Friday, January 22, 2016

This is me

 This was about 7 years ago.  A bunch of us were on the Mesa doing drumming.  The person who took the photo was Sue my longtime email pal from Zurich  She hated Americans until she came for a visit.  The spot we chose was on the edge of the Navajo Reservation.  To get there we had to go past a couple of houses.  In the front yard at one were three teenage Native boys playing gold.   Having grown up on Western Movies as a kid I could not shake the feeling of how surreal the situation was.  We're off  "playing Indian" while the Natives are playing golf. 
There were about 10 of us and we stayed most of the night under a Full Moon.  I think in this photo the Mushrooms were starting to kick in.  As we sat on the edge of the cliff an owl would dive bomb us.  On the Rez you never know if what you are seeing is a real animal or a Shaman Helper.
Along the edge of the cliff about 10 feet in were a row of rocks maybe 100 feel long.  We were definitely on Sacred Space.  When we came back again the road was blocked.  We never went back.
While this photo was me, that person doesn't exist anymore.  Maybe 20 Timelines away.  So much has happened since.  My hair is now bobbed and white blond and I'm a bit more buffer. I have lost that chippy smile.


While this weekends "session" left me groggy for a couple days it was rather weak.  So many distractions.  Everyone I know is having a crazy time.... extremely challenging situations but going both ways.  Bear/AKA Sandra has taken on extra teaching and a new Menu at Taberna. and raising 3 daughters.  While Randy the Skateboarder is in jail.
I was wondering if anyone wanted to chat directly?  I'm thinking of just dropping the blog.  Everything that needed to be said has been.  I started writing mainly so my kids would know why their Mom is different....which just proved to be to much for them.  Somehow I raised Republicans??  LOL
I never promoted the blog but I've got a small loyal following.    Quality over quantity.  :-)  Sometimes only one person needs what you have to offer. 
Want to chat?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Back Story

It looks like things may work out easier than I expected and I'll be Raving myself on Pirate Radio Sunday and Monday. 

These posts from my blog give the back story about why I do this.  I've had several healers/psychics pick up that Michael Crichton  is part of my Soul Group and he wrote "Sphere" as a joke about me.  ???  The post "Sphere" touches on that.  What I think is interesting that in the book "Jerry" is the character who first communicates with the Sphere.  An excellent metaphor for my relationship with Larry.   In the Book/Movie the Commander has my father's name, Stone has my name and Jackson is Harry/Larry  and the coincidences continue through the whole movie.   I have been told by these same people that when I'm just being "normal" my Heart Energy goes out 10 feet.  If I focus I have "touched" people across the world.  I'm assuming Space is irrelevant at that point.  However what I learned from Larry, which has been at least 35 years now,  is that I go "Cosmic".

"Why We Powwow"
In his book, The Primal Mind, author Jamake Highwater states, "Dance is the inclination of primal peoples to idealize action as a magical force. They believe that dance can shape the circumstances of nature if it can focus its contagious powers on animals and supernaturals. Through their dances they touch unknown and unseen elements which they sense in the world around them."
In other words, serious dance is prayer that can open a doorway to a connection with the total universe. A way to find that "inner being" who recognizes and appreciates the spiritual essence of interdependence and gratefully ask Creator for recognition of the needs of his or her people in return.

"Heart to Heart"  2/5/12
Experiments conducted at the Institute of HeartMath have found remarkable evidence that the heart's electromagnetic field can transmit information between people. We have been able to measure an exchange of heart energy between individuals up to five feet apart. We have also found that one person's brain waves can actually synchronize to another person's heart. Furthermore, when an individual is generating a coherent heart rhythm, synchronization between that person's brain waves and another person's heartbeat is more likely to occur. These findings have intriguing implications, suggesting that individuals in a psychophysiologically coherent state become more aware of the information encoded in the heart fields of those around them.

"Happy Birthday Larry"  2/25/11

"Sphere"  8/1/10

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cosmic Rave on Monday

If all goes as planned we are going to be doing an Inter-Dimensional Rave on Monday, January 18, Denver/Mountain Time, USA    most of the day.
As an experiment we are asking the Alien Tourists to DeFrag anyone who asks for it.  It is VERY important to give your permission.  I don't know if it will work but I'm guessing it will.  :-)
We will be tuned into Pirate down below.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sophia and the Demiurge??

Power of Love

Happy Kick Ass New Year!!

High as a Kite on "Flow" at this moment.  I live 30 minutes from Durango, Colorado, USA so I'm learning the finer points of Cannabis.   We drove up yesterday because the city was going to be socked in by storms and we watched it come in as we drove home by 2pm.  Later we went to a Drum Circle that I'll talk about later.  But today, I'm just chill listening to Phil Collins and looking up stuff on the net.    I made my own PC Mix.  It ends with "My Guitar Gently Weeps" by George Harrison.  My Glass Slipper.

So this is a mellow Stream of Consciousness that I probably wouldn't have made if I wasn't stoned.  That's why this strain is called "Flow" in Going With the....    Over Christmas I was gifted with "Alien Nightmare".  And it kept it's promise.  I don't think I'll go there again.  The drive up to Durango you hit the foothills of the Rocky Mountains passing the turn-off to Dulce.  Google THAT one!  One of our local Urban Legends is of Fiber Optics being run from Denver to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Most towns along the way  ordered two lines so they would have enough for future growth.  Dulce ordered 100 lines.  Hmmmm.  Dulce is a very small town on the Apache Reservation with the Big Deal being the Casino and Stage.  Going to the Little Beaver PowWow in July should be in your Bucket List.  I went there the first time early 80's with John Two-Birds Arbuckle, a Scotch Irish Wisconsin Indian "medicine man".   Powwows are trippy.  A Mass Consciousness Time/Space Communication.

