Saturday, February 26, 2011

How I Spent My Winter Vacation - Valentine's

Sunday Afternoon

I needed better photos for Etsy so Mr. Cool came and got me and we went up to the hills for these.

Coming Soon

I'll be putting my necklaces on Etsy next week....
And for the next few nights
we'll be doing some on-line powwow dancing...

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Wine into New Wineskins

"And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, he pours new wine into new wineskins."
Mark 2:22

I have really been in a quandary over whether to write about this part of the story, but I think it is important. It makes me sound crazy and that makes me nervous.

This path I've been traveling actually started when I was small. My first memories are of being full of terror of having to go to sleep. My mind would drift into the Void. I would lose my identity. It was a place of Black Eternity. Of course, I didn't realize what was going on at the time, nor could I verbalize it.
This led to having seizures. I don't remember that part and it isn't something my mother wants to talk about. My siblings had no idea to this day. I was taken to Chicago for an EEG. They said it wasn't epilepsy but had no idea what was going on and put me on phenobarb. It only made it worse.
When I was 5 I would go with my Grandmother who worked at Valparaiso University. I would wait for her in the Union watching American Bandstand with the college kids...high as a kite. They thought I was hip. LOL

Now this is my theory of what I think happened.
Because of these experiences I read everything I could to find an answer. I believe I had a classic case of Shaman awakening and at the time a Secondary Personality entered my body. I become beth/BETH. It was difficult. beth is very shy and BETH is bold. I confused people around me.

After my encounter with the Mayan and the Bell's Palsy I feel that beth left. I would "get" that I had died and would have many dreams of being with family who have passed. My mother has been having a lot of dreams where she sees me with my brother who died 8 years ago.
I feel less and less connected with the memories of beth. I have seen people lately who I have known for a few years who haven't recognized me or react to me very differently.

Now I feel that this God Energy is filling up this emptied vessel. What that energy is we will just wait and see.

Happy Birthday Larry

To set up this story I probably have to introduce my friend Larry.

I met him after my divorce in 1980. I was with some friends having after hours coffee and he came over. My first impression was that this guy was just too strange to spend time with. I have come to realize that was part of his "act". When he started telling me things about myself that no one knew, and in a way that no one else realized what was going on, he got my attention.

He "knows" I am writing about him now, though I haven't talked to him for years and he is a thousand miles away.

His "act" is to hang out at the neighborhood bars in Valparaiso (Veil-of-Paradise) Indiana and engage people in crazy conversation. Because they don't take him serious they drop their guard and he goes in and washes their soul. A Baptism of sorts. I know because he did it to me.
My world view crumbled.

We spent a lot of time together that summer. The encounters were intoxicating. I would wake up from a sound sleep hearing him call me. When we went out to clubs it was like hanging out with Obi Wan. We were never stopped, never paid a cover charge, crowds parted as we walked through. I was never allowed to know how to reach him except mentally. It started out that I would "ping" back the vibe he was sending me. Then I piggybacked a musical note to the pings. After a couple of weeks I could send him "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and after a couple of months I could send arias. After that when we would go out to listen to music I realized I was pinging the bands. I've had singers come off stage and kiss my hand.

Because Larry was young at the time he got caught up in his power and his control over me. He could find me anywhere. He always knew what I was doing. My mind was totally accessible to him...until I learned to blank it out which just infuriated him. What a fabulous lesson that was. There would have been no way that mental control could have been taught any other way.
It took my mind from being incandescent to laser...on or off.

My encounters with Larry opened me up to all that has happened since.
Happy Birthday my good friend!

Valpo (where I was born 3-8-52 before dawn)
Rush - Spirit of the Radio

Dog or God

Another Time Marker has been the appearance of the Dog/God in my dreams. It made me think of this little guy. The neighbor rescued him from the pound.

There is something Not Doglike about him. LOL
Clicking oh his picture enlarges it and you get a better idea of what I mean.

