Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Thanksgiving

Moving down from Durango to Santa Fe I found a room to rent from Rose.
Here is her story.  "Finding Helen, A Navajo Miracle"

When I went back to my Dream Journal I realized that I had been dreaming of her, her niece Desi, and Joey the basset.  A couple were from two months before.  At that time I didn't realize I was even going to be moving.  Even a couple of years before I found dreams of this trio.

Rose's brother and sister came for Thanksgiving from near the Hopi reservation.  There were several subtle things that came up that made me realize we lived in two different worlds...literally.
When I asked how long it took them to drive they didn't factor that in.  They just came.  Time didn't have the urgency that it does for us Bellagonna.

After dinner Rose and I sat with Paul while he told us stories.  Having grown up in a Mormon household, Rose didn't meet her Navajo Family till she was in her thirties when the Church sent her there as a Missionary.  Paul was trying to bring Rose up to speed with the Navajo Way and their Mother.
One of Paul's stories:
Helen, their Mother, had named a little girl "Little Deer".   She was a sickly child and needed a Medicine Name.  It turned out that when her mother was pregnant with her, her father had stepped in the tracks of the deer he was hunting and the child had Deer Sickness.

It made me realize that their world is as real to them as mine is to me, and my family's is to them.  We create our realities and then as a group agree to the "rules".
Living with Rose has been an inspiration.
Who would she have been if she had never been adopted?
Which Reality would she have "agreed" to?
What Reality can we create for ourselves?
Where would we have found ourselves?

This would have been the world of her mother.

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