Monday, January 28, 2013

Links August 2012

2012 is Strange
What is Star Water

Dream School
Paul Anka
Teleporation – Bashar/Darryl Anka/Paul’s Cousin
Teleportation – AH

Three Levels of Power – Caroline Myss

Good Stuff on 6th Chakra

Art of Emergence
Alex Grey

Sacred Knowledge and Power of Vibration – Greg Braden
Navajo Early Morning Blessing

Energetics of Healing – Caroline Myss  1/10

Link Between Emotions and DNA
Hidden Messages in Water
Water Consciousness

“Spirit Science” 1/15
Brains Behind “Spirit Science” 1/3

Dream Music
Pt 2

Heart Rescue
“Fifth Element” Ending
“Take Me Home” – Phil Collins
Science of the Heart

YOUniverse – Bashar
Infinite Parallel Realities – Bashar

Mayan End Time Prophecy
Hubble – Comet Holms
Hopi Blue Star Kachina

How to Design Your Reality – Bashar
Physics of Intention – Bashar
Take Action and Let Go – Bashar
Rubber Band Analogy – Bashar

Holy Mushroom
Who Was Jesus – John Allegro
Magic Christmas Mushroom
1961 “One Step Beyond” – “Sacred Mushroom”
Aldous Huxley – Doors of Perception
(This book is where Jim Morrison got the idea for his band "The Doors")

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