Friday, October 30, 2015

To Be Continued....

Cosmic Dancing

Planning on spending most of the day doing a little Soul Dancing on Pirate Radio.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pirate Radio

The Music has been Pirated.  Layer the imagery of the Virgin, the Kiva and the Pirate Radio and merge with Spirit all Winter.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Dance Floor

Aztec Ruins and Kiva
Aztec, NM, USA

Friday, October 16, 2015

Music, Movement and Landscape

A Time Loop Trigger


Ancient Draco Bloodlines

This guy does a good job Connecting the Dots.  I've come across most of this information but there were a few times listening to this that the Light Bulb went off above my head.  Often when I've brought up any of this the first thing some one will say is "Well, no one can keep a secret that big."

Before I left Santa Fe I was sitting in the Plaza and started talking to a couple sitting next to me who were waiting for others to join them.  Turns out the Group that was gathering were Cold War Spooks who broke codes and passed on secret information.  None of them knew of the other or that there were others until the end and being the smart guys they were they  started to Connect the Dots.  Once their contract to keep all things secret for 30 years they started to meet.  The wife looked at me with such an unusual smile "Can you imagine living with someone for 30 years and not knowing they were a spy?"

Because I was raised by a Christian Science Practitioner  Grandmother and I was high on Phenobarb and having "seizures" I was aware and guided to recognize Health and UnHealth.  The trick in the healing was to ONLY acknowledge the Health no matter what was presented.  Without giving it much thought and only later realizing that I was always "adjusting" my environment.

From a very young age I was aware of this Agenda on the Horizon and without realizing it I slowly "adjusted" the parallel reality I occupied.  At this point I don't "see" myself in the reality of this video.  Because of bleed through I do feel I've had to deal with "ghosts" of unrealized potential from my original Visions. 

Again, it's all subjective.  Could be the drugs?  LOL  Could be we side stepped Armageddon.

My Dream of Good and Evil - June 30,2010

Thursday, October 15, 2015

What Sparked a 15 Year Time Loop

This is totally speculation on my part.  When I saw this video something clicked.   Tabaash is the spirit of an ancient Sumerian through this man from New Zealand, Blair Strya.   Toward the end of the video Tabaash gives a Healing Prayer and at the end he heals a young woman in the audience and says "You are all One.  She is healed.  You ALL are Healed!"   I suggest you say the Prayer with the Audience.  There is something going on.  My theory at the moment is that as I said the prayer in October 2015 it is somehow connecting to my 2009 Self.   What is interesting that when he talks about  fear and how 911 has added to the fear it took me awhile to realize he was speaking about something that hadn't happened for two years.  I Googled some more.  This was a talk given in a 2009 conference.

The Egyptian Scientist Moves In

The Dreams of the Gym Floor started about five years ago.  The floors weren't marked as a gym but were that large and I knew I lived there but there was never any furniture.  I was always with the Helper  who had been in my dreams for a very long time, always there to assist me on some level.     In one dream we were standing in the middle of the gym sized empty living room and an electric cobalt blue light zapped us.  In another the floor/living room was the interior of a pyramid and now the Helper held an Egyptian Staff.  The pyramid was separated in the middle by a theater and we lived across from each other.   When the Jockeys moved out a Genius Skateboarder moved in and there were so many synchronicity moments I knew he was the Egyptian.
I'm pretty good at picking up people's "Past Lives".  While I realize this is a very subjective claim and unprovable,  the stories of their lives seem to mesh well.  I get a lot of Strong Personalities lately because I believe these times require them.  After awhile I kept flashing on the Skateboarder as a scientist.  This is probably the strongest "hit" I ever got.  While I am the only person who believes this at the moment, there is no doubt in my mind that Skateboarder has a past life of a known scientist.  What he looks like, what he talks about and LOTS of synchronicity convinces me that he is connected in a way I don't fully understand.  He must bring a special ability to this little
Karma Drama that's playing out. 

If I spend much time with him I will get physically ill.  It was very strong at first and after about ten minutes I would double over.  Now I'm slightly nauseous  that takes a day to fade away.  We have some sort of yin-yang energy exchange going on. 
 Sometimes the Space were we've  chatted will feel dense as if an alternative reality is being formed.  A tardis maybe like in Dr. Who, where the space on the outside is small but once you walk in the door the space is huge.  His birthday is March 7 and mine is March 8...though 40 years apart.  I keep "getting" it has something to do with moving up an Octave and Entrainment.   

