Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crazy Past Few Months

So we're into the second half of the year 2013, six months past when the Earth was supposed to End on December 2012.  The planet is still here, but it has been a strange ride.
There are a lot of theories about what the true meaning of it all is.  I've never been a DoomGloomer kind of person, but have tried to be a scientific observer, noting the cause and effect of an action and the cycles that flow in our lives.

I feel we have hit the Re-Boot on the computer of our psyche.  Things have shifted so dramatically in my own life that I ponder what is the deeper meaning of it all.  Because of these shifts in my life I tried to take Psychic Snapshots every once in awhile.  I observe how I feel about my relationships and myself to give myself something to compare later.
I am NOT the same person.  These Shifts have ratcheted up gradually through the years, but what is going on this last six months seems to be increasingly stressful.  And not stressful as in bad, but a strain on the system that pushes the boundaries.

About 3 months ago my waking reality and my dreaming felt the same.  I usually take a long walk as soon as I get out of bed and it would feel as if I was still asleep for several hours.

I noticed that what ever I focused on would manifest even quicker and people were picking up the "sense" of my thoughts if I lingered too long while focusing on them.

ALL my relationships changed.  This has happened all my life.  I move a lot and I push myself to change which freak those people who try hard to make things stay the same.  But lately it's as if I couldn't kep them in my life even with Super Glue.  While the people I've met this last six month will probably be with me the rest of my life.  And a few I've lost touch with over the years have crossed my path again in unusual ways.

The Body is a reflection of the Mind and mine has changed...again.  I'm becoming sort of "ageless".

This last week was a Big Shift. 
About ten days ago I woke up from a disturbing Dream about Death.  It was disturbing because it had a unique feel and  was on so many levels that it as overwhelming.  It was a personal dream, a metaphor, a Mass Consciousness and a Family "snapshot".  In it I agreed to "go over the cliff" which was more peaceful than where I was.  I could go back and forth and was in charge of the outcome.  I took some people with me and some happily stayed where they were.
(I'm getting chills as I write this with a strong sense of Deja Vu)

When I "asked" the meaning I "got" that at the very least it was a Personal Transformation Vision.  I could choose "death" on many levels, but it HAD to happen in some way.  And while it was a personal message it also was a planetary one.  Not in an apocalyptic way necessarily, but I got the sense that was also an option.  Things would END and the choice of how to experience it would be a personal one.  Whatever happens it would build up over several months but be "settled" by this time next year.
It was "whispered" to look up Dolores Cannon and her theory of Separating Planet.

Two days later I got really sick and my body felt alien with symptoms I've had before.  I call it the Ascension Flu. Like a mountain climber experiences body shocks from going too high, this feels like the body has shifted too dramatically too quickly and needs time to integrate.  I was in a Dis-Associative State and seemed outside myself.
This was the worse I have ever experienced and it took two days to recover.-
After that I experienced a Stress Symptom like I haven't had since getting a divorce 30 years ago.  My system went into shock on a deep level and it was reflecting in my body, which I thought odd because I was only mildly disturbed through all of this.

I'm at the end of the Stress Symptom now and feeling that I've almost finished integrating this Shift.  I have more energy than I did before.  My face is starting to look different and I feel like I'm "above it all", just floating above the daily drama, not affected by it nor caring.  Several times a day I get rushes of Bliss.
Having a hard time staying a sleep more than a few hours at a time.  People want to talk to me more.  My plants are growing like crazy.

The other thing I noticed was that among the people around me the more aware also have had Stress Symptoms and the less aware have Fights in their lives.  All are edgy.

We'll see where this goes.  I don't like giving "predictions".    It's all subjective.
But I do feel that something dramatic shifted over the last two months and I'll try to "observe" the changes.

When looking for an image for this piece I found this blog. 
 "What is Ascension Sickness?"


ratcheted , past tense of ratch·et 

  1. Operate by means of a ratchet.
  2. Cause something to rise (or fall) as a step in what is perceived as a steady and irreversible process.

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