Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Why We PowWow"

In his book, The Primal Mind, author Jamake Highwater states, "Dance is the inclination of primal peoples to idealize action as a magical force. They believe that dance can shape the circumstances of nature if it can focus its contagious powers on animals and supernaturals. Through their dances they touch unknown and unseen elements which they sense in the world around them."
In other words, serious dance is prayer that can open a doorway to a connection with the total universe. A way to find that "inner being" who recognizes and appreciates the spiritual essence of interdependence and gratefully ask Creator for recognition of the needs of his or her people in return.

The "Window of Opportunity" will be closing the end of September.
To anchor the energies we'll be doing online Powwow. I'll post dates as it gets closer.
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Popol Vuh

It's almost 2am, but I have to put this down so I don't forget. Just when I think it can't get any weirder.

I have just had a conversation with my "source". Maya's and mine actually.
I had just gone to bed, holding a crystal that Maya had given me. It was an exchange for the black stone I gave her. We felt compelled to do this and we have wondered why the significance. But we follow these hunches to see where they lead.
Now I know why.

The rocks have something to do with our being mirrors of each other. I am "black" and I gave her a black onyx egg I have had for 10 years. She gave me her white crystal that she has had for that long. One of the clues that we figured would be revealed to us eventually.
I held mine as I tried to fall asleep. The soles of my feet began to heat up. Then a Warrior appeared in my Vision.
Central American. The classic Mayan profile with feathers that arched over his head. His face was smudged with black. And then he slowly turned to look at me with a chilling glare. The other side of his face was painted white.

I attempted to talk to him and he grudgingly answered. I could feel hot, humid air in my lungs and could hear the chattering of monkeys and a parrot. The encounter was as real as if he was in my room. And he was not happy about it.

My confusion and doubt disgusted him. I got a sense of the bloodlust of his culture and since I didn't have that when he scanned me, I was beneath him.

He realized he wasn't going to get rid of me and after awhile I seemed to humor him like the monkeys around him. Slowly he realized the importance of our meeting and we tried to communicate. The concepts of each culture made it very difficult. I tried to explain about the Spanish coming and he relished the idea of battle until I made him understand that they would turn him into a slave. He didn't mind the brutality of battle but could not stand the idea of being captured.

He had a difficult time understanding where these Spanish would come from. I got a strong sense that stars were part of his "home". The idea that there were people so far away was hard for him to wrap his mind around, though he communicated with beings of the sky easily.
He is trying to place me among the stars. That's easier for him to accept than me being from the future or beyond the ocean. Mostly because I am so "soft". I couldn't possible be the outcome of all that he values.

We'll see where this goes. I need to calm down and try to sleep, but this heaviness in my chest won't go away. And my feet feel like they are dancing all by themselves.
PS. When I asked for his location I got that it was west of Mexico City, almost to the ocean.
PS. This rings a bell

Jan/21/18 Update:
Check September 2010 posts for more of the story.
I've since "uncovered" the Olmec connection.   I was having dreams of statues that I later found out were Olmec and then found them at the William Seigal Gallery in Santa Fe. 
I finally wrote the story of Nyles, who gifted me a Soul Recovery Session in my Diary Blog.  I believe he was one of the people involved in dark rituals from a past life.  I had a close call with him and eventually killed his girl friend.  I feel that the past life connection was so strong he was compelled to play out "old" feelings.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Can You Hear Me Now?"

I've just spent the morning with Maya comparing notes. We are having a difficult time. Crying for no reason. What is going on? This is what we "got".

We have gone through the "Window of Opportunity" leaving the Old Earth behind and going through a transition phase that will last until late September. By then the Window will be closed.
That doesn't mean there will be a sever cut off date, but you will draw to you the experiences and opportunities that are of the vibration of the world you choose to live. She was sad because she has lost some good friends. Their shop is down the stairs from hers but they no long jive. I think that is a good example of how things will pan out. 50 feet away from each other, but not living in the same "world".
"Can you hear me now?" No.
And they both have similar shops, but each is taking on a new feel to their operations. One has the feel of a fortune teller and the other a temple.