Stalked by Bear

When these series of Dreams started one of the more powerful characters was the Cinnamon Bear.  In one dream Bear pulled and pushed me down a path.  All along the path were clues and then very shortly in real life I would encounter the real thing.  Looking back I would say that the entire dream except for the Party at the end of the Path has come true so far.  I would ride on Bear's back in the dream and be able to feel the fur.  Once when a friend came over for a meditation we were sitting knee to knee.  The floors were old and creaky.  We started to hear slow and heavy footsteps.  Her eyes got wide as I felt something massive behind me and give me a bear hug.  She "saw" the Bear.
When I worked for Chef James at LaBoca I got to know his Pastry Chef, Sandra.  She moved from Australia where she was a nurse to follow her husband who now works out of Los Alamos and travels the world collecting climate data.    We hit it off immediately and soon found out we were both dreaming the same bear dream.  Sandra's Spirit has been coming to me in the form of a Cinnamon Bear for years. 
Later it turned out my new daughter-in-law, Mrs. White, is the White Bear.  She is a nurse from Australia also.
The images were inspired by of collages I did when I started having these dreams 15 years ago.  I started a collage notebook to work out some of the "Dreamy" things that were happening to me at the time.  I put them together in sort of a trance allowing the symbolism to speak for itself.  Many of the Images came to pass as the Dreams have.  One was the "Arrival" of the Three Bears.  We are waiting for the Last Bear ....and since these things have a knots to them the last bear will be an Australian Nurse.  :} 
Life is playing it's Self out like a Dream right now.
I couldn't resist the Goldilocks and The Three Bears imagery.
That Google Search brought up all sorts of things that loosely tied in.  Arthur of Camelot get's his name from the Great Bear Constellation.  The Guardians of the Grail who hold the Lock for the Gold.

Dreaming Life and Time Loops

Finally...after ten days I am doing OK.    I can't remember being that sick for a long time.  The Cashier refunded my $2 for my toxic TV dinner when I went in  for ginger ale.  I tried to go in real early cause I wasn't looking good.  LOL  It's surprisingly busy that early in the morning and I have History with several of the cashiers.  I come back to this little town about every 5 years.  That is not how I ever saw my life play out.  There is a Beth in a parallel reality that is a chubbie cookie grandma who goes to all the basket ball games her grandkids play in Indiana, where they  have Sunday Dinner and have been in the same house for 50 years.  That Beth exists "Out There" and is the version that I'm really surprised I'm not living.    It's my nature to hunker down but I've had these unexpected logs cross  my path and Dream Bandits come out and spin my life around.  8 years ago I WAS that cookie grandma but in Farmington, New Mexico.  I had a sweet little balcony apartment  with wisteria running over the patio.  My landlords were art collectors and Jack is called the Godfather of Navajo Folk Art.  So it was a pretty chill few years.  Right downtown.  I could walk to summer music festivals.  The Public Pool was two blocks behind the Children's Museum.  Three Rivers Brewer and Pizza two blocks away and now takes up the whole block.  A must stop on your way out to see Shiprock.
Since that time I've been in Olympia and Vancouver Washington, back to Farmington, Durango, Aztec, Los Cruces, Farmington, Aztec, Santa Fe and now Aztec.  Actually, back in the same apartments I had 10 years ago, newly remodeled.  I'd be paying almost double if this place was in Santa Fe.  And I've been a time loop all summer.  And each move was initiated by some bizzarro circumstance.  But about six months ago, the two Bears that visit my Dreams said it was time to "Stop!".   Sort of like being in one of those spinning Wheels of Fortune.  Now it's come to a stop.  More like a rest.  I'm strongly "getting" that this is the lull before the storm.  What ever is going to happen will be played out by this time next year.    And I will look back and I see that the Tinkertoy of my life actually connects.  As Sandra, my Pastry Chef Friend would compare it to.....the cake's in the oven and we'll frost it this summer and can have a piece next September.  :)
And I'm ready.  Got all my ducks in a row and am starting to see the return on what I've sown.  Starting a couple little side businesses.  Simplified my life so it moves pretty efficiently.  Got a cute little apartment.   I can go with out having to work for about 6 months so now is the time to work on projects.  I start my morning walking to the River 3 blocks away.   Then  draw all afternoon.  I used to be very good.  Now I'm cartoonish so I'm giving myself a few months to get up to speed.  I make  things and one project is getting an online Gallery going.  The other is baking cookies.  My Girlfriend of 20 years, Margo, and I are going to bake cookies in her church kitchen and take them around town.  Both of us are at a point where we want to do something, but not much.  LOL   Margo lived in Hillary Clinton's neighborhood in high school.  Her brother was Hil's BFF and Margo drove them to the prom.
My Point is that I'm keeping  Life responsible yet loose enough that it can get "Dreamy".   I rarely know what day it is and I sleep at crazy times.  It makes me uncomfortable  because I've realized I'm slightly compulsive.  I like things predictable.  But Dreamy is what this summer has been and how all these images tie into each other like some  Rubegoldberg Tickertoy.
  Dreams that I had 15 years ago came true.  All the Characters started showing up this summer in Real Life.  That is why Jose is my Dream Man.  He's popped up quite frequently through the years in my dreams.  Then the week before he showed up, in my dream, he walked up behind me and wove our hands together.  He and Johnny are on the Race Track Circuit and were spending the summer with my neighbor.  So I hung out with the Jockeys this summer.  Guys who I had known for 15 years in my dreams.  And meeting them for the first time was just picking up where we left off.  It was VERY weird and trippy for me.  I had just met the Ginger Bear from my dreams of 15 years also who turned out to be Sandra.  Then I met the White Bear.  And then the Egyptian Scientist.
When I lived in these apartments 10 years ago I was dreaming of  Horsemen coming in on a black/white tiled floor.  And those Horsemen I recognized as some of the jockeys I met later.  Since I've been back in this place, only 4 months, I've had LOTS of dreams of Warriors arriving.  But more like Elementals.  Forest Warriors like out of Avatar.  The King came through the mirror in one dream, a little brown guy in a white loin cloth holding a spear with his Entourrage .  He had Presence!.  On their off time the Jockeys would meet at the River to fish the Pond in the Park.  Nice little park where they hold festivals.   There were several dreams of The Pond.  A little blue woman ran circles around the pond all night,  locking in some sort of magic and when I woke up my legs felt like I'd been running for hours.  At the time a bunch of us were reading "Mists of Avalon".  I'd go down to the Pond with the guys and read my book while they fished.  It got kind of spooky when what I would read would play out in real time.  In a subtle and more modern way. 

