Saturday, January 26, 2013


After borrowing a friend's Mac I now have a new computer.  I was dismayed to find that none of the videos showed up, so I am making a list of videos featured on this blog in the past.
These are from January through December 8, 2012

Zero Point
Full Movie
The Structure of  Infinity

“There Must be an Angel”
“She Talks to Angels” – Black Crows

“Lunatic Fringe” – Red Rider

“Running Down a Dream” – Tom Petty

“Radioactive” – The Firm

“Peter Pan” Trailer
Tinker Bell

Alice in Wonderland

The Stroll on American Bandstand 1958

“Radar Love” -  1973 – Golden Earring
“Twilight Zone” – Golden Earring

Peter Canova on Ancient Mystery Schools

Parallel Universes and How to Change Reality
Infinite Parallel Realities
Illuminati and Parallel Earths

Quantum Physics and Consciousness
Amit Goswami

“Invisible Touch” – Genesis

The Aura of a Teacher – David Hawkins

All Fears are Illusion – David Hawkins

Mysterious Origins of Man – Jurassic Art

Mind Science Kept Hidden

How My Life Works
Music by my friend Jimmy

Artifacts Reveal Mayan Reset

Native Ritual and Dance
Apache Sunrise Ceremony
Powwow Grass Dancing

Transformational Ceremony
Nahko Bear

Morphic Field  - Rupert Sheldrake

Hundredth Monkey

“There is no Spoon”

“Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

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