Sunday, May 17, 2015

Good Bye Starbucks!

If I've wanted to Internet I had to come downstairs and hang out at Starbucks.  With the Tourist Season started it is hard to concentrate as this long line of people from all over the world pour by.  Today is my last visit.  I got here at 6 am so it would be a bit quiet.

Living downtown Santa Fe has been a trip.  But it is time to leave the "Adobe Disneyland" and get "real".  So I'm going back to Aztec, NM to hang out with my Granddaughter.  We're going to do a lot of cooking and she's going to be my partner helping me get this Online Gallery going...finally.  I've got some fabulous bead for necklaces.    Some will be reasonable glass bead and charm strands but what I'm really anxious to get going on are the Power Tools.  These are necklaces made from semi precious stones that are made specifically to amp up the Power for meditation, creativity, protection and dreaming.  When people hold these necklaces they can feel the Buzz.

What I want to write about later when it's quiet is my experiences with alternative healings.  Santa Fe is full of psychics, healers and channelers.  Since January I met some of the best and the five different Healings I've had have been a well rounded "prescription" and I would have to say that I'm like a Classic Car that's been restored beyond it's original shape.  Some of the people I know here are going to work with me to organize this experience for others.  Not something you can get with Obamacare.  LOL