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The French Connection of Mary and the Grail

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. In the Essene scrolls, Jesus and Mary Magdalene are the couple that were wedded at Cana, where Jesus turned water into wine. In his book, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner provides convincing evidence that the Catholic Church later deleted all references to Jesus?marriage to the Magdalene.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene had one child together, a son. And just after the crucifixion, the Magdalene adopted a young girl, Sarah, whose parents had been killed. Sarah grew up to be the Nasarean scribe who wrote down the teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In regard to the son, the Essene scrolls even tell us when he was conceived. Do you remember the New Testament story about the last night in the garden at Gethsemane? That was the last night before Jesus?arrest and subsequent trial. We are told that none of the disciples were able to stay awake with him that night, all being too sleepy. But in the Essene version, there was one who did stay awake with him that night: His wife and co-Messiah, Mary Magdalene. And that is when they conceived their child. They did so in the full knowledge that Jesus was about to be arrested and put to death. They wanted to preserve his seed. And that child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is known today as The Holy Grail.

We have all heard of The Holy Grail. Most think of it as a goblet that held the blood of Christ shed upon the cross. This goblet was said to hold the bood of Christ and have mystical powers. But consider the following: would not a child of Jesus and the Magdalene be a vessel filled, quite literally, with the blood of Christ? The most ancient stories of the Grail call it by the name, Sangreal, which means Royal Blood. And all the early Grail legends refer to “the Grail Family? In an ancient text called the Perlesvaus, the Grail consists of a changing sequence of images, the first being a crowned king crucified, the second being a child. The Essene scrolls even give us the name of the child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene; his name was Gebiya. And guess what Gebiya means in Hebrew? Goblet!

After giving birth to her son, Gebiya, the Magdalene took him and Sarah to France. There is a lot of evidence to support the assertion that the Magdalene went to France with the Grail Child.
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