Monday, January 28, 2013

Links September 2012

Sept 2012
True Source of the Bible and Solar Gods

Empire Cities – DC, London and Vatican
“The Secret”  first 20 Min
Council of Nicea

Paul of the Bible and  Contradictory Statements

Precessional Geometry
Mayan Calendar

Solar Dieties
Christ the Sun of  Righteousness ½

You Become What You Think
Wayne Dyer
Abraham Hicks

Quantum Mechanics Explained
Long Distance Healing

“Going Tribal – African Vision Quest
Pt 2

Royal Bloodline
Margaret Starbird Blog

8th Chakra – Caroline Myss
7th Chakra

Who Are We Really

Drop Expectations – Bashar

Your Point of Power is Now – Bashar

Mechanics of Manifesting – AH

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