Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Winter Solstice
There was a Lunar Eclipse during the Solstice which hadn't occured for 400 years. The sky has been overcast so the Moon Light was diffused with the clouds. I didn't see anything but I felt it. In my dreams I was part of someone's celebration. I've been working with the concept of the Four Directions for awhile now. It made no sense to me at first but I figured I'd play with it since it is part of the Alchemical literature. I call the Energies of the East, South, West and North almost every morning. In my dream last night I met the personifications of each direction.
I realize now that I embodied those feelings in some of the necklaces. The East is made of raw and polished amber with skulls. Ancient earth energies and rebirth. The South is red coral with jet. Fire, protection, ambition. West is made of unpolished turquoise and gold spirals, the necklace of the Matriarch and fulfillment of family destiny. The North is of blue beads that had hung on my porch and Evil Eye marbles. The awakening of a dark and deep intuition. Talking to Spirits.I will make copies that are similar but these Four will stay with me.

The Elementals are starting to come to me in my dreams.
Last night I was allowed to go behind the Door where they are working on a project that will last till mid September 2011. It has occurred to me that this weather may be related to their Manifesting. If that is so, then this summer should be just fabulous!

Thanks to Mark Ryden for his painting.


I don't know exactly what brought on the seizures. Could have been from soaking in the hot tub drinking Gin and Tonics while talking to the birds. Or being surrounded by power rocks and crystals. I'm thinking that going to Ms. K for acupuncture on my face while hooked up to electricity might have fried a few neurons. What ever.
But it triggered a bout of not "Being Here". Not in this body, not on this planet. I was made aware that this shell I call Beth is not who I am. I wasn't even of the same species as my mother sleeping in her bed. The Cat knew though and jumped on my lap, kneading my chest like kittens do, until it passed. She's stayed close to me since.
The small piece of Logic that remained knew I had to get grounded or I wouldn't come back. What use would I be then? So I hugged the Tree in the Grove in the back. It's where Mom feeds the birds all year and has the feel of a sanctuary. It's where I send all the excess energy while I drift off in the hot tub. I've been doing that for years. The land has become a vortex of sorts with the bird bath as the center. It's where I set out my rocks and crystals in the Full Moon Light.
The seizures left me a bit "fluffy" for awhile and everyone shuffled me about during Thanksgiving, setting me in the corner till the parties were over. I didn't tell them what had happened. They wouldn't have understood. We all blamed my vacancy on the acupuncture. I couldn't focus on anything so Angela will EBay my necklaces after Christmas when she gets back from California.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Little Girl

One of the more interesting aspects of all this for me is my mother in contact with the Little Girl. On a deeper level I feel she is a part of me that fractured off after the sacrifice with the Mayan. For my mother to believe in her reality confirms to me of her existence. She says she looks like Dora the Explorer

The first couple of times she came to her with boxes. The first had a blue jar in it and the next had a handmade doll. Maya felt that she was showing her things from past lives they shared.
Then there was the mama cat with two kittens...a basket with three compartments with a chick in one...and the last time she saw her the Little Girl came to her with a white gardenia behind one ear and a butterfly floating around the other. She took her to large ornate door and then through the jungle to ruins where she played on the steps. She hasn't come back since I've been here.

I "got" that the girl's name was SaBa. Maya said that it represents two past lives. Sa is Sumerian and Ba is Egyptian. So many memories are flooding in. I feel the three are now part of me and are just starting to blend.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Box of Rocks

Like everyone else in my family, I pick up rocks. Some carry stories. I put my stories in the rocks I used to make these necklaces. They are made of turquoise, jet, amber, hematite, carnelian and other stones that have healing properties... then charged in the Full Moon Light.
I'll be EBaying them in a couple of weeks and will post the link.

Gemstone meanings