Thursday, October 15, 2015

What Sparked a 15 Year Time Loop

This is totally speculation on my part.  When I saw this video something clicked.   Tabaash is the spirit of an ancient Sumerian through this man from New Zealand, Blair Strya.   Toward the end of the video Tabaash gives a Healing Prayer and at the end he heals a young woman in the audience and says "You are all One.  She is healed.  You ALL are Healed!"   I suggest you say the Prayer with the Audience.  There is something going on.  My theory at the moment is that as I said the prayer in October 2015 it is somehow connecting to my 2009 Self.   What is interesting that when he talks about  fear and how 911 has added to the fear it took me awhile to realize he was speaking about something that hadn't happened for two years.  I Googled some more.  This was a talk given in a 2009 conference.

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