Friday, September 11, 2009

Climbing Jacob's Ladder

Something has shifted. Things are different. You'd expect it to be more peaceful. At the core it is. But like a stone dropped in the pool, things are rippling out.
More flowers. Unexpected Moonflowers in the garden and little white Shamrock bells inside.

First, let me say, this is how I am interpretting things. It's subjective. And general. Looking for patterns and expected outcomes.

Energy has been rocking. I got nervous for a bit. Dissolving. My hands were on fire and I stuck them into the pool to dissipate the energy.
Exhausted. Blank. Drifting. Into the Void.

Things are now starting to bubble up. I keep running the verse through my head..."let those with eyes see". New sight. New perception. New opinion on what is "truth". Now somethings no longer "fit". What could pass before is now stopped at the gate.
Excuses are now seen for what they are. The coat is too small and is ripping at the seams. Lies are exposed.

Emotional distress rises to the surface as body pain. A new look in the eyes.

Layers of realities overlap. Matter fluctuates in and out. Door to the Ocean. Dare I open it?

A pebble here is a Mountain there. Hold the pebble in your hand and melt the snow off the mountain.

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