow

Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country Web Site

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Moon Phases

The more I read and experience the energy of the Moon the more I agree that it has a great influence.  Some believe that it is wise to send out Intentions on the New Moon for manifesting by the Full Moon.  I haven't really paid attention to this but think I will start.  Watching the Lunar Eclipse this past week was powerful and I want to explore this more.  This is one of many sites that explain Moon Magic.

Recent Marciniak Channelings May and Aug 2015

Antarctica and  the Ancient Piri Reis Map

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Great Changeover by Marciniak

Some great information by the channelings of Barbara Marciniak.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stop Programming with Cannabis


Rebirth. A powerful and often over used word. I've been pondering about what it means to me and I will be as open and honest as I can be at this time. I'm beginning a process of rebuilding my Identity and it is still a bit vague. I'm offering this because on a very basic level if you are interested in this sort of spiritual unfolding you get to a point where you have to let go of some primary programming . Someone recently shared a video on Alchemy and how it was code for transmuting the lead of the personality to Spiritual Gold which required to let go of Ego Identification that is the False Self. We are "programmed" by society, family, schools. This makes for a more smooth running community but may have no connection to who the Real Self is. And with a little digging you can begin to understand how our Society has been groomed since WW2 by our Handlers for a most Evil Empire.

My programming was done by a traumatized teenage mother who could not deal with her experiences and immaturity so projected it onto me, and I became the Classic Scapegoat in a strong narcissistic family. Shit happens. In my Heart I believe that there are no accidents. We choose our childhood to work out own agendas and work out past reincarnational dramas. In the Bigger Picture I feel that my own Agenda was so strong that I put myself in lockdown till this Timeline came to this Moment twhere a more authentic version of My Self was required.

To cope with this programming I smoked a lot of pot, did a lot of reading and journaling, asked a lot of questions and this past few years was helped quite a bit by the Spartan Life Coach videos. I changed so much that my life was always in turmoil as I grew out of routines in my life. Jobs, towns and friends no longer "fit" and a feeling of security and contentment were always out of reach. During this time it was difficult to stay in my body from brain damage done as an infant which opened me up to psychic impressions beyond what I could handle. This all made me look very unstable and gave the Narcs in my life plenty to work with. But with each shift synchronicity increased. My health kept improving and regenerating. I kept drawing increasing unique situations to me and I was downloading information that was outside myself and was being schooled in my dreams. Something was messing with my life and this scared people around me and I became more isolated.

My baseline during this time was that whatever was going on it had to be practical, repeatable and spontaneous allowing the Synchronicity of the Universe to flow me where I needed to be. Four years ago things SNAPPED and I unexpectedly found myself living in Santa Fe with two Mormon Navajo ladies that I had found on Craigslist. Going through my Dream Journal I had been dreaming of them for at least two years before. I stayed with them for 3 years and then a year living downtown.

This past winter I had a series of healings which I wrote about in "The Past 6 Months". The session with Lee Cartwright being the most dramatic. Lee is a Body Mechanic. He didn't want to know how I "felt" but was only interested in mechanics of my body. I joked that he rotated my tires, put in a new altenator and tuned up my spark plugs. He "saw" that trauma at birth had switch off a something at the base of my skull and that while people were supposed to "rotate their energy" counter clockwise with the Solar System I was going the other way which was another indication of trauma, and he upgraded my physical brain. It took an hour and cost $120. There is a 3 month wait.

Rebirth was the end result. I started using part of my brain that had been shut off. While I've adjusted to it now, for a few weeks after I noticed that I was perceiving things as if it was the first time even though I knew logically I was familiar with it. I react now to things as a Whole Person and no longer tolerated some behaviors from others. I always knew that I "had it wrong" my whole life. My body changed. I started looking younger with more vitality and my eye color changed.

When I returned from Santa Fe this spring I just could not make some relationships work because I was no longer the same person responding to the old triggers . Synchronicity has become even more frequent and my life is becoming effortless. In many ways I'm starting over. Much of my personal focus is now out of date. I'm content knowing what I know and am now exploring other avenues. For the winter at least I've dramatically scaled down while I get use to the changes and am fortunate I do not have to get a job for awhile.

While in Santa Fe I met Sandra who we both realized was the Bear in dreams and visions I'd had for at least 15 years. In fact, about the only people I dealt with this summer were people who had often been in my dreams for that long. We seem to have gathered to play out some Archetype Fairy Tale. There is a strong sense that this is the lull before The Storm and I've been given this time to get my shit together. LOL For now, I'm very content with an overwhelming feeling of Being in the Flow with little effort on my part and am excited to see where this is all leading.

