Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Skellig Michael Dream

The Rabbit just showed up summer of 2010.
The globe by the Animas River (River of Lost Souls,NM) that I saw at least 5 years after the dream. I don't think it had even been built yet.

Sept 2011
I just thought to add this photo. A couple days after I had the dream a friend gave me an old Smithsonian to read and one of the articles was on Skellig Michael. This is an aerial view that I collaged.
Skellig Michael as a Portal

This makes no sense without the Dream.
I thought it was 18 months ago, but when I started thinking it was much longer. I don't do Time well.

I was living in New Mexico and my whole life dropped out from underneath me. My car, job and cat died. A friend near Chicago invited me to come and stay. Tommy had been my employee when I managed a cafe. He has less of a grasp of Reality than I do...tho maybe there was a feeling of total freedom. It's stressful having to act "normal". LOL

Tommy seems to act as a "booster". If you have a drink, being around Tommy made you drunk. He shared his diary with me about his dreams of Iona a place that he had never been or heard of, yet he knew it's "history" and that of the Stone.

I had the choice of the couch or his mini closet bed space. He had fixed his walk-in with a single bed that just barely fit between the walls. I didn't think I would like it because I'm claustrophobic but it was like going back into the womb. Totally dark, I got lost in Sleep. I never knew when I would wake up. It made my dreams Intense. They would continue where they left off and each dream took about three days to finish.

The Dream of Skellig Michael
Winter 2005.
I am in a square room with highly polished black stone floor. Suspended on the Right Wall is a woman in a Trance. Slowly she floats down and a Big Chair materializes beneath her. Then I am in that chair. To the left is the Planet Earth about the size of a beach ball hovering above a stone bowl. There is a patio beyond that. In the distance is a long lake with a mountain on either side as it opens to the Ocean. As the Sun on the Horizon cycles between the two, the sunlight sends a beam down the lake, hitting the Planet and then the Big Chair. In my right hand is a Staff and in my left I have a Gold Ball with a cross on the top. With great force I stab the staff into the stone floor and a Tree grows. The Ball falls to the center of the floor and starts spinning...creating a light show of a New Galaxy.
At the opening of the door people start to gather to see what all the fuss is about. The woman is exhausted. A White Ghost Horse rides up with the White Knight who lifts her up. He is translucent except for his hand. He takes her to a Healer in the woods of big trees. I'm me again sitting in a lounge chair in the sunshine when all of a sudden the world becomes massive, but it is me who is shrinking until I become a grain of sand. A Singularity which then becomes a White Rabbit going down a path to the Lake's edge. A Black Hawk is sent as a guardian.

In less than a week, my friend gave me a Smithsonian and there was a photograph of the place with the black floor...An island monastery off the UK. I knew nothing of this island before.

Dream of the Green Jade
I am met at the beginning of a Path by a very ill woman. Her eyes were dark and tired. She sees a Jade Bean around my neck and holds it. "This is Beautiful. I am healed"
I follow the path that is so ancient a rut has been worn into the ground so that your head is below the horizon. After awhile it turns to the left and there is a Window that is shrinking. (Window of Opportunity??) Streaming thru the opening are animals and mythological characters. I'm curious but hesitant when a cinnamon bear appears. I hold on to his fur. I can feel it in my hands. And he pulls me along with the crowd.
Along the way, little groups of like minded beings have established little circular camps rather than continue. The Path is weaving into a woods. I look back and I am out in space and the Earth is a luminous ball. I can still see the window which is dark and growing smaller.
I look forward and the Bear says "Don't think. Just feel"
We get to a stream. It takes all my effort to cross because the air is very dense and it's as if I'm pushing against a Force Field. Once I get across I become afraid and want to go back. The Bear, scolding, "Don't go back. You can not return. To try to cross the river now will only get you stuck between realities"
I want to reward the Bear for taking care of me and I try to put a crystal around his neck. "NO! If I wear the crystal I become it's vibration and I will be stuck here and not be able to return"
I turn to continue on the Path which now leads into a Dark Forest. The Bear tells me it isn't time and that we have to sit along the bank of the River "to see and be seen"
Next to us is a box of Christening Booties. It is a tardis, small on the outside, but huge within. It's now time to leave and I follow the Bear.
He disappears and I'm confronted by huge eyes that fill up the sky. Old ancient eyes that look at me with disinterest. I try to radiate how smart I am, but they are not interest. About 5 different sets of eyes check me out. Until the path starts swirling.
The I found myself at the door of a cantina. Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars. All the unusual characters going down the Path with us have gathered to Wait.....
In RealLife I decide it must be important to find a Jade Bead. And a couple of days later I am coming down the stairs at my daughters and the Sick Lady is standing at the bottom of the stair. She has come from New Hampshire and a friend asked my daughter to help her out. I gave her the bead. She understood...She plays the Harp at Hospice...but was a bit taken aback.
Later my daughter picks up a movie, "The legend of Bagger Vance". I'd avoided it as golf doesn't interest me, and she thought it was a chick flick. It was neither. Bagger Vance (Will Smith) teaches Matt D. to be a better golfer "Don't Think. Just Feel"
The next day I go visiting and run into an old friend, Larry. I try to give him a crystal and he says "I can't take it. The vibration would keep me here"
A bit later I am at a friend's wedding boutique there was the box of Christening Booties.

I have come to the End of both dreams. Almost.

Dream of this morning
I move into a fish tank and the Water is the Universe.

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