Thursday, July 4, 2013

Who Were the Egyptians?

Head of a Pharaoh, ca.2675-2130 BCE, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5 or 6. Stone and copper, h: 73.0 cm. The headgear and moustache identify the figure as an Egyptian pharaoh; the tall crown with the rounded top, known as the White Crown, signified rule over southern Egypt. Broken at the neck, the head originally belonged to a full, probably standing, statue of the kind placed in tombs to serve as eternal images of the deceased
 Pharaoh 2130 BCE
 King Menkaura, the goddess Hathor, and the deified Hare nome  Egyptian, 2490–2472 B.C. Seen at the Boston Museum of Fine Art.
Hathor 2400 BCE

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