Wednesday, December 11, 2013

And the Point Is?

I'm fortunate that at this time of my life I have no responsibilities so that I could indulge myself in the unraveling of many mysteries of my life.  Before I came down from Durango, Colorado I gave my kids my stuff only bringing a suitcase and my sewing machine.  I didn't want my life weighted down at all.  I'm working part time at an art store which still gives me a comfortable life since I'm only renting a room.  A very simple life, but it was all I could handle.

Now I'm coming out of this exile.  A recent dream was of being threatened by "aliens".  I never saw them but knew I had to escape.  I was in My House (My life) and tried hiding in the basement (subconscious) and knew I'd be trapped if I stayed there so I went to the rafters in the attic.  I never saw the "aliens" but they vomited into the windows and I escaped by driving away in a sports car.

So I'm at a threshold and am looking back.  What was the Point?

I learned that I couldn't just walk away from the "aliens" in my life.  I immediately found other versions.  A manager at work is another version of the Mayan.  Now I don't know if I drew him to me because I hadn't fully gotten a handle on that situation or he is part of the Mayan personality.  I don't think we reincarnate linearly but that one person can come back in several aspects.  With this guy, we have been dancing around each other in a final showdown of control.  I have to admit it brought all my insecurities to the surface.  I could not defeat him.  All I could do was rise above it all.  Go to the "rafters" of my soul. 

And the Point is?  I feel we recycle old dramas until they no longer push our buttons and we no longer attract that situation to us.  You can't run away from it until you no longer vibrate that drama.
And if you pass with this unresolved you will be reborn into the same thing. 
I'm no longer attached to this Manager's need to control and once I did that I physically felt much better and my life is working more smoothly.  I now create my life rather than react to circumstances.
New job opportunities are falling into my lap.  I'm giving myself till after Christmas to decide what I'll do.

My Intuition tells me that our planet is shifting it's vibration also and that our past life dramas are coming to an end, but that we have to Rise Above Them at this time to allow a transition.  All the unresolved situations are just bunching up in our lives.  Everyone I know is somewhat frantic as they deal with one crisis after another. 
I'm hoping that my life now is more efficient, that I live my life rather than it dictating the rules to me.

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