Friday, August 25, 2017

Two Months of Living in on the Aztec Ruins

Let Me  start out with how my Day has gone.  Cat and I wake up at Dawn because I sleep with the door open.   I can't hear the owls at 4 am otherwise.  However, there is a stray cat that slides in while I'm asleep to dine with my cat.  I'd rather hear the owls than starve a cat so I leave food under the RV.  Now I think I have racoons.  So I never know what sort of mood I'll wake up in depending on the night before.  Last month I heard a stag bellow.  Then a pair of them strutted by us sitting outside about 30 feet away.  There is a large community of critters hear and there is this sense of sanctuary.  The yard is always full of deer and the doe and new fawn eat the lawn with them.  One night was a pack of coyotes in the trees which just about gave Cat a heart attack.

Only time for one cup of coffee this morning because I had to set up for cake.   Today was the Naturalization Celebration in the Kiva for about 20 people  and the Park was celebrating  it's 101th Birthday.   So breakfast...... and the only thing I've had, was a beautiful red, white and blue super sweet cake and a glass of root beer.  I'm only just now stopping and it's almost 6pm.  Ran into Cheryl who gave me a ride to the City Park where you can pick up Wifi.   The grass is glowing because the sun is hitting it just right.  Kids are laughing in swings.  Kids are running through the Water Sculpture.  One of those perfect breezes where it's just slightly cooler than your skin.

Going  to hook back  up with Cheryl later at the RV in the park.  After 5:30 I am the only person in the park.  That's when you'll see the covey of quail.  They twitter as they scurry from bush to bush.  After awhile you start to pick up on the different conversations the animals are having with each other  Cheryl wanted to bring her boyfriend Dave's  Mom out for the sunset.  We're having root beer floats.  I'm hoping she'll share some of her stories when her and her Honky Tonk  husband were pals of Elvis.  They all ran in the same circles.  Dave's Dad went on to promote acts and Dave  and his twin brother were the back up.  One of Dave's jobs was to drive these guys around.
His twin brother spent their 16th birthday celebrating with Willie Nelson.   Dave is the Hawaiian Shirt Guy.   As these Dreams end I go over the bridge with the Hawk.  Turns out that is who got me the place at the Ruins.  We worked together at the HighWay Grill back in the day.  We watched 911 in the Bar.  Hawk went from waitress to archaeologist.  I was her boss then, now I help her with projects.
     After meeting up with the Hawk in the Dream we are led to  the Guy in the Hawaiian Shirt.  The day after I settled in at the Ruins Dave showed up wearing  the Hawaiian Shirt from the Dream.  Which makes sense because .....

The afternoon was spent up on the high Ridge over looking the Ruins   It was the original  village.  It takes an archaeologist to explain what you are looking at and when and why.   And this was a once only tour with a handful of people and a handful of archaeologist.   I ask as many questions as  I can think.  Why waste this opportunity.   One of the top Rangers who has a Nasa type of degree and we got to see Saturn during the Meteor Shower.  For the Eclipse we took a Solar Telescope to the grade school that my son went to 20 years ago and showed it to 200 grade school kids.   Then I help Ranger Dave with the Sun Watch on Thursday afternoons outside the Kiva.  I keep track of the sun.  You don't realize how fast the Earth rotates out of view.   Dave explains how the Kiva lines up with the Solstices and what they speculate what the Kiva was used for.   No one knows.  The people abruptly disappeared about 1325 AD.  There are many theories.

James Twyman once played in the Kiva.  I wonder what his theory is.
I have mine.   Every single Trigger for this 20 year old set of Dreams has played out.  The last part of the puzzle....the whole the Event.  The Hawaiian Shirt Guy is the Bouncer to the StarWars Cantina Party.  The InterDimensional Off Planet Party.   I'm having Dreams that Pleiadians are  hanging out on my lawn chair.

It ALL makes sense now.  Who orchestrated all of this?  On so many levels this makes sense.  Hmmmm.   Time is folding in on itself.  Timelines are splitting.