In the dream there was a dog walking backward that appeared after a series of events that have now taken place. At the time I didn't get it. By the end of the dream I was told it is time to make a quilt of the three layers I have been saving. When I said I wasn't ready I was told, "It is time."

I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around all this God Stuff. I've never called on God before. I don't personalize the concept but have always believed God to be ALL THAT IS. I take a more Taoist understanding. But now God is having a dialog with me. I feel sort of guilty because part of me is going "Ya, right" with a hint of skepticism. Is this a symbol my mind is using to convey a concept?

The Dream of meeting God after confronting Satan came to pass. (Good and Evil, 6-30-10)
I wondered how the symbols of the dream could ever be realized...but they were. In the dream I kept trying to open a can of pineapple and at the time I didn't think it was significant but I see now it was referring to the pineal. In the Dream God walks toward me and becomes invisible as IT approached.
In Real Life I opened myself up to allow that God Symbol to merge. All afternoon I could feel a path being laid down between my pineal and the base of my skull while my cheeks just vibrated along with a feeling of exhilaration, then had a terrible headache for two days. The Voice said it would take a couple of weeks to integrate this new energy and I will be fine by my birthday,
March 8.

My other encounters with God have been in my Safe House.
Now, I can imagine things... or I "ask" for images that seem to have a reality on another level. I "asked" for a safe place and instantly found myself in a castle room in the Alps with bullet proof glass windows. There is a fire place with two large cushioned chairs facing each other. Usually there is a wise old man in the other chair who I can ask questions and I get really good answers. I just accepted that he was a part of my mind that I could access. I've been going there since I met the Mayan.
Lately God has sat in the other chair. I told IT that I was overwhelmed by all of this and IT became a mouse and came over and bit my finger saying with a smile, "There. Now you will forget everything else that is bothering you."
God resumed IT's image and a large snake floated through the glass window, encircling the room. It rested it's head in front of the fireplace, biting it's tail to make a circle. I reached down to pet the snake and God said "Don't do that or you will contact Space/Time/Void and will be lost there." With that the Space within the snake circle was floating in outer space, the chairs bobbing around.
God said "The Space within the circle is Sacred Space of Creation. The Snake is the beginning and the end of time. Where it bites it's tail is the Octave as in music. Time/Space is vibrating to the next Octave."

Pineapple symbol
Spiritual Octaves
Snake biting it's tail
FYI:while I was aware of the symbol of the snake I hadn't done any research on it until after I posted. The link to Ouroboros was done hours later. However, it seems to resonate with my experience of it.
PS Some more snake imagery

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

White Rabbit

The White Rabbit figures in several of my Dreams. And when SaBa was visiting my mother one of the first things she showed her was of a rabbit waiting at the end of the Path where it turns a corner.

I've found that some symbols are time indicators. When they show up it indicates that other things in the dream will unfold. In Real Life someone just gave my mother a white rabbit. It's a house(broken) rabbit and bounces around Cat trying to get it to play. Rabbits are associated with the Moon Goddess.
This is also the Year of the Rabbit.

Rabbit Symbolism
Year of the Rabbit

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Rose by Any Other Name

In a Dream I was told my name now is Casa del la Rosa and the colors for this dream are pale blue trimmed in white and gold. I had forgotten about it until I saw the walls of Mubarak's office. Beth in Hebrew means house. A Rose has been overlaid on Tehrir Plaza in Cairo in meditations.

Googling Rose/Egypt brought up Horus:
FYI: "Insanity" has been a success.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Circle of Protection

I start every morning with a Prayer of Protection.
It now protects
all those who wish for Freedom.
I'm not particularly political as I see God's Law supersedes but the women in our family have always been informed.
My Grandmother started her day with the Christian Science Monitor. My Mother watches Fox News and I stay on top of things with The Daily Show.

Christians protecting Muslims praying in Egypt

Christian Science Monitor
The Daily Show


So much is going on that I have no words to describe I won't. This is what I'm becoming...
This is where I started...
To be continued...