Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Egyptian Scientist Moves In

The Dreams of the Gym Floor started about five years ago.  The floors weren't marked as a gym but were that large and I knew I lived there but there was never any furniture.  I was always with the Helper  who had been in my dreams for a very long time, always there to assist me on some level.     In one dream we were standing in the middle of the gym sized empty living room and an electric cobalt blue light zapped us.  In another the floor/living room was the interior of a pyramid and now the Helper held an Egyptian Staff.  The pyramid was separated in the middle by a theater and we lived across from each other.   When the Jockeys moved out a Genius Skateboarder moved in and there were so many synchronicity moments I knew he was the Egyptian.
I'm pretty good at picking up people's "Past Lives".  While I realize this is a very subjective claim and unprovable,  the stories of their lives seem to mesh well.  I get a lot of Strong Personalities lately because I believe these times require them.  After awhile I kept flashing on the Skateboarder as a scientist.  This is probably the strongest "hit" I ever got.  While I am the only person who believes this at the moment, there is no doubt in my mind that Skateboarder has a past life of a known scientist.  What he looks like, what he talks about and LOTS of synchronicity convinces me that he is connected in a way I don't fully understand.  He must bring a special ability to this little
Karma Drama that's playing out. 

If I spend much time with him I will get physically ill.  It was very strong at first and after about ten minutes I would double over.  Now I'm slightly nauseous  that takes a day to fade away.  We have some sort of yin-yang energy exchange going on. 
 Sometimes the Space were we've  chatted will feel dense as if an alternative reality is being formed.  A tardis maybe like in Dr. Who, where the space on the outside is small but once you walk in the door the space is huge.  His birthday is March 7 and mine is March 8...though 40 years apart.  I keep "getting" it has something to do with moving up an Octave and Entrainment.   

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