Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

En Vogue

Too much to think about....

The Dreams for the last two nights have been about updating my old model. There is a group of three Beths who are gently being retired and a New Set brought in. Each is confused and awkward. Each set balanced in their relevancy.

I think I'll bless the Four Directions and take a nice long soak and integrate all my loose parts.

The Wind is horrific today. The SandStorm coming off the Mesa has hidden Shiprock.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

All She Wants to do is Dance

The Ex is in town and I've gone into exile up at the Hill House. The kids are feeling guilty, but this is actually a treat. The view is great. I can see the airport where Emily and I used to go dancing to this song at the Skyliner Lounge. Emily's hair was at least a foot longer than the gal in the video. I was the quiet sidekick.
At one time she was on the cover of Easy Rider wearing nothing but fishnets and a gold sweater.

No. I don't mind hanging out here at all.
The last time I saw the man after ignoring him for 15 years I blew a fuse box. He is a prime example of what happens when you don't value your woman. My intuition is telling me his goal is to reunite. Not out of love but need.
I was hoping to avoid him but wouldn't you know it, as I stepped out of the car to deliver my granddaughter after school he had just arrived from his road trip from Chicago.
I said Hi and left.

So I'm just going to hang out here in the peace and quiet for two weeks, drink Gin & Tonics and listen to LA Radio...dancing in my mind like we used to do.

His being here must have inspired this dream.
He paid for his son's delivery from the money he made building a set of wings for a Pitt's Special . They were beautiful and could easily be considered art.

In the dream I had made Angel Winds. As I woke, they floated gently over the city of Los Angeles.

Don Henley
Pitts Special

Friday, September 18, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started

Interesting Dream Wednesday night.

Mr. S gave me a work order. I shyly said "I can't do this. Here, it is for you".
Mr. S shyly said "No. It is for you".
Then I saw a road being widened to accomodate the increased traffic.
So glad to see Mr. S in my dreams. One of my favorite people.

The Dream didn't click until the next night. I was laying in bed after watching the news.
Six Degrees of Separation.
The Dream of 15 years ago now made sense.
I better ask the Limo Driver if she is up for another Road Trip.


Monique seems to have downloaded the specs for the work order.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Skellig Michael Dream

The Rabbit just showed up summer of 2010.
The globe by the Animas River (River of Lost Souls,NM) that I saw at least 5 years after the dream. I don't think it had even been built yet.

Sept 2011
I just thought to add this photo. A couple days after I had the dream a friend gave me an old Smithsonian to read and one of the articles was on Skellig Michael. This is an aerial view that I collaged.
Skellig Michael as a Portal

This makes no sense without the Dream.
I thought it was 18 months ago, but when I started thinking it was much longer. I don't do Time well.

I was living in New Mexico and my whole life dropped out from underneath me. My car, job and cat died. A friend near Chicago invited me to come and stay. Tommy had been my employee when I managed a cafe. He has less of a grasp of Reality than I do...tho maybe there was a feeling of total freedom. It's stressful having to act "normal". LOL

Tommy seems to act as a "booster". If you have a drink, being around Tommy made you drunk. He shared his diary with me about his dreams of Iona a place that he had never been or heard of, yet he knew it's "history" and that of the Stone.

I had the choice of the couch or his mini closet bed space. He had fixed his walk-in with a single bed that just barely fit between the walls. I didn't think I would like it because I'm claustrophobic but it was like going back into the womb. Totally dark, I got lost in Sleep. I never knew when I would wake up. It made my dreams Intense. They would continue where they left off and each dream took about three days to finish.

The Dream of Skellig Michael
Winter 2005.
I am in a square room with highly polished black stone floor. Suspended on the Right Wall is a woman in a Trance. Slowly she floats down and a Big Chair materializes beneath her. Then I am in that chair. To the left is the Planet Earth about the size of a beach ball hovering above a stone bowl. There is a patio beyond that. In the distance is a long lake with a mountain on either side as it opens to the Ocean. As the Sun on the Horizon cycles between the two, the sunlight sends a beam down the lake, hitting the Planet and then the Big Chair. In my right hand is a Staff and in my left I have a Gold Ball with a cross on the top. With great force I stab the staff into the stone floor and a Tree grows. The Ball falls to the center of the floor and starts spinning...creating a light show of a New Galaxy.
At the opening of the door people start to gather to see what all the fuss is about. The woman is exhausted. A White Ghost Horse rides up with the White Knight who lifts her up. He is translucent except for his hand. He takes her to a Healer in the woods of big trees. I'm me again sitting in a lounge chair in the sunshine when all of a sudden the world becomes massive, but it is me who is shrinking until I become a grain of sand. A Singularity which then becomes a White Rabbit going down a path to the Lake's edge. A Black Hawk is sent as a guardian.

In less than a week, my friend gave me a Smithsonian and there was a photograph of the place with the black floor...An island monastery off the UK. I knew nothing of this island before.

