Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Blessed Solstice

It has been my personal belief for awhile that the Christ Story was a metaphor for transformation on a personal and cosmic level.  A Cosmic Christ Consciousness Event "nailed" at the  Cross road of Time and Space.
This years winter solstice many are expecting a Big Event and I suspect that it is that Christ Story come again.
Recently I was "aware" that three huge Energy Waves were passing through and at this time we are in the middle of the second with the third to finish on Friday.
My dream the night of the first was of going to a "training" where I was given increasing doses of drugs....pot, acid, mushrooms.  The drug symbol for me is a metaphor for higher and higher consciousness.  The dream slipped into another where I was giving the training, taking a class higher and higher.
That day I woke up feeling lighter but also anxious.  Too great a shift.   All day the people I ran into seemed off.  Cranky, confused and unfocused.

The dreams last night were of taking this class and giving them projects to decorate.  Then I was supposed to do the same so I painted kitchen equipment in bright colors and diamonds.  Spirit food?

If these Waves are part of the Christ Story I pondered that maybe they represented the three days in the cave before the resurrection.  Every good Ritual has a Beginning, Middle and an End.  I sense that the first dream was about the Set Up.  Last night was about the Design and I'm expecting tonight to be the Outcome.  When you bake you mix the ingredients, then you heat it and then let it set before you eat the Cake.

It's interesting that a couple of weeks prior to all of this my dreams went through all my relationships and resolved them, which meant ending for some.  The last was meeting a dozen people at a train station.  The conductor was my uncle who had passed a few years ago, coming for his passenger who had been waiting.

Articles on the Stages of Rituals

His second observation was that rites of passage have three distinct phases: 
 1. Separation from the everyday world 
2. Transition, which takes place in a kind of limbo outside the everyday world – a 
transitional space in which there is suspension or inversion of the normative social 
order. He also called this the liminal phase of ritual (from Latin limen meaning 
3. Incorporation, or return to the everyday world transformed

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