One  of the consequences  of my living situation is becoming more in line with the seasons, the stars and the weather.   Add the animal sounds all night with the sacred geometry going on with these ancient buildings.  You can hear the River at night.    Yah.   I'm ready to Rock It!   :)

Well gotta go.   People are gathering.  I have some great photos.  More stories.  Theories.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Problem and the Solution

Living at the Aztec Ruins

Crossing this bridge to go to the Ruins is like the Road to Oz

Buffalo Dancers

Inside the Kiva

My back yard while living at the Ruins

James Joe


My Cat

The rooms are strung together

To be cont......

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Stoned Ages

Four Corners Vacation Spots

And dining at La Boca/Taberna where Sandra the Bear is the Pastry Chef  on the left at 1:02.

The Energy of the Aztec Kiva is "connected" to the stage at Taberna.

Sounds from the Stone Age

This will be where I'll be living for the next two months.   Maybe we can experiment with Sound.

Crop Circle at Alton Barnes White Horse

If I could come up with a symbol for the focus of the last few years, this would be IT>

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


ThunderCloud Studio

Moving to the Aztec Ruins next week in my RV in exchange for volunteering at the National Park.

The Awakened Mind

From The Journey of the Sacred Heart Blog

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Music to Heal By

Anunnaki Create Adam

Rex Bear has an interesting collection of videos where he pulls together ancient texts.   I have't gone through his stuff to have an opinion but he does raise a lot of questions.

Summer Solstice June 20,2017

Farmer's Almanac

Pagan Celebrations

Chaco Canyon

For Your Consideration....or Why You Need to Operate on Optimum Level

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Meeting at the Water's Edge

Watch This...and Listen to This.
At the Same Time

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

Portugal. The Man "Modern Jesus"

Dolores Cannon on The Convoluted Universe

The people I hang out with feel that there is a fork in the road where realities are splitting off.  Everyone is having to deal with issues they have ignored till now.  Everyone is tense.  We feel that people are having to release their Shadow Issues before they can choose which path to follow as if any negative vibration acts as a barrier keeping them from polluting the next step.  I've been obsessed lately with online tarot readings.  Some are scarily accurate.  Often the reader will comment that they are seeing the Devil in many readings.  The Devil represents one's ego attachment to things that they have the power to release and for some reason they resist until things will no longer allow them to ignore it.

The Dark Side

I'm putting Richard Grannon's videos up for consideration.  I don't usually dwell on dark things.  I've never had a nightmare.  However, everyone I know is dealing with Their Shadow Self or Past Life Karma Drama.   This seems to be the time to resolve and release  unresolved "shit".  Look at Trump.  He's a Sacred Jester bringing up all the uncovered darkness in our government and society.
I've only watched one of Richard's videos here but his videos have helped me deal with narcissists.

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The 6 Tones Of Creation God's Healing Frequencies

Consciousness of Water and Dr. Emoto

Quantum Physics Proving the Law of Attraction

Amazing OnLine Tarot Readings

Spirit "directed" me to check out online tarot readings after the most bizarre month I've ever had.  They got me back on track and all were all amazing.  A bit freaky actually.   Each revealed something so personal that I have no doubt there was connection.   And if you read peoples comments they all felt they were getting a personal reading.  The beauty of Spirit.  If any of these readers would like me to remove their site I will.

Shango Rei

Moon Rise Cottage

Tyler's Tarot
I watched this reading on the last day of May and it pretty much described the month I had.

I felt like I was actually sitting across the table with her live.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

What Goes Around Comes Around

Some of these are stretching it, but others are remarkable.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Parallel Time Lines

She rambles for the first 40 minutes.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Rocking out of This World

Big Dog Classic Rock

The stars are aligned and I have all the  pieces to move off planet.
I was going to use the beach music but they are often off line.  So I'm spending the next few days Grooving to Classic Rock on our local station, Big Dog.
Jump on board.