In Durango we park at the skate park on the West side of the river, cross the bridge and to the right is the Legal Marijuana Dispensary next to Sacred Space crystal shop who is now selling my necklaces.  I traded her one for a Reading.  I evidently have Alien Tourists hanging around, curious as to what is going on.  They asked  "Do you want your brain De-Fragged?"    I said "Sure" way too casually.  OMG!!  After all the Healings I had done in Santa Fe,  this  being De-Fragged was the icing on the cake.  EVERYONE saw a difference in me within hours.  I realized my whole life up to that point was a lie.    Thus the need for "Alien Nightmare".    It totally flipped my life around as I pissed off everybody.  LOL  Which was way over due.  It's been six weeks and I'm just now settling in with the change.
Check out "Last Six Months" about the different alternative healings done in Santa Fe

Then on the ride home we listen to Pirate Radio and take photographs.  Now that things are settling down I'm hoping to open a Facebook with photos of all these trips.  I'm so  Old School I can't do it myself and I really don't want to waste time learning when I can get a 10 year old to help.  Crystal who owns Sacred Space and facilitated the Aliens has UTubes  though I haven't seen them.

With so much extra "memory" available in my brain these days, It's started picking up even more Smoke Signals from the Cosmos.   I had to come up with a Ritual to ground all this change.  I've been making paper mache Grail Bowls.  I took a blank bowl that had broken then glued slips of paper that I had written my personal bullshit on.  Then I burned it on a piece of foil.  It turned out to be a very powerful ritual and I started getting feedback exactly 24 hours later.  A Light went off above my head.  This Bull Shit was NOT mine, but like a ratty security blanket that finally goes in the garbage.  I wrapped up the ashes in the foil and it gave a feeling of a cremation.  I threw the bundle in the dumpster and walked away Refreshed.  The Ritual satisfies both sides of the Brain which ignites change.  For my friends who want to do this I just give them slips of paper and an envelope to burn. 

After the Defragging I started picking up clearer past life images.  I realize this is subjective and who knows if it is YOUR life or you are observing someone else.  Some of the Lives were occupied by more than one person.  ???? 
But between the DeFrag and the Alien Nightmare  I became aware of three Dark Rituals that bound situations and people together.  Doing the Burning Bowl Ritual brought all that to the surface to be released also.  Each Ritual compounded the other.  What I "got" was that by releasing the rituals I "jumped" to a MAJOR TIMELINE where those rituals were not even done.  Which made all the connections from those rituals through time GONE.   Now other rituals were done to other people so the consequences of their timelines still run, but mine and the almost two dozen people who I kept reincarnating with no longer are part of my Karma or theirs.  Which in theory means that old relationships are new again.  Since I've been pretty reclusive for a few months I'll check out that theory when I see them again.   And in the Big Picture if Dark Rituals were not done in THIS Timeline, then a big chunk of Dark Shinnanigans are NOT in effect in this NOW.

Now all of this lead to quite a few google searches as Alien Tourists whispered things to look up.  This led to Louis the XIII of France and his son  and the take over by the Black Robes which laid the groundwork for everything EVIL in our Now.  These Black Robes are so evil and ingrained I don't even want to spell it out because of recognition technology.  So if you want to get to the core of what's going on Google  "JEZ*u*it   Ass*as*sin  BlkPope"   I think I"ll pay more attention when my son play's Assassin's Creed.

This is the Holy Trinity of the Bear's/AKA Sandra the Pastry Chef  and my  Quest. 1) Look up what Abraham Lincoln says about these guys and the US Civil War.    Their involvement led to what is at the core of their evil and it is the denial of the Feminine.  2)This led to "Sophia and the Demiurg"  THE Female Archetype.  I prefer Valentine's Gnostic views.  3) Thought Forms.  Which is all we are and it is time to come up with some new variations on the theme.  You can't take something away without there being a Void.  Almost everyone I know is waiting for "Something" to happen.  Maybe we have to create a New Thought Form.  ??

I think I have to go look for a snack.  But I want to talk about the Drum Circle before I go.   A couple of months ago while at Hastings Books  I ran into May who I met over 20 years ago  but had not seen for at least 10 years and she invited me to her Drum Circle that they had been doing on the second Saturday every month for 3 years.   I love Drum Circles.  Google Mickey Hart on drumming.  In fact I had not been to one since an acquaintance "kidnapped" me and took me to the last Grateful Dead Concert because he wanted to sell Guatemalan clothing.  We went back home when Jerry died.  Now I'm not a Grateful Dead fan per se.  It was the Best and the Worst time of my life.

 I was looking forward to May's Drumming because you always meet interesting people so grabbed Randy the Skateboarder.   Well they called him and me "kids" .   Retired Hippie/Professionals.  Nurses, teachers, and artist and a paralegal from Las Vegas who had been a Go-Go Dancer in Boston at 17 and dated a Mobster who died after the 3rd time he was shot in the head.  At that age she said she had no idea what she was dealing with.  Linda the Nurse was a Alice Cooper Groupie and Friend.   The artist had just been in a golf tournament where he had missed being Alice's partner by one person.    A lot of Mojo in that room.  I think I'll go to the next one.

Little Beaver Powwow in Dulce, New Mexico, USA