Sunday, February 10, 2013

Activating the Pineal

February 1 I posted:
Theta Brain Boost with Third Eye Activator
I listened to the hour long video, drifting to sleep and waking up hours later.  A day later I started to have a numb throb at the center of my brain and base of my skull, with some distortion of my sight and hearing.  My dream activity has increased and become more complex.  Today, ten days later, the sensations seem to be settling down. 

Also this week I used the imagery of the Jaguar car as a symbol of Power, Speed, Sleekness and Elegance.  I imagined myself driving the car as I watched the videos.  My energy exploded and over whelmed my system.  I'm taking the day off to allow all this to integrate and am curious to see how it will play out next week.
The last time I used a car as a symbol of visualization I ended up with a red Camero with black glass T-Tops within a month.

PS.Also, when I close my eyes the colors are more vivid.  When I "asked" where I'm at in the scheme of things I instantly found myself floating above the Earth.  It was beautiful.
My dream yesterday was that the Pope and a little girl would exchange places.  Today the news is that the Pope is retiring at the end of the month.  ???

The Pineal Gland and The Eye of Horus
The connection to the Pineal and the "Holy of Holies".  Interesting that the thymus gland resembles the "double hat" symbol.
How the Pineal Projects Inner Visions
Pineal Gland, DMT, and Vatican Secrets
The Third Eye and the Pineal Gland
The Pineal Gland is The Gateway
The Truth About Your Pineal Gland
Alex Grey's First DMT Experience
Tool - "Lateralus" (Full Album)

Consider This

There are some who believe that the Story of Christianity is the Re-Told Story of the Egyptian Mystery Schools.
 Additional information as to why this may be true.

Jaguar Shaman

This is an image from a dream I had and later found this photo.

Jesus in India

A BBC documentary on the possibility of the Lost Years of Jesus being spent in India.

The Energy of Sacred Sites

David Wilcocks
Freddy Silva

Saturday, February 9, 2013



noun \ˌsiŋ-krə-ˈni-sə-tē,
the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung

I am fascinated by synchronicity having had several unusual events.  Who is responsible for these odd connections?  Is there more meaning than just an unlikely meeting?
This evening I went out to dinner with a new friend so there was a lot of getting to know eachother chit chat.  When she was married her husband was in the music biz and she got to meet quite a few rock stars.  She is the fourth friend who has met "PC".  Now that would be interesting in itself, but this guy is in my dreams quite a lot to where I know things before they are public.  When I go into a grocery store his music is usually the first thing that greets me.  More than a couple psychics have told me out of the blue that he is my Dream Co-Worker.  Occasionally the connection is so strong that I can feel his skin when he touches my hand in the dream.
My life will certainly go on quite well if I never meet this man, but still, I would like to ask him if he gets the same thing on his side of the fence.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Beyond "The Secret" into Abundance - Bashar

The concept of "Bashar", a channel of Darryl Anka, is not what interests me as much as the information that he shares on how to navigate "reality".  This series of three videos seem to have the basics of his message.  The first video is on Riding the Wave of the Energy from the Critical Mass reached on 2012.  The second video talks about parallel selves and how "it's your State of Being that matters, not the situation".  The third ends with a meditation allowing shifting dimensions.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Psychology of Change - Rob Williams

Rob Williams adds to the previous lecture by Dr. Lipton on our ability to change our perception of the world which influences the health of our body and our lives.  He talks about needing to talk to the subconscious mind in a "language" that it can understand.  One technique is muscle testing where he got amazing results that shows how the Mind is thinking and how to easily change thoughts that then changes body and life.  His results were amazing.

Biology of Perception - Bruce Lipton

Scientist Bruce Lipton explains the cutting edge information on how our cells and biology are influenced by Stress or Love and how we choose how we perceive the input.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ancient Knowledge of the Vedas

Forbidden Archeology

An interview with Michael Cremo on how ancient knowledge is  kept in a box by conventional science and society, ancient Sanskrit and Cosmic Hierarchy.  He questions the origin of man and how Darwin evolved his theories. Then he has stories that suggest that mankind has been around much longer like the coin found at rockbed at 200,000+ years old. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wearing Meteorite

Talking with a friend today, I mentioned how I can only wear my meteorite necklace for a couple of weeks.  I have strange spacey dreams and my thinking becomes unusual.  You can google to find outlets for this jewelry.  Here is a link to a blog that gives more information.
Mine is similar to this.  I'm literally wearing a Falling Star.

Evolve Your Brain

A lecture by  Joe Dispenza, D.C.,who studied biochemistry at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Dispenza's postgraduate training and continuing education have been in neurology, neurophysiology, and brain function. Dr. Dispenza has authored several scientific articles on the close relationship between brain chemistry, neurophysiology, and biology, and their roles in physical health. Dr. Dispenza has a chiropractic practice in Rainier, Washington.

Every time we think a thought or feel an emotion, the brain sends chemicals throughout the body that reproduce that feeling, often giving us a physical reaction. Through prolonged repetition, self-limiting thoughts and feelings can become habitual—producing mindsets such as unworthiness and attracting negative experiences—yet we can still crave them, even when they don't feel good.

