Monday, July 15, 2013

The Egyptian Afterlife, Pineal, DMT, Alchemy and Lucid Dreaming

After watching this I have a very strong sense that I am here Now...
as I AM...because at one time I went through this process.  It's very familiar.
I've noticed that in some of the states I've gone through lately I am confronted by my own personal "demon", something that will take me to a state of doubt.  I wonder if it is similar to the different Guarded Doors in the Death Transformation?
At first I am deflated.  How could I possibly consider going on when confronted by this "flaw"?  Then I realize that the flaw is an illusion I have carried, and to continue I must Override that image.  I realize that if I do not have the will power to over ride the Illusion then I'm not fit enough to continue.  It must be a sort of safeguard.  To go on with out  control of the Mind would be disastrous.

There also seems to be a tie in with the  Ascension of the Christ Consciousness.  How much of the Bible is based on Egyptian Mysticism?

PS.  After sitting a bit I get a sense of part of me  going through this Egyptian Transformation Journey on one level while I am being "me" here.
What happens to "me" when the Journey in a past Egyptian Life is completed?

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