Friday, December 28, 2012

White House Dream

The headaches have subsided and there seems to be a new zip going on.


I'm working with the people from the projects from before.
The Supervisor shows me Her page of White Stamps and now I get my own page.  It's not explained to me what they mean but are special somehow.
I look up past Her head and there is a huge Victorian House with lots of dormers and rooms, sort of floating in air but at the same time existing in "no space" and it's been painted white.   It represents a symbol and the White Stamps are somehow connected to the White House.

Mysterious Origins of Man 1996 - Jurassic Art

Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary (removed and re-uploaded)

Monday, December 24, 2012


I woke up with another bad headache.  This has been going on for about five days now.  When I ask around I am not the only one.  It's also very hard to focus.  I went through this a couple times this summer.  It's like someone rang a bell with my head inside.  I can feel a bolt of energy coming in through the top of my head, exploding in the center and going out at the base of the skull.  I don't do medicine or doctors except for an occasional aspirin and that only helps for a couple of hours.  It feels like my brain is being rewired.

I am helping four people in "rehab" and there is a large "supervisor" that checks in to see how we are doing.  One of the therapies is jumping on a pogo stick.  I can feel the thrill of the jumping and even in the dream I know it is a dream and I take advantage of it because I know I'm not able to do that in real life. LOL.  I pass it on to a man who seems to always be with me.
Then I'm running a cart through a check out...over and over.  I'm anxious that I have what I need until the "supervisor" mildly chastises me to just BE and have Faith that what I need will be in the cart.  When I run the cart through the check out everything turns to gold.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I'm having tea with Rebecca Today

Cat's Cradle
I met Rebecca during a stroll along Canyon Road in Santa Fe.
She's one of my favorite artists.  Check it out.

My Thanksgiving

Moving down from Durango to Santa Fe I found a room to rent from Rose.
Here is her story.  "Finding Helen, A Navajo Miracle"

When I went back to my Dream Journal I realized that I had been dreaming of her, her niece Desi, and Joey the basset.  A couple were from two months before.  At that time I didn't realize I was even going to be moving.  Even a couple of years before I found dreams of this trio.

Rose's brother and sister came for Thanksgiving from near the Hopi reservation.  There were several subtle things that came up that made me realize we lived in two different worlds...literally.
When I asked how long it took them to drive they didn't factor that in.  They just came.  Time didn't have the urgency that it does for us Bellagonna.

After dinner Rose and I sat with Paul while he told us stories.  Having grown up in a Mormon household, Rose didn't meet her Navajo Family till she was in her thirties when the Church sent her there as a Missionary.  Paul was trying to bring Rose up to speed with the Navajo Way and their Mother.
One of Paul's stories:
Helen, their Mother, had named a little girl "Little Deer".   She was a sickly child and needed a Medicine Name.  It turned out that when her mother was pregnant with her, her father had stepped in the tracks of the deer he was hunting and the child had Deer Sickness.

It made me realize that their world is as real to them as mine is to me, and my family's is to them.  We create our realities and then as a group agree to the "rules".
Living with Rose has been an inspiration.
Who would she have been if she had never been adopted?
Which Reality would she have "agreed" to?
What Reality can we create for ourselves?
Where would we have found ourselves?

This would have been the world of her mother.

How My Life Works

I drive my family crazy because my life seems so random, but it works well for me.  One example is my meeting Jimmybefree.  A couple summers ago my brother asked me to help him move to Vancouver, Washington.  Jimmy lived down the block.  I met him through my girlfriend's daughter who lives there.  I always am in the right place at the right time.
Before he was Jimmybefree he was just Jimmy,  an uptight, overweight prison nurse with a crewcut.
Then he went to Costa Rica and did Ayahuasca.  He came back, did a 3 month fast and let his hair grow, which he blogged.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dye Job Dream


I have a variety of Dreams.  Most are personal to me.  Some are like Emotional Postcards from other people and occasionally I will get a cluster of dreams from the Mass Consciousness, which I seem to be  this week.  Archetype symbols are used but in a personal way.  I dye fabric so that seems to be the "language" of the latest dreams.

"The Dream of December 21"
It took me hours to get to sleep.  The Energy was so intense that my Heart Chakra was swooning and I felt like I'd had three cups of coffee.  I got up several times to check in with a pendulum to see where this energy was coming from.  Not from any one person but from the Mass of people doing ceremony and focused on the uniqueness of the Day.

When I finally did go to sleep...only a few hours ago...the symbol was of dying fabric....over and over.
Some were resistant and had to be immersed in the dye several times and some "got it" the first time.

