Monday, September 14, 2009

Zero Point Entry

I woke up this morning to a series of symbols being "drawn". It was like one of those news crawls at the bottom of the screen and part of a bigger picture but I can't remember of what because I was focusing on the symbols.
I asked what it meant.
"Your DNA is being re-configured".

Sitting in the morning sun with my coffee I "asked" again what this all means. It seems that it was no accident that I missed my train in LA and had to spend the night at a friend's beach house. The photo of the beach was my view as I woke up from the couch. These are the Cliff Notes of what the Voice relayed.

The view of the beach house is tied in with the Two of Swords. The Ocean represents the UnConscious. I have the choice of opening the door to go to the Beach. The Door is smoky glass and is somehow connected to the Black Glass Table which is then tied to the dream of the Black Glass Floor of Michael Skellig.
The view of the beach is part of the triangulation of the two black in Berg Park, Farmington, New Mexico and the other at the end of Z St near Portland.

Of course, in themselves they have no significance. As symbols to the unconscious they are powerful.

I act as a symbol when I "remember" sitting in front of the door watching the Ocean. I act as a "sacrifice" when I allow energy to pour through me and activate these images as symbols that allows entry to an alternate reality. My action imbues the images with power that anyone else can access.
You can take the photo of the Ocean and use it as a Door for yourself.
Use the image of the table. "There is no place like Home"

Understand, I am not coming from Ego. I did not choose this Path, it chose me. However, I realize that before birth I accepted this life.
Walking this Path has been difficult. I have lost the World and gained my Soul. But to the outside I am seen as a lunatic.
I had a choice. I could have chosen a safer life. I could be "successful" right now if that is what I preferred.

Here is a link to interpreting the Two of Swords that fits what I am using it to symbolize.

Shifting from one reality to another???

PS The Voice suggested that I include the picture the Granddaughter took of me sitting at the table. I prefer not to. I'm tired and anxious. The Voice wants to make a point about the change in DNA later on.
PS 9-18-09 A week later I can not believe the change in my face and energy.

Ps 10-10-11
After reliving a past life of being sacrificed to the Jaguar Shaman, my face totally fell apart and is just now putting it's self back together. I look totally different. Better. Stronger. Indifferent.

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