"People Get Ready"

Monday, May 15, 2017

Dreams and Clues

My Encounter with Good and Evil

Living the Dream

Skelligg Michael Dream


Lucid Dreaming

Lucy in the Sky

Dream of 23


Rune Dream

Mr Politically Correct Dream Man

Lady in Beige

Dog or God

White Rabbit

Ascension Dream

Dream School

Owl Dream
The Owl Dream played out at Taberna
Dream of Tsunami and White Owl
Stalked by Bear

Pope Dream

White Lotus


Dreaming Life and TimeLoops
Jumping Time Loops

Rose by Any Other Name
A month after this dream I unexpectedly moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where I rented a room from Rose who I met accidently on Craigslist

The Last Six Months in SF

Happy Birthday Larry

Michael Skelligg and the Rose Line


Crack in the Cosmic Egg

Wave or Particle

Can You Walk this Walk

The Heart Energy Field

Why I Like SNL

Great Quotes

Taking the Elevator

They let go of the String to my Balloon.  To keep from floating away I zoned off on the Armani Runway Trance Dance from "Step 5"/May 5.   I think I watched it 5 times till I got it.   Then I watched "Arrival" and realized THEY got it too.

This is how IT is affecting me.  The cottage I just moved from was part of a Dream almost 20 years ago.  When I moved into the RV last month the entire strangeness of it TRIGGERED the Awareness of the ENDING of 5 Dreams.  The Energy of these 5 dreams pointed at my RV tickles.

In the Skelligg Michael Dream there is a stone globe floating in a ring of water.  My mother may pass this week.  Thee is a Black Stone Globe is floating in a Ring of Water in the lobby of her new hospital.  I had never seen it before the dream.  Seeing it triggered  the remembering of  endings of dreams.  They ALL are fitting together like a child's puzzle.  Sandra Bear the Baker says it tastes like a Chocolate Raspberry Tort.  The layers of reality are falling into themselves.

It points to an intelligence that is "decorating" our Time Loop.  When you catch them at it they look at you like a deer in the headlights and they whisp away, leaving bread crumbs like out of a Fairy Tale.  The Armani runway show is one.

When I am on sensory overload my brain shuts down and I disassociate.  One of my tricks to keep from floating away is to walk in circles.  It tricks my brain to stabilize because in a circle there is no end   This week  BROKE  me.  We had Thunder and Lightening that night and the little RV rattled from hail and wind.  I've never disassociated to this degree.  To keep from floating I watched models walk in circles for me on the Armani runway.

After  Trancing Out for 3 days I realized the Metaphor.  The Ending of one Dream was that at the End of the Path, after the Window of Opportunity closes there is a PARTY.    Like the StarWars Party.

After Trancing Out my Awareness  could see how the whole runway event could be used as a metaphor which directs the Brain's Attention.    The Models are going to The Party.  So this this sets the tone for the Gathering..  Each dress is art expressing  the soul of the person wearing it.  These dresses are not clothes that you hang in a closet but your Warrior Shield of who YOU
 are.  It doesn't have to be all matchy with the models, it's just that they set the TONE.    What would YOU wear?  If this Trance Music doesn't move you choose a different background.

That the walk has been slowed WAY down then is synced with this music causes a disconnect.  Beats are used by preachers, casinos and musicians alike to shift your frequency.   This music paired with the floaty walk forces the brain to try to make a logical connection, which creates a "Crack in the Cosmic Egg" (GREAT Book!! too).

The Models walk a circle which is an archetype for Wholeness.  Where you begin you begin again.  What was tricking my brain, however, was from one angle the women were walking in a circle/square then the Angle would shift to where it appeared as a Triangle.  The shift from Solid to Wave then back.  At the Triangle "window" your Brain "Floats Up"....Up the Elevator.