Dream of the Green Jade
I am met at the beginning of a Path by a very ill woman. Her eyes were dark and tired. She sees a Jade Bean around my neck and holds it. "This is Beautiful. I am healed"
I follow the path that is so ancient a rut has been worn into the ground so that your head is below the horizon. After awhile it turns to the left and there is a Window that is shrinking. (Window of Opportunity??) Streaming thru the opening are animals and mythological characters. I'm curious but hesitant when a cinnamon bear appears. I hold on to his fur. I can feel it in my hands. And he pulls me along with the crowd.
Along the way, little groups of like minded beings have established little circular camps rather than continue. The Path is weaving into a woods. I look back and I am out in space and the Earth is a luminous ball. I can still see the window which is dark and growing smaller.
I look forward and the Bear says "Don't think. Just feel"
We get to a stream. It takes all my effort to cross because the air is very dense and it's as if I'm pushing against a Force Field. Once I get across I become afraid and want to go back. The Bear, scolding, "Don't go back. You can not return. To try to cross the river now will only get you stuck between realities"
I want to reward the Bear for taking care of me and I try to put a crystal around his neck. "NO! If I wear the crystal I become it's vibration and I will be stuck here and not be able to return"
I turn to continue on the Path which now leads into a Dark Forest. The Bear tells me it isn't time and that we have to sit along the bank of the River "to see and be seen"
Next to us is a box of Christening Booties. It is a tardis, small on the outside, but huge within. It's now time to leave and I follow the Bear.
He disappears and I'm confronted by huge eyes that fill up the sky. Old ancient eyes that look at me with disinterest. I try to radiate how smart I am, but they are not interest. About 5 different sets of eyes check me out. Until the path starts swirling.
The I found myself at the door of a cantina. Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars. All the unusual characters going down the Path with us have gathered to Wait.....
In RealLife I decide it must be important to find a Jade Bead. And a couple of days later I am coming down the stairs at my daughters and the Sick Lady is standing at the bottom of the stair. She has come from New Hampshire and a friend asked my daughter to help her out. I gave her the bead. She understood...She plays the Harp at Hospice...but was a bit taken aback.
Later my daughter picks up a movie, "The legend of Bagger Vance". I'd avoided it as golf doesn't interest me, and she thought it was a chick flick. It was neither. Bagger Vance (Will Smith) teaches Matt D. to be a better golfer "Don't Think. Just Feel"
The next day I go visiting and run into an old friend, Larry. I try to give him a crystal and he says "I can't take it. The vibration would keep me here"
A bit later I am at a friend's wedding boutique there was the box of Christening Booties.

I have come to the End of both dreams. Almost.

Dream of this morning
I move into a fish tank and the Water is the Universe.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Zero Point Entry

I woke up this morning to a series of symbols being "drawn". It was like one of those news crawls at the bottom of the screen and part of a bigger picture but I can't remember of what because I was focusing on the symbols.
I asked what it meant.
"Your DNA is being re-configured".

Sitting in the morning sun with my coffee I "asked" again what this all means. It seems that it was no accident that I missed my train in LA and had to spend the night at a friend's beach house. The photo of the beach was my view as I woke up from the couch. These are the Cliff Notes of what the Voice relayed.

The view of the beach house is tied in with the Two of Swords. The Ocean represents the UnConscious. I have the choice of opening the door to go to the Beach. The Door is smoky glass and is somehow connected to the Black Glass Table which is then tied to the dream of the Black Glass Floor of Michael Skellig.
The view of the beach is part of the triangulation of the two black in Berg Park, Farmington, New Mexico and the other at the end of Z St near Portland.

Of course, in themselves they have no significance. As symbols to the unconscious they are powerful.

I act as a symbol when I "remember" sitting in front of the door watching the Ocean. I act as a "sacrifice" when I allow energy to pour through me and activate these images as symbols that allows entry to an alternate reality. My action imbues the images with power that anyone else can access.
You can take the photo of the Ocean and use it as a Door for yourself.
Use the image of the table. "There is no place like Home"

Understand, I am not coming from Ego. I did not choose this Path, it chose me. However, I realize that before birth I accepted this life.
Walking this Path has been difficult. I have lost the World and gained my Soul. But to the outside I am seen as a lunatic.
I had a choice. I could have chosen a safer life. I could be "successful" right now if that is what I preferred.

Here is a link to interpreting the Two of Swords that fits what I am using it to symbolize.

Shifting from one reality to another???

PS The Voice suggested that I include the picture the Granddaughter took of me sitting at the table. I prefer not to. I'm tired and anxious. The Voice wants to make a point about the change in DNA later on.
PS 9-18-09 A week later I can not believe the change in my face and energy.

Ps 10-10-11
After reliving a past life of being sacrificed to the Jaguar Shaman, my face totally fell apart and is just now putting it's self back together. I look totally different. Better. Stronger. Indifferent.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Climbing Jacob's Ladder

Something has shifted. Things are different. You'd expect it to be more peaceful. At the core it is. But like a stone dropped in the pool, things are rippling out.
More flowers. Unexpected Moonflowers in the garden and little white Shamrock bells inside.

