Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Why Positive Thinking Doesn't Work" @ Huffington Post

I skimmed through this and it must have made an impression cause it's still on my mind.

I get challenged for Positive Thinking. I am under a lot of people's radar because I don't have social standing or bank. I've been banished for being a pagan. Some of my niece's have been warned, "Focus or you'll be like your auntie". Usually I don't care. What about this article makes me care???

One reason I'm banned as a pagan is because I question religion. I research, make notes, compare. The more I learn the less I know. What do some people know that makes them so positive that they do?
I have more questions than answers. If Mithra is like Horus is like Jesus then what is Christ? How can we be sinners if God has made us in It's image? How can the Bible be the ONLY word of God if it starts out saying "Kill not" then goes on smiting people? What was Constantine's agenda? The Romans? The Church? And Paul? Who was the Black Madonna and did she make it to Avalon? What is so dangerous asking those questions?

The Flip Side is New Age. For $500 you can take a workshop that teaches you to be positive and ask for abundance... (so you can recoup your money). And why do bad things happen to good people?

All I can go on is my own experience.

The Kingdom of God is Within. I just had some little God Girlie argue with me that it wasn't in the Bible and then she prayed that I would forsake Idol Worship. I had thought this was a friendly pot luck?

I think because we are in God's image there is a Divine Spark within us. It's like our Web Connection. It's the reason the Church sponsored the Inquisition. If people could find God within there wouldn't be a need to pay the Church to intercede.
And the concept of Sin was used to keep people in line. See how successful it was? A third of the world is killing each other in the name of God. People struggle with their Sinful Self. So much wasted time.

We are Divine but also Human. We come to this Earth for lessons. We choose our parents and our life lesson and we birth ourselves into experiences that will program our Divine Hard Wiring.

For a long time I questioned my own birth. I came 18 months after my brother was given up for adoption. To say it was complicated is an understatement. I spent the first half of my life with severe self esteem issues and my life was one struggle after another. My life seemed to be on RePlay.
I was blessed that my Grandmother taught me Christian Science. What I got out of it was that I was perfect as Christ was perfect and that to mentally accept that drew perfection to you. Why was the conflict in my life keeping me from realizing that?

Then I read Huxley, Jung, Campbell, Lilly.
What I got was "Know Thy Self".
So I spent many years doing just that. I realized that I had to "reprogram" my wiring. I wasn't good or bad or a mistake or odd. I was just To Be...floating in God's Grace. Things were just things. If I needed something I could go get it, but it wasn't Me. As I got older I saw how my station in society changed, but still, who I am is not defined by that.
At one time I had a red sports car. It wasn't me, but it sure was fun. It wasn't good or evil, just fast. It didn't mean I had "too much" and when I went back to walking it didn't mean I had lost anything either.

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  1. I guess you know what I'll tell you: Don't let the fundies get to you :-).

    Not being a follower of the "positive thinking" school myself, I'm also convinced that making the best of circumstances will only improve your quality of life. Be it poverty, sickness, loneliness or whatever - if you find it in you to count your blessings instead of envying another's "luck", life can be good.

    But that doesn't necessarily mean you're "thinking positive". It can just as well mean that you know by experience that your healthy and wealthy neighbour is carrying his parcel just as you do, and probably finds a lot more to complain about :-D.

    Know thyself, exactly. And be the best "you" that you find it in you to be, or something...

    In any case - you are certainly an example to me in your acceptance of life's challenges. And I'd be proud of a niece who followed in your footsteps. Even if I would probably worry myself sick about her :-p.