Then I was Aware that every time the music changed it was a metaphor for a different dimension.  Like the old show, "Quantum Leap"  each level was a different layer of a basic story line.  Each time the music changes the designs reflect a different Vibe.  A different Tone, but no matter the Tone ALL are walking the Circle and shifting with the Triangle's point of view.  Each section of music represents a different mindset, ..culture...personality...dimension..time/space.

When viewed as a Ritual the Armani Runway Show can be used as a tool.  The Space within the Circle/Square is what I'm playing with right now as I watch this over and over today.   I think that Space/Time is "caught" in a TimeLoop with the Skellig Michael dream.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017

Soft Landing

So much Krazy Energy! I'm just going to "send" IT to this Beach for awhile.  Great name!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Your Words have Power

What do You Want?

Start at One Hour Mark  for advice on how to create what you want.

Your Path

Let the Party Begin!!

I am on this crazy Path because of unlikely coincidences and a handful of Dreams over the last 20 years.  Maybe since 911 because I have come full circle.   The dreams are coming to pass.  I am still waiting for The Party.  It looked very much out of  the Star Wars Cantina.  I feel it coming.  The air has a Party Vibe.  Sort of a "Drink and be Merry for Tomorrow We Die!"    The World is certainly crazy too right now.  People I know are having dreams of babies and realities splitting off.  So I suggest you create your own version..

Step 5

Going through the four videos created movement.  Then I found this today.
Armani has a NoTime/Timeless edge to his designs.  Don't think of this as watching a fashion show  but imagining yourself in a culture where this was the style for everyone.  Imagine the woman coming at you has something to tell you.  Where are they going?  What sort of person would wear these clothes or date that woman?  Imagine yourself in the show.  Does it change your Swagger?  What sort of World do you want to live in?  Feel it and allow it to manifest.  Find a style that fits you better if this doesn't move you.

This is not meant to be an Armani commercial but you get the idea and other videos would work.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Well, THAT was Interesting!

.......Or "Postcards from the Void".

I worked with the music from the Midnight Special to point me in the direction of Home, and am listening to it now.  From this "moment" it serves as a trigger/connection to another Time/Space which adds depth and energy to THIS moment.  It reminds my Self that I am headed home.  I thought I was home, returning to the small New Mexico town that I have spent the most time in.  This 7,000 population mix of Native, Spanish, Cowboy, Californians and a bit more checks all the boxes for me.  Family. Location.  Along a river.  You can be in Durango, Colorado for breakfast then a day of climbing ruins at Mesa Verde.
Or go to Santa Fe for lunch and spend the afternoon in world class art galleries coming back late with a stunning view of stars since there is no ambient light.
Hot Tubbing at Pagosa is just a skip and a jump away. Magical to sit in a light snow.
The BEST thing for me living here is the Aztec Ruins radiating calming Vibes.  It's a 10 minute walk over the river bridge.   In the summer you can go down into the kiva and chill.  There is a button to play flute music that bounces off the round walls creating a vortex.  I can't imagine an night of drumming  there with firelight.
At this time I am waiting to hear if I get the spot to live on the grounds,  The Kiva would be right outside my door.  I can take my coffee over in the morning before the National Park opens up and watch the sunrise over the river.  A summer of that and who knows where I'll float off to!  LOL
The Deal is, through a series of odd coincidences I "am at the Top o' the List" to trade volunteering for the Park Service in exchange for free RV rent.  I'd been planning on volunteering this summer anyway
I had thought I would just stay where I was, a shabby chic cottage conveniently located and tucked in and private.  Every few days a small herd of deer would wander through my yard and the cats would go out and stalk them.  I lived in one of these cottages when I worked across the street at the HiWay Grill as kitchen manager when 911 struck.  I can remember walking past the tv in the bar  and coming to the same conclusion that I do now.  Last September I moved into the larger cottage on the end....the third time on this property.  Cheap and tiny while you are waiting to do something else and now recently remodeled.. so snug as a bug.
Once I was in the last cottage I realized it was part and END of several Dream Sequence over at least 20 years.  EVERYTHING fell into place.  It ALL makes sense now.
Which blessed and cursed my life.  I know NOW that I had been sending myself messages through Music Time Loops.  Telling myself to just hang in there.  I freaked my younger self out a lot!  LOL
I looked like a crazy person most of the time because I was factoring this Wild Card that was too vague to explain but I could FEEL it.  The Dreams drove me forward.  And the ALL came true....or are coming true.  :-)  People are lining up.  It's as if a great spiderweb has been woven and someone is about to pull the strings together.

