Friday, July 26, 2013

Now We Know

Ms. L and I had tea and compared notes.  We "remembered" most of the same things. 
There was a life in Egypt as Priestesses and a murder done by jealous Priests who created a ThoughtForm to keep us enclosed.  Once we "saw" that ceremony we "laughed" at it and it faded away.
We both have the Jealous Priests with us in our Now Lives.  They were the same people in the beginning and have split souls so that she has her version and I have mine.  That they have made our lives difficult is an understatement, but now they have no power except what we give them.

There is no hate on our parts only sadness and disappointment in them.

Now We can get on with our lives.  There is rebuilding to do.  But almost immediately the Energy shifted and things that were a stubborn bother for us is starting to release.
Our health is returning.

I don't know if I'll be back here.  So much is changing and now I know why I am here.
If there is something you wish to talk about feel free to email me.

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