The Ladies of LaBoca decided to start a Book Club reading "Mist of Avalon".  Later someone realized that the illustrator for the book also was the artist of the paintings that hung in the restaurant and was Chef James' good friend.  He also did the illustrations for Celestial Seasons Teas.
The Michael Lee Band
They hold the Blues Fest in the Park.  I was behind the photographer when he shot this. 
Several "Triggers"  showed up.  I've  noticed lately that  many dream images mark a time rather than a meaning.  One Trigger is the light and shiny gym floors of my apartment.   They mean  "When you get to the Gym Floors then these Events will show up".  And they did.  Because my mind associates these floors with  BIG gym floors I trick myself  into feeling it's more spacious than it is.  Then certain people from my dreams showed up in real time and stood on those floors just like they did in the dreams.  The floor became a stage for dreams to unfold.  I was not comfortable. 
 The Point is NOT "This is My  Life",  but this is the World I live in when I see the future unfolding.    It's not the gym floors but what is outside the door.  It's gotten to where if "this" and "this" and "this" and "this" is true...well "THAT"  must also be coming.  Hmmm.

Friday, October 9, 2015

To Be Continued

I'll come back and tie up these two post.  Recovering from food poisoning at the moment and I'm loosing patience with my computer which hasn't really recovered from The Crash and with my Net Provider.  But it all goes together in an odd fashion.
Can't believe I'm so sick.  I never get ill.  Again, I haven't been very patient and did a lot of inner closet cleaning so I think there was a point.

Connecting the Dots
Tom Ross Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe

Roxanne Swentzell's Masks

Rebecca Haines, Gallery Manager and Artist. 
Her Bear    and White Spirit Bear Cub

Australian Aboriginal Woman, Bess Price

"There are certain symbols every culture recognizes. One of the most important is the checkerboard."
Sun Ray Race Track and Jockeys
The Man of My Dreams - Jockey Jose Torres

Mists of Avalon,,,,to be cont

Goldilocks and the Three be cont...

As a Dream Symbol an Atomic Bomb can mean an Explosion of Psychic Energy
Arcturus and the Great Bear
The Three Grail Maidens
"The Celtic word for bear was arth or arthe, Latinsed as Artos, which can be found in place names and gives rise to the name of 'Arthur'. In the Pyranees, in the Valley of the Bear, there is a 6th century BC inscription to a Celtic god Arthe, and it reads 'Our Holy Father Arthe'. The constellation of the Great Bear is known in Wales as 'Arthur's Wain'. King Arthur is sleeping in an underground cave until Britain needs him recalls a bear in hibernation. It seems likely that Arthur was originally a sun god, and Yule was called Alban Arthur or 'Arthur's Time' by the Celts. The bear rising from his underground sleep represented the rebirth of the sun from the underworld at midwinter.
 In fact King Arthur has been identified with one specific star __ Arcturus. He has also been identified with the Sun and his Round Table has been described as being symbolised by the area of sky surrounding the Pole Star.

