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Michael Skellig and the Rose Line

Who Is The Mayan

Story to continue...

Snake Eatting It's Tail

This is a vision encounter last summer.
I was being overwhelmed and asked for a symbol to protect me. Immediately I was in a room in the Alps. The one large window was covered in bullet proof glass. A half dozen lizards were crawling over the glass, trying to get in.
There was a fireplace with two cozy chairs facing eachother, a large ancient wooden table with two gold candleabras. In the chair facing me was an elderly man. (I was reading a lot of Carl Jung at the time.)

The Gentleman explained that the lizards were people I knew who were trying to capture my energy and the glass was preventing them. After a couple of days the lizards lost energy and fell to the base of the mountain.

I told the Gentleman that I was nervous about all the odd things going on. He then turned into a mouse and ran up to my finger and bit it. "There" he said. "Now you won't think about anything but your finger."

Then a huge Snake came in window, through the glass without shattering it, circling the room and laying his head in front of the fire. I reached down to pet the snake and the Gentleman said in somewhat of an alarmed voice "Don't touch or the contact will take you to a place beyond Time/Space and you won't be able to come back!"

With that, the space inside the circle of the snake was in space among the stars, the chairs bobbing as if on water. The Gentleman explained how to use this space and we returned to the room.