I highly recommend seeing the healers in Santa Fe. The city it'self has some unique energy and is amazingly beautiful.
Spartan Life Coach                                                                                                      

Bashar - The 3 Aspects of YOU

Bashar - Evil, Domination and Darkness

C# - The Resonant Tone of Earth

Shifting to Parallel Realities

Friday, September 25, 2015

Rebirth Changes My Eye Color

As I wrote earlier, after a healing my eyes changed color from a plain medium brown to a hazel with a brown ring in the center and a dark ring on the edge.  I'm still mystified by this.   But it reflects a change in the core of my being.  Should you plan a trip to Santa Fe I highly recommend you visit Mr. Cartwright.  This is a healing method he worked out by himself and I doubt there is anyone else on this planet who is also doing this.
Wall Street Journal

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bashar :: "2015 - 2016: The Years of Expansion and Shifting Realities

"Song of the New Earth"

Tom Kenyon's Web Site

The Last Six Months

This is not meant as a Diary but an observation of the shifting subtle energies and how they manifest in the Real World. What I thought was my own Private Crazy for a long time I see now is a Community Thing.

People were feeling a wierd shift during the Winter Solstis and it's been a roller coaster ride ever since. Things are starting to calm down but I'm guessing this is only the lull before the next wave. From listening to other people's take on this Greater Shift the need to emotionally detox seems to be most important. As our thoughts are manifesting more easily you certainly want a clean and orderly Mind and Heart to work with. Whether you are ready or not, so many issues are being dealt with.

Reality seems to be expressing It's Self with increasing symbolism and synchronicity giving Life a dream like quality. This summer many of my Dreams came to pass. I met the Bear who is an Australian pastry chef in Santa Fe. The Jockeys that have been dogging my my dreams for a good 15 years showed up. Many of these people form Groups that is expressed as the Sacred Geometry from my dreams. Triads of people. Patterns of Intent formincg. Old Grids are being ripped up and new ones laid.

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The Universe speaks to us. Last month a holding pit for toxic waste from the gold mines upstream broke and hit national news. The River ran a sickly orange leaving the orange gooey sludge along the shore. Could there have been a more tragic symbol of the need to detox. It hit people in their gut emotionally and many had a feeling of being out of body. At the same time I've been reading Hand Clow's book "Pleiadian Agenda" where it talks about the need for the Earth Elementals to be respected and released. You could feel the organic consciousness of the chemical soup of the chemicals as it passed by.

The crisis generated lots of prayers, fueled by loss and insecurity. The water for the city, livestock and farms was toxic and having gone through a drought the water reserve was low. I've read that our Mass Consciousness influences the weather. Less than two weeks after the toxic spill there was a horrendous storm leaving flooding through the entire town and blowing over big trees. The intensity of the rain scrubbed and diluted the River. People are still glazed over.

It impacted this small community on such a deep level because the River winds through it bringing the wildlife to town. Deer go down my alley all the time. There is a young buck, a doe with fawns. Mother duck with 5 ducklings. Early mornings I know the skunk has taken a shortcut outside my window. From the tracks in the mud along the river you can tell there is a quite a crowd that hangs out there. Some of these regulars are missing.

Alternative Healings This past winter I had pulled something in my shoulder. Normally I can Pray stuff away. Having been raised in Christian Science that is just what you do and I have not been to a doctor since I had my 40 year old son. But this would not go away. I was working at LaBoca Restaurant and this being Santa Fe many of the staff were also doing Reiki so that was my first Healing. I went to their Teacher, Clayton Tanner. Clayton's business card says he is a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practioner. It's very subtle but powerful energy work. While I laid on his massage table he walked abound while shifting things without touching and I could feel it working. He "cut" energetic cords that were weighing me down and shifted other things around. I did a second session over the phone. While this work is pretty subtle I noticed changes and a lightening up in my spirit. I would have to say that Clayton's work loosened blockages which made later healing more affective. While I felt more centered I still had the shoulder pain.

So I went to Dr. Nadine Gonzales for a chiropractic session. This woman was WONDERFUL! I wish I could pass on her personal story. She is something else. Her nickname is Dr. G given to her when she made punks back down when she worked in a clinic in LA. Her military father made sure she could defend herself and she brought that Special Forces sort of attitude to my session. She certainly straightened me out and did some alternative healing while she was at it. While working on my back she "released" a Black Etheric Attachment from my middle spine. She told me later that it was so powerful that it attached itself to her and she had to go to her healer to remove it.

From all the pounding to my shoulder from the jack hammer sort of thing she used on it I was pretty sore for awhile. On impulse I stopped for a massage they had set up at Whole Foods. Remember, we're in Santa Fe. :-) Corrine was fabulous! While she was working on my back I was telling her about Dr. Gonzales. She said that while she normally doesn't "look into someone" she would check out what was done if I requested and she "read" the effects of Nadine's work where she saw the "hole" left from her removing the Black Attachment. The pain in my shoulder was gone the next day and the change in my mood and energy level was dramatic.

I was telling a friend how impressed I was with this work being done and she suggested I see Lee Cartwright because of what he had done for her. There is a 3 month wait to see Lee and by that time I was getting ready to move but he gave me a cancelation and I saw him two weeks later. Having work done by Lee would be on my bucket list if I had known about him before. It's very hard to describe what he did because I believe he learned it on another planet.