Fairy Tales Can Come True....The 777 Post

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bashar Play Out Your Dreams

I can't agree more with this video.  Using my imagination in this way is one of my "tools" as much as having a toothbrush.  The little animation is also very sweet.

Archons and Fallen Angels and Black Jesus

I'm surprised that an older post of mine speculating that the Archons may be the Fallen Angels has gotten so many hits.  At this point I don't think they are.  I'm not sure what Archons are though what I've read you don't want to irritate them.  Nor am I enough of a Bible Scholar to comprehend Fallen Angels.  Nor do I really understand what this video is implying.  What I know about Noah mainly came from the Russell Crowe movie.  LOL  So I'm putting  this out there.  But also for the beautiful portraits.
I DO know my metaphysics, though, and would rather be a Bible Scholar once I can turn Water into Wine.  LOL  And with this video it asks you to rethink Jesus.  It never made sense to me that the man came from the Middle East yet looked like an English King.

Neutrinos- This Blew My Mind!

Life is a Fairytale | Bashar

This is happening more and more in my life.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tom Kenyon and the Hathors

"The Hathors say that they are a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings who were connected ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess Hathor, as well as several other pre-history cultures.In the late 1980’s, I was “contacted” by them during meditation, and they began to instruct me in the vibratory nature of the cosmos, the use of sacred geometry as a means to stimulate brain performance, and in the use of sound to activate psycho-spiritual experiences. While I was intrigued with the information, I was, at the time, uncomfortable with their self-described origins. I was, after all a practicing psychotherapist and involved in brain research at the time. In short, I was a rationalist. And these beings—whoever they were and wherever they came from—did not fit into my views of reality at the time.
In the nearly twenty years since first-contact, I have tried and tested their “inner technologies” many times, and have always found both their methods and their perspectives illuminating.
While the Hathors do offer information in the form of language, their primary mode of communication is through catalytic sound patterns. These sounds are “channeled” through my voice during “sound meditations,” which I often offer during workshops and retreats. I personally find it interesting that my vocal range has expanded (along with my mind, I might add) in the years that I have been working with them. When I started, I had a range of nearly three octaves; now it is just shy of four. This extended vocal range only occurs when I am actually channeling sound from other dimensions."
Listen to the Healing Music on his site.  Amazing!

Jumping Timelines, Time Loops and Altering the Outcome

Dolores Cannon's theories inspired the theme of this blog.  She had started out doing hypnosis 45 years ago when she noticed her clients slipping into past lives.  Over the years she collected these stories and realized they were all giving the same message.  One of her earliest projects came about when she had a woman who had been a student of Nostradamus and then that led to "connecting" to the man himself with him giving her interpretations of his Quantrains,   poems which were done in code to avoid the Inquisition  where he writes about  future events including WW3.

In his "conversations" with Dolores he warns that there are many "outcomes" and they are influenced by the expectations of the people.  This is why prophecy often does not come true as it had been reconfigured.

From what I've read and my own Internal Navigation we are at the Fork in the Road and are jumping Timelines/Parallel Realities.  We have sidestepped Armageddon  and how things turn out after this point has a lot to do with our creating Reality.

After 45 years of doing past life regression and then future lives Dolores worked on her book "The Convoluted Universe" where she theorizes that we are in the middle of a New Earth gradually separating.  This is an interview on her book.  She has a lot of information out there and I highly recommend doing some research.

Friday, October 2, 2015

What Happens After We Die, And How We Create Reality! (Dannion Brinkley Speaks)

The movie based on Dannion Brinkley's experience.  He is played by Julia Robert's brother.

How to Rewire & Evolve Your Brain

Ascension Flu

After feeling like I had the flu for the last couple of days and then finding that several of my friends had the same thing going on it occurred to me to check out this site.  I rarely get sick and I couldn't quite put my finger on what was going on.  So I suggest that this might be what is going on after sitting out in the hills watching the eclipse for a couple hours last week.  I've noticed that after other celestial events or intense Inner Meditations I will also feel this way. ....tired, ache, headaches, loss of appetite, listless.  Then after a week I'll feel super energetic.  Can't wait.  This is getting boring.  LOL

What Is Ascension?    The Ascension process and the Signs and Symptoms associated with it are occurring on a personal and planetary level. Ascension involves the acceleration of vibrational energy and the expansion of awareness which creates a shift in consciousness. When a particular life system raises its vibrationary state from one energetic state of being/realm of existence, to another higher one, it is ascending. Put simply, it is like tuning into a particular radio station frequency--you can't hear a particular radio station unless you're tuned in to it's particular frequency.

THE AWAKENING – Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain & Consciousness

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Forbidden History

If you suspect there is more to our History than you have been told, some interesting sources to research are Douglas Dietrich,  Klaus Dona and Michael Cremo.