Being in the New Earth is expansive. Things have gotten Big leaving empty space.
Our thinking is fuzzy as the connections are farther away from each other. It's going to take a bit of time for them to bridge. It's been stressful for me as I've had some interesting experiences this past two weeks and I just couldn't get a handle on how I felt about it. She said she was having the same problem.
When things expanded it allowed crystalized emotions that had been embedded to fall out to be felt and released. Emotional triggers that we had ignored had harden in our psyche and were camoflaged among our old thinking. It's like pulling the couch away from the wall and seeing all the bits and crumbs that were hidden.

Old, long dead emotional situations have come up. I'm meeting people from my long past who just happen to be at the same crosswalk that I'm on. At the same time, interesting opportunities are opening up. We're sweeping up crumbs from behind the couch.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ears to Hear. Eyes to See.

Maya and I are hearing Fairy Tales in our mind...in our sleep. We are "hearing" the archetype version of multi-realities. We are being led down a path by bread crumbs of clues, given bits of story at a time. How can you stop with out finding out how it ends? A clue is given and then we both are being downloaded with the story behind it. Often a simple version will come first and slowly details are added. We try hard to keep our own agenda out of it. Become a straw and let the information flow.
We check with each other on what we "get", and it is validated by intense body surges, tingles and a "knowing" in our heart.

Things are being laid out on an ethereal level to "correct" a distortion. People, places and things have a grid around them which filters down to the physical plane that will rearrange the outcome. Sort of like taking a cold medicine and slowly your body adjusts to the change. You are brought back to health. The grids are being adjusted to bring the planet back to health.

Now, there is Free Will. Not everyone wants to be healthy. They feel uncomfortable being outside their box and strive to maintain what they know, confusing the Power of Spirit with the power of materialism. Serve to Self rather Service to Other. Each position has a different vibration to it. It's not good verses evil. It's not a polarity but a layer above the other.

Something is affecting the planet which is separating these two states of mind/heart. This is causing a separation of planet reality.
There are clues that validate the Dream of the Green Jade. In the dream I go through a Window of Opportunity along with a stream of others and "time" is at that point.

Many ancient civilizations were aware of these cycles of the Grand Solar Year and left us clues in the mathematics of their temples. The Solar System makes a cycle of 26,000 years. There is information that all of the planets are changing right now. We are entering a cosmic summer and Earth is not the only one that is heating up.
Is this the beginning of the Golden Age?
Temple of Angkor Wat
Changes to the Solar System
Dream of the Green Jade
This blog on September 16, 2009

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Four Kings

The Fourth King has arrived.
The Realm of each borders the intersection with the sacred geometry. Pepin, Louis the XIV, Richard the Lion Hearted and now the Roman. The King of Starbucks. The Wild Card.

Maya and I both "see" the past lives of these men and wonder why they have gathered here.
What point in time...what decisions...were made by each of these people that have some sort of a theme?
What we get is that each represents a Fork in the Road and their gathering has something to do with changing a Time Line. Each is only vaguely aware and that is of no importance. Most of the work is being done in the dream state.

It's been such a relief having Maya to consult. When we both get a "hit" on something we know that we are on the Trail. Where it leads we are not sure nor why we are so driven. We have found that energetically we are like a machine that becomes activated when both parts come together. We are mirrors of each other. Her right side corresponds to my left. She is white and I am black. We are greater than the sum of our parts.

Since Friday the 13 we have found that the energy has changed. Before it felt like it was a struggle to "arrange" energy so that it would balance. Now the energy is productive. It's become a fertile ground for creative expression.
We are still amazed at the process.

Friday, August 13, 2010

We Fulfilled Our Destiny

I will give an account of the past 24 hours as best I can. It will be a subjective report.
Take it for what you will.

