Sunday, September 22, 2013

Your Life Tone and Mayan Star Glyph

It turns out I am "Earth". 
This is a site where you can put your Birth Date in and calculate your Tone and Star Glyph that gives you your purpose.
The Mayan Tzolkin Calendar Calculator
Some one recently gave me a set of "Day Keeper Out of Time" Stones.  They sort of like doing Runes.  Without studying the booklet that came with it I pulled out four stones and have each morning.  Crazy accurate.
If you are interested you can find them at this site...go down five selections.

According to the book the interpretations of the Glyphs are channel by beings who are Archetypal Beings beyond space and time.  I wonder if they are Archons?  Since I've been using them I've been having some very powerful dreams and energy pour through me.
When getting into anything like this I check with a pendulum first.  The idea is that Intuition "KNOWS" everything and is reflected in the kinetic flow of using a pendulum.
I "got" that it would be OK to use these, but I am aware that I am "communicating" with something pretty extreme and it will become a part of me if I continue.

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