Saturday, January 26, 2013

Links for Videos Dec/Nov 12

12/8/12 – 11/27/12

The Real Matrix Holographic Universe
“Crystal Visions” – Stevie Nicks

“Holographic Universe”  Full Movie

Binural Gamma Beats for High Mental Activity

Power vs Force – David Hawkins

“It All Comes Together” – AH

Being Authentic
Will Smith
John Lowery

Visualize Before You Start a Business – AH

1950’s Housewife on LSD
Artist’s Self Portrait on LSD

Psychic Vampires and How to Block Them

Muscle Testing for Energy

Mayan Explanation of  What Will Happen December 2012
Mayan Elder


Power of Introverts

Making a Super Brain

The Code by Carl Munk

Cymatics – The Word of God

Healing Water – Dr. Emoto
Healing Frequency
Water Has Memory

Water – What the Bleep
Water Memory
Dr. Emoto’s Rice Experiment

Power of Consciousness – Bruce Lipton
Money and Energy – Bruce Lipton

Manifesting Meditation

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