His office was in a medical park. Lee sat me in the center of the room that looked out a pleasant low window of bushes over a bookshelf that kept me focused going through his extensive library while he walked around me rocking energy back and forth. He worked on three different issues. One was "turning on a switch" at the base of my skull that had been turned off at birth. He removed a lifelong pain behind my right eye and reversed my "spin". I was going right when I should have been spinning to the left and being aligned with the cycle of the Solar System.

The results were profound! I started experiencing life as if it was fresh. Logically I "knew" I had lived this before, but my response was as if it was new. I told someone I felt like Pinocchio...I'm now a Real Girl. The difference is just amazing and now I understand the awe that my friend had when she recommended Lee. I live Life more completely now.

Each healing seemed to complement the rest so I could not say what is responsible for this change, but my eye color is different. Before I had medium brown eyes with no other markings. Now they are becoming green with a brown inner ring and a dark outer ring. They are quite beautiful and unique now. My body feels lighter and centered. My attitude is calmer and more sure. I'm amazed at the difference.   The pain behind my eye is completely gone and I'm able to read without glasses now.

The last session was with Tom Newman. Tom communicates with people who have past on, guides and angels which he has done for 40 years. This was the icing on the cake. I had become a New Person by that time and the "conversations" I had through Tom brought clarity to my relationships and gave me direction for my Life's Purpose. The information he passed on could only have been known by me and that person so I know he rang true.

As with any psychic or medium their readings are colored by their own vocabulary and experiences. With some things Tom could not relate to. One question I had was why is Phil Collins in my dreams all these years and Tom did not know who Phil was. But he did get that I chat with him in my dreams for song ideas and he thinks I'm some sort of dream muse. Tom is the third psychic to say that.

These were very complementary healings and I would say I didn't know what it was to "live" till now. Clayton and Tom can do work over the phone. I would put Lee on your bucket list. And go see Nadine while you are at it and hope that she shares her personal story.

Here are their contacts. They all live in Santa Fe.
Clayton Tanner 505-204-8879\
Dr. Nadine Gonzales 505-986-1569
Lee Cartwright 505-984-1719
Tom Newman 505-438-2098

Fairy Tales Can Come True Like I said, this is not a Diary but an Observation. I've been able to pick up subtle energy forever. They put me on Phenobarb at 5 to make it stop, but of course it only amped it up. Now I think of myself as a "Foreign Correspondent". LOL I try to report what I "see". Leaving breadcrumbs to document my slip into Insanity. Who knows? But these days lot of people are "seeing" too.

When I started this blog I titled it Fairy Tales because I was starting to see an Intelligent Pattern being played out that used Fairy Tale Archetypes to explain itself. I was always fascinated by finding out WHO was the creator of this communication. And where was this dialog going?

Now all this time later Reality has become increasingly fluid and responsive. It is a bit scary, but like riding a roller coaster scary. Like a good Fairy Tale. These stories are eternal. Reading Joseph Campbell helped to make sense of this. There are certain archetypal stories that play over and over but with a modern twist. I am not the only one who feels we have been caught up in a Modern Day Fairy Tale.

I am cautioned by my guides not to talk about the story I am in. I'm guessing that people are all playing out their own Game and are not to be influenced by mine. But there is Something going on. LOL Dreams that I've been having over and over for over 20 years are coming out of the woodwork! I am a bit freaked out by it because regular reality and dream reality are about half and half right now. Bizarre connections and synchronicity are popping up. I'm more mindful of my thinking and stay calm as I see how my Vibe plays out. Patterns are showing up. LOTS of 3's. Sacred Geometry

Dreams. This past month I've been dreaming of Warriors coming in. Some are Wood Folk, small and brown. Some are Stellar and somewhat transparent. The are hovering over our reality. In one dream they were being outfitted with Cosmic Shields.

My Baseline is that you can go Out There as far as you want as long as your Real Life works. And mine is falling into place. In fact, the Dream said "Stop Here". I got a cute little cottage and a chill lifestyle. It looks like I'll finally get some projects done. Found that person who can help with the tech stuff.

Brought back some beautiful beads from Santa Fe and am looking forward to getting back to making the necklaces now that I'm settling in. I've got some fun stuff with glass beads and charms and then what I call My Power Tools. The stones are selected and put together to amp up a certain "job". To Power Up Prayer! :-) One has jet for visioning.  Carnelian for creativity. I picked up chunks of raw amber. Some mastodon fossil beads. I guess cause they are not in danger of extinction there is no restriction on using it.

With Randy's help II can get this OnLine Gallery going. I find some cool stuff around here and I want an outlet. The antique shop with all this wonderful stuff closed up after being flooded by the storm. I could do commissions for her. She has a hand carved rocking horse that is the size of a small pony. If I can get a gallery going I can live anywhere or just travel. My lifestyle is low Carbon Footprint.

The people I've been following who have been following these patterns seem to feel we're reaching that Point of No Return during this next year. And I agree. These synchronicities are becoming a way of life and I've noticed that as I get comfortable with the idea they become more outrageous! LOL So we are being Tricked to follow down the Rabbit Hole. And it's getting to the point where you can't deny your not in Oz. "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto."