Friday, December 6, 2013

Getting From There to Here

This is a Bashar video on the mechanics of instant travel whether across a room or across a star system based on the understanding that EVERYTHING is  ultimately Mind.
I've used this in my own life to change the direction my life was going.  Some day I expect to overcome the fear within and maybe teleport.
Where I lived in New Mexico has a similar divided highway as where I lived in Indiana.  My home in both places was a 15 minute drive to the Mall.  I believe that if a person could "forget" where they were they could start out in one state and "remember themselves" in another. 

In a smaller way when I realize that it is time for me to make a change I will visualize what that new and improved life would be like.  How I would feel and look and the kind of people I would hang out with.  And magically I would start to draw to me new opportunities that would lead me to the life I envisioned.

About 15 years ago I started to make collages notebooks of this process.  I would collect pages from magazines and every couple of months spread them all out and just spend an afternoon pasting.  I recently found one of my notebooks that had been boxed up for about ten years.  One of the favorite images I used a lot were the sculptures of Roxanne Swentzell of Santa Fe.
I now live in Santa Fe and one of my best friends runs the gallery that features her work.  This would be a small interesting story except it happens all the time. 
Tom Ross Gallery

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