First, let me say, this is how I am interpretting things. It's subjective. And general. Looking for patterns and expected outcomes.

Energy has been rocking. I got nervous for a bit. Dissolving. My hands were on fire and I stuck them into the pool to dissipate the energy.
Exhausted. Blank. Drifting. Into the Void.

Things are now starting to bubble up. I keep running the verse through my head..."let those with eyes see". New sight. New perception. New opinion on what is "truth". Now somethings no longer "fit". What could pass before is now stopped at the gate.
Excuses are now seen for what they are. The coat is too small and is ripping at the seams. Lies are exposed.

Emotional distress rises to the surface as body pain. A new look in the eyes.

Layers of realities overlap. Matter fluctuates in and out. Door to the Ocean. Dare I open it?

A pebble here is a Mountain there. Hold the pebble in your hand and melt the snow off the mountain.

Frequency of Emotion
Mind Body Connection
Art Therapy
Sympathetic Magic

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Why Positive Thinking Doesn't Work" @ Huffington Post

I skimmed through this and it must have made an impression cause it's still on my mind.

I get challenged for Positive Thinking. I am under a lot of people's radar because I don't have social standing or bank. I've been banished for being a pagan. Some of my niece's have been warned, "Focus or you'll be like your auntie". Usually I don't care. What about this article makes me care???

One reason I'm banned as a pagan is because I question religion. I research, make notes, compare. The more I learn the less I know. What do some people know that makes them so positive that they do?
I have more questions than answers. If Mithra is like Horus is like Jesus then what is Christ? How can we be sinners if God has made us in It's image? How can the Bible be the ONLY word of God if it starts out saying "Kill not" then goes on smiting people? What was Constantine's agenda? The Romans? The Church? And Paul? Who was the Black Madonna and did she make it to Avalon? What is so dangerous asking those questions?

The Flip Side is New Age. For $500 you can take a workshop that teaches you to be positive and ask for abundance... (so you can recoup your money). And why do bad things happen to good people?

All I can go on is my own experience.

The Kingdom of God is Within. I just had some little God Girlie argue with me that it wasn't in the Bible and then she prayed that I would forsake Idol Worship. I had thought this was a friendly pot luck?

I think because we are in God's image there is a Divine Spark within us. It's like our Web Connection. It's the reason the Church sponsored the Inquisition. If people could find God within there wouldn't be a need to pay the Church to intercede.
And the concept of Sin was used to keep people in line. See how successful it was? A third of the world is killing each other in the name of God. People struggle with their Sinful Self. So much wasted time.

We are Divine but also Human. We come to this Earth for lessons. We choose our parents and our life lesson and we birth ourselves into experiences that will program our Divine Hard Wiring.

For a long time I questioned my own birth. I came 18 months after my brother was given up for adoption. To say it was complicated is an understatement. I spent the first half of my life with severe self esteem issues and my life was one struggle after another. My life seemed to be on RePlay.
I was blessed that my Grandmother taught me Christian Science. What I got out of it was that I was perfect as Christ was perfect and that to mentally accept that drew perfection to you. Why was the conflict in my life keeping me from realizing that?

Then I read Huxley, Jung, Campbell, Lilly.
What I got was "Know Thy Self".
So I spent many years doing just that. I realized that I had to "reprogram" my wiring. I wasn't good or bad or a mistake or odd. I was just To Be...floating in God's Grace. Things were just things. If I needed something I could go get it, but it wasn't Me. As I got older I saw how my station in society changed, but still, who I am is not defined by that.
At one time I had a red sports car. It wasn't me, but it sure was fun. It wasn't good or evil, just fast. It didn't mean I had "too much" and when I went back to walking it didn't mean I had lost anything either.

Sin as an Archery Term
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Mary Baker Eddy

Chi Energy

Chi demonstration
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Music for a Sunday Afternoon

Eyes Without a Face

Sunglasses at Night


I Want to Know What Love Is

Shock the Monkey

Heaven Knows

Here Comes the Rain Again

Arc of a Diver

Invisible Sun

Why Does my Heart

Spirits in the Material World

She Talks to Angels

Knocking on Heaven's Door

Everybody Have Fun Tonight

Live and Die in LA

Virtual Insanity

Cosmic Girl

Takin' it to the Streets


Invisible Touch

Oye Como Va

Mama I'm Comin' Home

Crazy Train

Iron Man

Dream On

Tears in Heaven

Amazing Grace - Steven Tyler

Amazing Grace - Elvis

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

School's Out

School is out and I'm keeping myself busy while the kids are playing in the pool. We have the kids who need a place to go today. On days like this being the stay at home Cookie Grandma is a hot commodity. We started the morning with homemade buttermilk pancakes with white peaches.

Brain Wave Frequency

Thoughts are Waves


Black Lodge Singers Twinkle Little Star

Close Encounters

Phil Collins In the Air Tonight

Alpha Brain Waves

Nakai Canyon Reverie