Saturday, September 19, 2009

All She Wants to do is Dance

The Ex is in town and I've gone into exile up at the Hill House. The kids are feeling guilty, but this is actually a treat. The view is great. I can see the airport where Emily and I used to go dancing to this song at the Skyliner Lounge. Emily's hair was at least a foot longer than the gal in the video. I was the quiet sidekick.
At one time she was on the cover of Easy Rider wearing nothing but fishnets and a gold sweater.

No. I don't mind hanging out here at all.
The last time I saw the man after ignoring him for 15 years I blew a fuse box. He is a prime example of what happens when you don't value your woman. My intuition is telling me his goal is to reunite. Not out of love but need.
I was hoping to avoid him but wouldn't you know it, as I stepped out of the car to deliver my granddaughter after school he had just arrived from his road trip from Chicago.
I said Hi and left.

So I'm just going to hang out here in the peace and quiet for two weeks, drink Gin & Tonics and listen to LA Radio...dancing in my mind like we used to do.

His being here must have inspired this dream.
He paid for his son's delivery from the money he made building a set of wings for a Pitt's Special . They were beautiful and could easily be considered art.

In the dream I had made Angel Winds. As I woke, they floated gently over the city of Los Angeles.

Don Henley
Pitts Special

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