Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Bliss of the Balanced Brain

While the World of Man has contributed to humanity in many invaluable ways (such as science, technology, medicine, and religion), our two hemispheres are still out of balance. As we learn to access the right hemisphere's experience of mystical consciousness, a new balance and integration will become possible, and new human capabilities will evolve.
We are here to build a new world: Heaven on Earth.
In brief, the left hemisphere houses speech, thought, identity, and numerical functions—skills we associate with education and analytic thinking. In contrast, the right hemisphere processes non-linguistic, intuitive and perceptual-spatial functions that operate in the immediate here and now, giving us a rich picture or feeling sense of the whole experience.

The mystic seeks the ultimate freedom which is freedom from the physical body, the senses, the “chattering” mind, and the distractions of the world. The mystic does seek spiritual knowledge, but does not require rituals, dogma, or a prescribed framework of beliefs in order to experience divine insight or to have a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ. The mystic exercises discipline in meditation practice to control the breath, to balance and still the left brain-right brain, relax the body, and focus the attention on the life, light, and love of God and Christ within his/her spiritual heart. In this state, the mystic does not feel the stress of the body, the chattering of the mind, or the agitation of the emotions; and thus, he/she can slip out of the past, present, and future time and merge with the eternal where Christ consciousness can be perceived and experienced directly.

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