Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dye Job Dream


I have a variety of Dreams.  Most are personal to me.  Some are like Emotional Postcards from other people and occasionally I will get a cluster of dreams from the Mass Consciousness, which I seem to be  this week.  Archetype symbols are used but in a personal way.  I dye fabric so that seems to be the "language" of the latest dreams.

"The Dream of December 21"
It took me hours to get to sleep.  The Energy was so intense that my Heart Chakra was swooning and I felt like I'd had three cups of coffee.  I got up several times to check in with a pendulum to see where this energy was coming from.  Not from any one person but from the Mass of people doing ceremony and focused on the uniqueness of the Day.

When I finally did go to sleep...only a few hours ago...the symbol was of dying fabric....over and over.
Some were resistant and had to be immersed in the dye several times and some "got it" the first time.

I'm exhausted from the challenge.  What I "get" is that the Energy is "dying" the souls of each.
What if the soul just won't take the dye at all?

PS.  After meditation I "got" that ALL will be dyed. 

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