Thursday, October 15, 2015

Stalked by Bear

When these series of Dreams started one of the more powerful characters was the Cinnamon Bear.  In one dream Bear pulled and pushed me down a path.  All along the path were clues and then very shortly in real life I would encounter the real thing.  Looking back I would say that the entire dream except for the Party at the end of the Path has come true so far.  I would ride on Bear's back in the dream and be able to feel the fur.  Once when a friend came over for a meditation we were sitting knee to knee.  The floors were old and creaky.  We started to hear slow and heavy footsteps.  Her eyes got wide as I felt something massive behind me and give me a bear hug.  She "saw" the Bear.
When I worked for Chef James at LaBoca I got to know his Pastry Chef, Sandra.  She moved from Australia where she was a nurse to follow her husband who now works out of Los Alamos and travels the world collecting climate data.    We hit it off immediately and soon found out we were both dreaming the same bear dream.  Sandra's Spirit has been coming to me in the form of a Cinnamon Bear for years. 
Later it turned out my new daughter-in-law, Mrs. White, is the White Bear.  She is a nurse from Australia also.
The images were inspired by of collages I did when I started having these dreams 15 years ago.  I started a collage notebook to work out some of the "Dreamy" things that were happening to me at the time.  I put them together in sort of a trance allowing the symbolism to speak for itself.  Many of the Images came to pass as the Dreams have.  One was the "Arrival" of the Three Bears.  We are waiting for the Last Bear ....and since these things have a knots to them the last bear will be an Australian Nurse.  :} 
Life is playing it's Self out like a Dream right now.
I couldn't resist the Goldilocks and The Three Bears imagery.
That Google Search brought up all sorts of things that loosely tied in.  Arthur of Camelot get's his name from the Great Bear Constellation.  The Guardians of the Grail who hold the Lock for the Gold.

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