So I was living in this cute cottage full of plants.  During that time EVERYONE who I ever had an issue with or need to reconnect with came into my life.  It was an emotionally draining few years.  I'm exhausted.  But I can't think of anyone I haven't "dealt with" and am at peace.  Things got creative.  I made a bunch of necklaces and did some odd geometric art.  Organized my studio.  Walked to the River in the morning and Safeway.  I expected to be there for awhile.
Then I had a Dream of Grandmother Spider waking up.  And I started getting spiders which normally do not bother me.  I'm not a girly-girl about critters, but these were Brown Recluse Spiders.  Which is about the only thing I'm afraid of.  LOL!  OMG!  I don't use bug spray.  I find that if you leave them alone or gently move them to the garden it's all good.  I even chided myself.  "Ye of so little Faith".  But I decided I'm not a superhero so they sprayed and the spiders kept coming.    Google Brown Recluse Spider bite and then decide if I over reacted!  LOL
I gave my notice and out of the blue a friend offered to sell me their 30 year old RV.
Ever since I found out about Gypsy Wagons at 5 I knew I wanted a house on wheels.  I don't mind that it is old because then I don't feel bad about "transforming" it.  :-).  Plus it won't take me long to pay it off.  I expect to spend my winter parked on some beach.
However, in the mean time, I'm waiting in the RV in my friend's lot along the highway, waiting the next couple weeks to hear if I move to the Ruins.  Too much traffic right outside so I'm cocooning.  Learning the ways of simplified living.  Now I AM a girly-girl about how I look so this experience is breaking down some "issues".  LOL  I decided to go with the flow and treat this as a spiritual retreat.  A cross between a shaman's cave and Captain Janeway in Star Trek.  I got a bit of attitude.
  Had dreams of OZ
I'm coming out of a week of oblivion with some pure DAB and music therapy.   Imagine releasing tension with the Thunder.
Followed by crickets.

Then some of the drumming and now the music from "Midnight Special".  Follow the melody to Home.
 It's all left me in the Void.  I'm neither here nor there.  All this MumboJumbo has left me considerably disassociated.  There is nothing familiar to grasp.  I've pissed off all my friends!  Open the door and I'm greeted by rush hour traffic.   It helped considerably to get wifi while I wait out the next couple of weeks.
I "float" in the Endless Void on this "raft".   It's actually an alchemy symbol for the sun which applies.  It's also the Dream Symbol that I've been following.   Which it seems has led me to the Aztec Ruins Kiva :AKA Oz.
But for now the symbol represents me sitting on a raft in an endless Ocean of Possibilities while all the visualizing and energy work draws in what works best.
The Outside Ring represents my Sovereignty.  ALL that I "place" inside this circle is protected by the Four ArchAngels I call in to guard the place.  The Inner Circle is my Evolving Self in a State of Observation.  At least that is the Goal.  I slide off and get back on.
It just feels that there is so much at stake and it's best to let Spirit bring forth the Best IT can.  My Ego has already suggested my preferences.  And I've found that by establishing a Ring of Protection it won't allow some people in even though I try to give them a PASS.  If their intent towards me is not in my best interest they CAN'T seem to stick to me like glue  LOL
There are also way too many coincidences floating around and it gives me the feeling that there is an Agenda that I've agreed to which for now I can't remember so I'm going to sit on my Symbol and wait for things to present themselves.