But all this can change—and Joe Dispenza will show you how to do it. Step by step, he'll walk you through the structures of the brain, how your thoughts and emotions become hardwired in the brain, how to recognize the patterns you want to change, and finally, how to create new, positive

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Singing Bowls for Balancing Chakras

Crystal Chakra Bowl Performance
First Chakra
Second Chakra
Third Chakra
Fourth Chakra
Fifth Chakra
Sixth Chakra
Seventh Chakra

Canto Dell Om - 432 Hz

"The Holy Gift" - Tool

C# The Resonant Tone of Earth

High Musical Vibration - Bashar

Hangdrum with Celtic Harp

Music Healing - Bashar

Beethoven Symphony 7, Movement 2

Mushic and Phi Ratios - Bashar

(ī-dō'lən) pronunciation
n., pl., -lons, or -la (-lə).
    A phantom; an apparition.
    An image of an ideal. 
    Reality is Your Consciousness

Friday, February 1, 2013

8 Hours of Rain

February 2 Candlemas

February 2 is one of the great cross-quarter days which make up the wheel of the year. It falls midway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox and in many traditions is considered the beginning of spring.
Awakening the Ground In Western Europe, this was the time for preparing the fields for the first planting. Even in Seattle, you can begin turning over and enriching the soil in anticipation of the first sowing in March. Pamela Berger has written a book, The Goodess Obscured: Transformation of the Grain Protectress from Goddess to Saint, about the rituals celebrated at this time of year, when the ground is first awakened and the seed placed in the belly of the earth. This is a significant moment in a community which depends on the earth for sustenance. The fields were purified and offerings were made to the goddess.

The main element of your decorating scheme for Candlemas is fairly obvious: candles. You can gather all the candles in your home in one room and light them from one central candle.

If you have a fireplace, clean out your hearth and then light a new fire. Sit around the fire and reflect on your hopes for the coming year. What do you hope to accomplish? What are you passionate about? What seeds do you wish to plant? Discuss these ideas with others or write them down in a journal but make them concrete in some way so that on Lammas (August 2nd, the festival of the first harvest), you can look back to see what progress you’ve made.

Since Candlemas is often considered the beginning of spring, you can perform another ritual act of purification: spring cleaning. This would be a good time to do a thorough house cleaning, sweeping the floors with salt water, banishing the gloom of winter and creating a sparkling, shiny new setting for spring.

Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra by Deva Premal
One of the oldest known prayers, a prayer to the sun.

Theta Brain Waves

Theta Brain Boost with Third Eye Activator

"The Awakening" - Max Igan Full Movie

 Be aware of oneself and take responsibility. 

Sibylline Oracles

As the translator notes, this collection should more properly titled 'the Pseudo-Sibylline Oracles'. The original Sibylline Books were closely-guarded oracular scrolls written by prophetic priestesses (the Sibylls) in the Etruscan and early Roman Era as far back as the 6th Century B.C.E. These books were destroyed, partially in a fire in 83 B.C.E., and finally burned by order of the Roman General Flavius Stilicho (365-408 C.E.).
As prophecy, the Pseudo-Sibyllines never rise to the level of Nostradamus. However they are a gold mine for students of Classical mythology and early first millenium Jewish, Gnostic and Christian beliefs. Notable are apocalyptic passages scattered throughout which at times seem like a first draft of the Biblical Book of Revelation. The Pseudo-Sibyllines were referenced by the early Church fathers and in one instance have a Christian code-phrase in successive first letters on each line (an 'acrostic'). These books, in spite of their Pagan content, have been described as part of the Apocrypha, although they do not appear on any of the canonical lists.
Continue for the texts...

Fluoride and How to Remove It

How Fluoride Calcifies the Pineal and Other Health Problems
 Removing Fluoride from Your Water

Calcifcation of the Pineal

(NaturalNews) There has been some controversy over the activity of adding synthetic fluoride to municipal water supplies and elsewhere, but not enough. The seriousness of this issue is more than what most realize. Fluoridation ranks with GMO's and tainted, forced vaccinations among the great crimes against humanity.
There are two types of fluoride. Calcium Fluoride, which appears naturally in underground water supplies, is relatively benign. However, too much consumed daily can lead to bone or dental problems. Calcium is used to counter fluoride poisoning when it occurs. This redeeming factor indicates that the calcium in naturally formed calcium fluoride neutralizes much of fluoride's toxic effects.

On the other hand, the type of fluorides added to water supplies and other beverages and foods are waste products of the nuclear, aluminum, and now mostly the phosphate (fertilizer) industries. The EPA has classified these as toxins: fluorosilicate acid, sodium silicofluoride, and sodium fluoride.
 independent labs and reputable researchers have linked the following health issues with daily long term intake of sodium fluoride:

*Genetic DNA Damage
*Thyroid Disruption - affecting the complete endocrine system and leading to obesity
*Neurological - diminished IQ and inability to focus, lethargy and weariness.
*Alzheimer's Disease
*Melatonin Disruption, lowers immunity to cancer, accelerates aging, sleep disorders.
*Pineal Gland, calcification, which clogs this gland located in the middle of the brain.

Learn more:

The History of Fluoride Use
1942 Germany becomes worlds largest producer of aluminum (and Sodium Fluoride). Fluoride is used in the concentration camps to render the prisoners docile and inhibit the questioning of authority.

DMT and the Pineal Gland

The DMT Archive

The Source Field Investigation

An interesting 2 hour video by David Wilcocks where he pulls together the activation of the pineal and how it affects the field around the aware person.  His slideshow shows the connections of the ancient world.
He talks about the Benben Stone which is also the capstone of the Pyramid and as a pinecone image used in the Vatican which is an image of the pineal gland or third "eye".
Mathew 6:22  "The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light.
Also some fascinating information on how light affects DNA,  who were the ancient "gods", elongated skulls of ancient Royal Egyptian Bloodlines,  the precession of equinoxes and how all the planets of the Solar System are also experiencing "climate change".
David Wilcock Website