The crop circles lately seem to resonate as symbols for what Maya and I have both been "picking up". She felt that they were also indicating "X Marks the Spot". A Landing Pad. Something was arriving. She suggested that we do a Prayer Circle yesterday Morning.

First let me give a bit of a background on the two of us.
Be both were unwanted children and still are distant from most of our family. Both would go into trances as children and have spent at least half of our lives in a Trance/Meditation State. Both driven to heal the planet. Both driven to come to Durango, Colorado since 2005. The Four Corners is HOME to us both after being gypsies all our lives. Both have given all our possessions away many times and now have almost nothing.
We have Both been driven like birds following a migration all our lives without really knowing what the outcome would be.

So this is how yesterday morning played out to the best of our memories. Most of it done in a semi-trance state. So much can't be remembered.

When I arrived at her shop she had set our her "tools"...candles, incense, crystals and sacred geometry. She locked the door. We held hands and invited our Spirit Helpers to join us. A circle of Beings surrounded us. We both "saw" them....Angels, Devas, Elementals, Fairies and a couple of Dragons. Our bodies tingled from energy surges. There were colors and music and then a rush of energy.
I "saw" us as part of the stars of the Big Dipper. Me to the left and her to the right. I was black and she was white. Energy started expanding from each of our positions and then shot to Earth.

The Grail! We had "created" the geometry for the Grail.
Maya "took" that energy and pushed it into the empty circle that seemed to resonate with a crop circle from a few days ago. We felt that our previous Prayer Circles had gathered Energy which had "transferred" to the Sacred Geometry of the bricks in the intersection below us. Still that circle of energy was "vacant"....until now. The Sphere became a torus, expanding to the stars. The Torus became a tree rising through the sky, filled with Birds. The Tree of Life.
We "heard" cheers of celebration.
This crop circle is the Grail and the path of energy moving into a New Earth. Things will still seem bad, but we were "told" that it's the evidences of old paradigms falling apart and toxins being released from the planet. Just like when you do a cleanse, part of the process is to be sick as all the toxins rise to the surface.
Have Faith. Fear only delays progress.
I've just come back from Maya's.
We needed to compare notes. What in God's Name happened?
We both were exhausted, unfocused, hungry and buzzing with energy later. And a huge sense of relief. We both were "told" that we are done now. We can retire and live normal lives. All will be restored to us. Our husbands will show up soon.
We each have a different look in our eyes now. And a sense of contentment.
Why us? We filled in the blanks for each other this morning.
We came to correct our part of the destruction of Atlantis and the planet. We were on opposite sides of that event... and that Opposition is what was needed to create the correct blend of energy to push this along. Yin/Yang. Pisces and Virgo.
And while I am female now, this isn't "right" for me. Most of my past lives have been male warriors. I am Powerful. More logical than emotional.
Maya embodies the feminine. Guenevere. A higher and more pure vibration than me. The Woman of Scars. She cries all the time.
While we carried the male/female balance, together we brought in the Divine Feminine that activated the Sacred Grail Geometry.

The Source is the Big Dipper and has been forever. It is the home of the Bear. Arcturus. As in Arthur. As in the companion to Diana. My Bear has been my companion through this whole quest. I have heard and felt Red Bear. People have seen it. Now I have White Bear which I am slowly becoming. I'm not sure what that means, just that in my meditations I am now in a White Place with a White Fur around my shoulders that is slowly becoming my being.
I found that my name means Bear/Warrior Child.

So we are done now. We no longer feel driven and welcome retirement.
I'm starting to become involved in the politics of my town. I think I will publish two more blogs though.
One will be on the Four Corners. We have found that Spirit has a sense of humor and uses a play on words and symbols. The Grail is in the center of the Four Corners of the World.
One of the blogs will be a tourist guide to this area. You can travel in a circle and be in all four states...Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. They don't call this The Land of Enchantment for nothing.
The other blog will be about sustainable living. All the information I wish my children to have to live a healthy life. One of the reasons I'm in Durango is because it is a very "Green" City. And it works. People are happy and healthy and prosperous. It's the way of the future.
I'll work on those blogs soon and post where to find them.
For now, I'm just too wore out to continue...

