Sunday, September 22, 2013

The August "End of the World" PS

I ran into Patricia who I had not seen for a bout six months and she is the one who gave me the Glyphs finding them not to resonate with her.  She's not for the "out there" kind of stuff and seems more comfortable "listening" to the plant Divas....which I actually think she does.
She recommended this video "The Singing Plants of Damanhur".  When she started playing the plant's music for her garden the plants joined in. 
Here is a documentary on "The Secret Life of Plants" that explains how/why this happens.
We also compared notes on how the energy has changed recently and both of us came up with the same feelings on it.  Something shifted.  We did a shared "reading" and got that this was the point where Karma has been absolved.
Both of us grew up in families and situations were past life karma seemed to dictate how our lives played out.  That dynamic now has ended.  At the same time, those situations in my life just dropped for no reason. 
I personally went from feeling anxiously "waiting" to contently "Be-ing". 
Life is Grand.

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