I'm exhausted from the challenge.  What I "get" is that the Energy is "dying" the souls of each.
What if the soul just won't take the dye at all?

PS.  After meditation I "got" that ALL will be dyed. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Third Dream


A lot I can't remember but there was a transference of "occupation" where I was teaching a group working on a project an improved way of doing business.

The End was a woman sitting in a chair in an auditorium.  She is impatient.  I give her a baby that is wrapped up and looks like a cocoon but she doesn't seem to know what to do with the infant so I gently set it down at her feet.  She nudges it with her toe in a way that gives the impression of an animal mother nudging a newborn to stand.  I set the baby a bit a way to be safe.

I am the woman and I am the infant.

First Person: Artifacts Reveal Mayan Reset

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Native Ritual and Dance

Transformational Festivals

A Blessed Solstice

It has been my personal belief for awhile that the Christ Story was a metaphor for transformation on a personal and cosmic level.  A Cosmic Christ Consciousness Event "nailed" at the  Cross road of Time and Space.
This years winter solstice many are expecting a Big Event and I suspect that it is that Christ Story come again.
Recently I was "aware" that three huge Energy Waves were passing through and at this time we are in the middle of the second with the third to finish on Friday.
My dream the night of the first was of going to a "training" where I was given increasing doses of drugs....pot, acid, mushrooms.  The drug symbol for me is a metaphor for higher and higher consciousness.  The dream slipped into another where I was giving the training, taking a class higher and higher.
That day I woke up feeling lighter but also anxious.  Too great a shift.   All day the people I ran into seemed off.  Cranky, confused and unfocused.

The dreams last night were of taking this class and giving them projects to decorate.  Then I was supposed to do the same so I painted kitchen equipment in bright colors and diamonds.  Spirit food?

If these Waves are part of the Christ Story I pondered that maybe they represented the three days in the cave before the resurrection.  Every good Ritual has a Beginning, Middle and an End.  I sense that the first dream was about the Set Up.  Last night was about the Design and I'm expecting tonight to be the Outcome.  When you bake you mix the ingredients, then you heat it and then let it set before you eat the Cake.

It's interesting that a couple of weeks prior to all of this my dreams went through all my relationships and resolved them, which meant ending for some.  The last was meeting a dozen people at a train station.  The conductor was my uncle who had passed a few years ago, coming for his passenger who had been waiting.

Articles on the Stages of Rituals

His second observation was that rites of passage have three distinct phases: 
 1. Separation from the everyday world 
2. Transition, which takes place in a kind of limbo outside the everyday world – a 
transitional space in which there is suspension or inversion of the normative social 
order. He also called this the liminal phase of ritual (from Latin limen meaning 
3. Incorporation, or return to the everyday world transformed

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blocking Other's Energy and Vampires

Muscle Energy

Pacal - Time Wizard


Pacal Votan
603 -683 A. D.

During the height of the Classic Maya civilization, 
Lord Pacal Votan ruled the empire of Nah Chan Palenque 
(in present day Chiapas, Mexico), for 52 years.

He is revered as the chief engineer who guided the Mayan mission of inscripting stone monuments with precise astronomical and astrological information during his reign in the 10th Baktun (435-830 AD).

Known as a magician of time, he understood mathematics, or numbers, as a type of language that transcends the subjectivity of human verbal experience. His sentiment "All is number. *God is a number. God is in All." is an intriguing way to catalogue the Maya's message that we are intimately linked with and informed by the Galaxy. All of life is ordered by the same basic, re-occurring patterns.
*In the Yucatec Mayan language, the word "Hunab Ku" means Source 
- The One, Giver of Movement and Measure, the galactic core, "God".

Pacal Votan's prophecy speaks of the Closing of this World Age Cycle on December 21, 2012 AD. As this date approaches, we are collectively in a transition phase of the old world dying and a new world being born.
Based on knowledge of the larger cycles of Time as mapped by the ancient Maya, Pacal Votan knew that humanity as a species would become disconnected from the laws of the natural world and would fall ignorant of our sacred interdependence with nature. He also knew that modern humanity would be put to the test to see if we can regain our conscious connection to natural time as the universal frequency of synchronization, evolving beyond the constructs of man-made linear time.
This prophetic transmission is clearly demonstrated in the mathematical ratio constants of natural and artificial timing frequencies. Can humanity, as a whole, awaken to the discrepancy of our man-made timing standard that has set us apart from the rest of nature, and get back in harmony with the timing frequency of the Living Universe?

For the rest of the article:

Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012

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