Monday, September 2, 2013

What the Hell was Going on in August?

I've come across this video several times and because I don't resonate to "End of the World" stuff I ignored it till last night.  I still don't know what to think but am just throwing this out there for consideration. 

However, August was a pretty intense.  For awhile now I got a strong sense that I was fluctuating between two Timelines.   Each time there was a Shift it would take me a couple days for my body to catch up and adjust and the stream of events and relationships kept taking sharp turns.  It was confusing.
Then in the Spring I noticed that these Shifts were becoming more frequent, by a month at a time, then weeks and then days.  I use a pendulum (a bead on a string) to get feedback on my subjective states.  Often I would pick up a coming Event a head of time so that gave me some confidence that what I was "getting" had some truth to it, while knowing  "truth" is subjective and ever changing.
But using this method was driving me crazy as the Outcomes would only last for a short time.

Now, I don't live my life according to a pendulum or any information or dogma I might receive.  I just live my life and try to stay aware of the events and the energy around me.

In August though, the Shifts were coming almost daily.  After awhile I didn't even bother and tried to stay the Unconcerned Observer.  Until last week.  Wednesday actually.  I was getting pains from my ankle to my head only on the right side and never in the same place through the day.  I couldn't breath and could barely walk a couple of blocks though I'm in great shape.  I became unreasonably angry for no reason.  In fact, most of the people at work, staff and customers (I work in an art store in Santa Fe, usually a pretty chill place) kept going off on each other.  One of the managers was fired for arguing with a customer. 

And the next day, it was like a rainbow came out after a storm.  My energy was higher and my mood mellow.  I noticed I could barely register any negativity even though it had been a couple of weeks of great disappointment in several relationships.  They no longer registered.

Now a few days later my body pains subsided and my creativity is coming back from a long dry spell.  My appetite is becoming normal after a few days of binge eating.

Sleep was all crazy, either 4 hours at a time or 10.  Dreams were really deep but I remember one where it was being explained to me that a major healing cycle was being modified and shortened  rather than thousands of years from now.  I also had dreams, one after another of relatives that had past.

So who knows what is really going on.  All I know is that I went through a very disorienting time with a lot of turmoil and now I feel almost like my memory has been erased.  Could this video have a clue?

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