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A Sigil for Release

Sigil drawn by Almine
“Cheverech Huvasvi Aranas Hustavi”
Let All Unholy Alliances Be Undone

Banned From the Bible/ Was Jesus Invented by Rome?

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The Hero Story Archetype

Archetypes, Myths, and Characters

An archetype is a prototype or model from which something is based. The character archetypes listed here derive from Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces and are deeply rooted in the myths and legends of many cultures. A significant character's role can often be associated with one of these archetypes, because storytelling is as old as these myths and legends and is how they were handed down to us. Archetypes connect your story to the rich heritage of all storytelling.,%20Myths%20and%20Characters.htm
"You Are the Hero"
"Beginning Your Hero's Story"

The Three Levels of Mind

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And the Point Is?

I'm fortunate that at this time of my life I have no responsibilities so that I could indulge myself in the unraveling of many mysteries of my life.  Before I came down from Durango, Colorado I gave my kids my stuff only bringing a suitcase and my sewing machine.  I didn't want my life weighted down at all.  I'm working part time at an art store which still gives me a comfortable life since I'm only renting a room.  A very simple life, but it was all I could handle.

Now I'm coming out of this exile.  A recent dream was of being threatened by "aliens".  I never saw them but knew I had to escape.  I was in My House (My life) and tried hiding in the basement (subconscious) and knew I'd be trapped if I stayed there so I went to the rafters in the attic.  I never saw the "aliens" but they vomited into the windows and I escaped by driving away in a sports car.

So I'm at a threshold and am looking back.  What was the Point?

I learned that I couldn't just walk away from the "aliens" in my life.  I immediately found other versions.  A manager at work is another version of the Mayan.  Now I don't know if I drew him to me because I hadn't fully gotten a handle on that situation or he is part of the Mayan personality.  I don't think we reincarnate linearly but that one person can come back in several aspects.  With this guy, we have been dancing around each other in a final showdown of control.  I have to admit it brought all my insecurities to the surface.  I could not defeat him.  All I could do was rise above it all.  Go to the "rafters" of my soul. 

And the Point is?  I feel we recycle old dramas until they no longer push our buttons and we no longer attract that situation to us.  You can't run away from it until you no longer vibrate that drama.
And if you pass with this unresolved you will be reborn into the same thing. 
I'm no longer attached to this Manager's need to control and once I did that I physically felt much better and my life is working more smoothly.  I now create my life rather than react to circumstances.
New job opportunities are falling into my lap.  I'm giving myself till after Christmas to decide what I'll do.

My Intuition tells me that our planet is shifting it's vibration also and that our past life dramas are coming to an end, but that we have to Rise Above Them at this time to allow a transition.  All the unresolved situations are just bunching up in our lives.  Everyone I know is somewhat frantic as they deal with one crisis after another. 
I'm hoping that my life now is more efficient, that I live my life rather than it dictating the rules to me.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


A few thoughts on this.
For the people who don't see this happening in their lives they have to understand that "doubt" is a thought that negates the power of positive thinking.
For the example of the "starving children", you have to realize that their thoughts are conditioned by the situations they were born into.  Yet there are plenty of examples of people who started in dire circumstances and went on to have amazing lives.  But if you were born into poverty or abuse and accept that is the way things are then your thoughts will continue to bring more of the same.
Also, some people only want to come into this physical life for a short period.  Some want an exciting life with a dramatic exit and others a long quiet uneventful time.  Life really is eternal and each life we live is like a part in our latest movie.

I believe that reincarnation  has to be factored in.  This last few years  has been a struggle for me to sort out a past life that I had posted.  I had relived being sacrificed and I found myself in  this life with those who participated and the physical residue of the experience.  I realize this is all subjective, but there is no doubt in my mind that it is a reality on some level that had influenced me my whole life.

One of my goals of coming to Santa Fe was to get away from everyone and to "reformat" myself.  I found a room to rent on Craigslist, sight unseen, from a lady I had been having dreams about two years earlier.  I had had a pretty nice life before this, but now I'm on an amazing path.
My Life Before All of This Happened

My Latest Dream:
The Voice says "Bring your camel, it's time for an upgrade."  I lead a camel into this blank space and it vaporizes and in it's place is a hot pink race car convertible. 
This is one of many dreams with a similar theme.
Kamel, by the way, is Arabic for "Perfected".

The Back Story
I *friend had brought me to Ms K for a Soul Retrieval before I moved to Durango.  In the session I "was" a small girl  with some others walking through tall grass near a jungle being watched over by an old Shaman.  Ms. K asked "Is he a shape shifter?"  I arrogantly stared into his eyes as he turned into a Jaguar.  From what I have pieced together, he "saw" me through the little girl's eyes and wanted to access that power.  The child was later groomed, drugged and sliced in two before the Mayan I met in my waking dream with the hope that my Spirit Power would transfer to him.  Everyone who participated in the ritual....the Swordsman, the Shaman, the Mayan, the Druggist, the girls, the nurse....are people in my life.  We had unfinished business which I have taken care of during my stay here.  I have been released.
(And although I called him The Mayan, I started having dreams of Olmec Jaguar Transformation statues which I had not seen previously, but found on a Google search.)
The Posts of the Sacrifice.

*My friend is the son of Oliver Nelson.

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Rogan Interviews Daniel Pinchbeck

Part 2
Part 3
Daniel Pinchbeck's "Reality Sandwich"
Rogan is a bit over his head and sometimes crass, but the interview is thought provoking.

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Getting From There to Here

This is a Bashar video on the mechanics of instant travel whether across a room or across a star system based on the understanding that EVERYTHING is  ultimately Mind.
I've used this in my own life to change the direction my life was going.  Some day I expect to overcome the fear within and maybe teleport.
Where I lived in New Mexico has a similar divided highway as where I lived in Indiana.  My home in both places was a 15 minute drive to the Mall.  I believe that if a person could "forget" where they were they could start out in one state and "remember themselves" in another. 

In a smaller way when I realize that it is time for me to make a change I will visualize what that new and improved life would be like.  How I would feel and look and the kind of people I would hang out with.  And magically I would start to draw to me new opportunities that would lead me to the life I envisioned.

About 15 years ago I started to make collages notebooks of this process.  I would collect pages from magazines and every couple of months spread them all out and just spend an afternoon pasting.  I recently found one of my notebooks that had been boxed up for about ten years.  One of the favorite images I used a lot were the sculptures of Roxanne Swentzell of Santa Fe.
I now live in Santa Fe and one of my best friends runs the gallery that features her work.  This would be a small interesting story except it happens all the time. 
Tom Ross Gallery