Bear Cults
Thanks again to Crop Circle Connection. Here is the Before Crop Circle:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

At the End of the Street...

at the Vanishing Point...is the X.

You'll miss the sounds, but this might be interesting...
Bike Ralley Parade Sunday Morning, September 5

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Mind is Just Spinning

I need to sit back and ponder.
On the couch above watching the sunset at Hermosa Beach, drinking Gin&Tonics, listening to

New Beginnings

“Seal of Melchizedek,” two interlocked squares in gold. Abel offers his lamb as Abraham gently pushes Isaac forward. The hand of God reaches down to this sacred meeting through the red veils adorned with golden gammadia on either side. The theme is the great sacrifice of Christ, which brings together the righteous prophets from the past as well as the four corners of the present world, thereby uniting all time and space.”

The Meaning: There have been speculative meanings assigned to the characteristics of The Seal, but there has been no complete and authoritative summary.

The symbol resembles the Sun: The often depicted circle inside may also indicate eternity, or perhaps also the Sun, which is symbolic of the source of all light: the Son of God.

Eight sides/Eight points – Eight to the Hebrews symbolized “New Beginning” or ”Beginning Again.” In other words, eternal.
A new beginning may also relate to marriage, and the circle, Eternal Marriage: Four is symbolic of earth or mortal life.
In Zorro's dream last week I was reading The Book and the Word was "Lazarus".

X Marks the Spot

When looking down from the Cantina you will see this pattern in the intersection below. A new crosswalk of red bricks was laid down this Spring.

Interesting that this formation seems to have the implied weight of a sphere upon it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I've expanded my Bubble of Protection to X.
Later I asked Maya if she "saw" IT.
Yes. She saw the Sphere about the same time I started projecting it.
About the same time the shops in the Sphere started having electrical problems. Phones, computers and lights have had to be repaired or replaced. Maya lost 6 bulbs for her tract lighting.

It's rarely a good idea to put personal information on the Internet but I feel it applies here.
I am Beth. Harold Charles Barnes was my grandfather. Larry taught me how to create Sphere energy.These are only a few of the coincidences that I found in this movie.

I am also Beth from Farmington, New Mexico.
Mary Barnes of Farmington, Connecticut was the last Witch hung in that state. How far beyond our DNA does that connection go?


XYZ is anything that takes you out of yourself to somewhere else.
Sometimes it is a Gin&Tonic on an empty stomach with little sleep.

In this case it means
X as in X Marks the Spot.
Y as in a Triad.
Z for Zorro.
His Sword is his music. Went to listen at to his Acid Jazz last night. Many in the crowd were swaying with their eyes closed.
We are part of a Triad at X.
Within a half an hour of meeting we were long lost buddies. Maybe more than I realized at the time. A few days ago he was telling me about the origins of his name from an Abbey in Wales. As he was talking I "saw" myself as an aged priest and him as a young warrior. Then a map. Since he is very comfortable with this sort of information I passed on my vision. He drew a map and I pointed out the spot.
Yes. That was the location of the ancient abbey.
Later when he went up to the Cantina for a beer after work he met a guy about his age who had just moved to the town. They share the same unusual last name.

Maya and I share our visions of X.
We both have arrived here because of our Dreams of X. We have cried together over the relief of having someone else validate this illogical drive. When we pray we seem to be more than the sum of our parts. I "saw" that our energy fields were overlapping creating a space of Power.
This crop circle appeared about the same time. Notice the three dots. What Triad do they represent?
Thanks to the Crop Circle Connector for the photos. They have a diagram of the enery fields at this site:
I thought of the Arc of the Covenant. Were the Angels creating Sacred Space?
Charles Gilchrist's site explains Sacred Geometry and the Vesica Piscis.