Sunday, October 4, 2015

Jumping Timelines, Time Loops and Altering the Outcome

Dolores Cannon's theories inspired the theme of this blog.  She had started out doing hypnosis 45 years ago when she noticed her clients slipping into past lives.  Over the years she collected these stories and realized they were all giving the same message.  One of her earliest projects came about when she had a woman who had been a student of Nostradamus and then that led to "connecting" to the man himself with him giving her interpretations of his Quantrains,   poems which were done in code to avoid the Inquisition  where he writes about  future events including WW3.

In his "conversations" with Dolores he warns that there are many "outcomes" and they are influenced by the expectations of the people.  This is why prophecy often does not come true as it had been reconfigured.

From what I've read and my own Internal Navigation we are at the Fork in the Road and are jumping Timelines/Parallel Realities.  We have sidestepped Armageddon  and how things turn out after this point has a lot to do with our creating Reality.

After 45 years of doing past life regression and then future lives Dolores worked on her book "The Convoluted Universe" where she theorizes that we are in the middle of a New Earth gradually separating.  This is an interview on her book.  She has a lot of information out there and I highly recommend doing some research.

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