Friday, August 25, 2017

Two Months of Living in on the Aztec Ruins

Let Me  start out with how my Day has gone.  Cat and I wake up at Dawn because I sleep with the door open.   I can't hear the owls at 4 am otherwise.  However, there is a stray cat that slides in while I'm asleep to dine with my cat.  I'd rather hear the owls than starve a cat so I leave food under the RV.  Now I think I have racoons.  So I never know what sort of mood I'll wake up in depending on the night before.  Last month I heard a stag bellow.  Then a pair of them strutted by us sitting outside about 30 feet away.  There is a large community of critters hear and there is this sense of sanctuary.  The yard is always full of deer and the doe and new fawn eat the lawn with them.  One night was a pack of coyotes in the trees which just about gave Cat a heart attack.

Only time for one cup of coffee this morning because I had to set up for cake.   Today was the Naturalization Celebration in the Kiva for about 20 people  and the Park was celebrating  it's 101th Birthday.   So breakfast...... and the only thing I've had, was a beautiful red, white and blue super sweet cake and a glass of root beer.  I'm only just now stopping and it's almost 6pm.  Ran into Cheryl who gave me a ride to the City Park where you can pick up Wifi.   The grass is glowing because the sun is hitting it just right.  Kids are laughing in swings.  Kids are running through the Water Sculpture.  One of those perfect breezes where it's just slightly cooler than your skin.

Going  to hook back  up with Cheryl later at the RV in the park.  After 5:30 I am the only person in the park.  That's when you'll see the covey of quail.  They twitter as they scurry from bush to bush.  After awhile you start to pick up on the different conversations the animals are having with each other  Cheryl wanted to bring her boyfriend Dave's  Mom out for the sunset.  We're having root beer floats.  I'm hoping she'll share some of her stories when her and her Honky Tonk  husband were pals of Elvis.  They all ran in the same circles.  Dave's Dad went on to promote acts and Dave  and his twin brother were the back up.  One of Dave's jobs was to drive these guys around.
His twin brother spent their 16th birthday celebrating with Willie Nelson.   Dave is the Hawaiian Shirt Guy.   As these Dreams end I go over the bridge with the Hawk.  Turns out that is who got me the place at the Ruins.  We worked together at the HighWay Grill back in the day.  We watched 911 in the Bar.  Hawk went from waitress to archaeologist.  I was her boss then, now I help her with projects.
     After meeting up with the Hawk in the Dream we are led to  the Guy in the Hawaiian Shirt.  The day after I settled in at the Ruins Dave showed up wearing  the Hawaiian Shirt from the Dream.  Which makes sense because .....

The afternoon was spent up on the high Ridge over looking the Ruins   It was the original  village.  It takes an archaeologist to explain what you are looking at and when and why.   And this was a once only tour with a handful of people and a handful of archaeologist.   I ask as many questions as  I can think.  Why waste this opportunity.   One of the top Rangers who has a Nasa type of degree and we got to see Saturn during the Meteor Shower.  For the Eclipse we took a Solar Telescope to the grade school that my son went to 20 years ago and showed it to 200 grade school kids.   Then I help Ranger Dave with the Sun Watch on Thursday afternoons outside the Kiva.  I keep track of the sun.  You don't realize how fast the Earth rotates out of view.   Dave explains how the Kiva lines up with the Solstices and what they speculate what the Kiva was used for.   No one knows.  The people abruptly disappeared about 1325 AD.  There are many theories.

James Twyman once played in the Kiva.  I wonder what his theory is.
I have mine.   Every single Trigger for this 20 year old set of Dreams has played out.  The last part of the puzzle....the whole the Event.  The Hawaiian Shirt Guy is the Bouncer to the StarWars Cantina Party.  The InterDimensional Off Planet Party.   I'm having Dreams that Pleiadians are  hanging out on my lawn chair.

It ALL makes sense now.  Who orchestrated all of this?  On so many levels this makes sense.  Hmmmm.   Time is folding in on itself.  Timelines are splitting.

One  of the consequences  of my living situation is becoming more in line with the seasons, the stars and the weather.   Add the animal sounds all night with the sacred geometry going on with these ancient buildings.  You can hear the River at night.    Yah.   I'm ready to Rock It!   :)

Well gotta go.   People are gathering.  I have some great photos.  More stories.  Theories.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Problem and the Solution

Living at the Aztec Ruins

Crossing this bridge to go to the Ruins is like the Road to Oz

Buffalo Dancers

Inside the Kiva

My back yard while living at the Ruins

James Joe


My Cat

The rooms are strung together

To be cont......