Wednesday, August 17, 2016

This is Not About Bigfoot

I've recently come across the "Channeling Eric" site where the Doctor on the left invites various Channelers to translate her son who has passed.  I think the Channelers are a hoot and resonate well.  These three have a unique and similar Energy Signature.
I've spent the last two days just going through their topics.  Very interesting, insightful and feels pretty spot on.  I'm putting up the Bigfoot video not because of Bigfoot.  Thought I wasn't sure what I believed until I heard these videos.  What did catch my Attention tho was how they described their ability to shift dimensions when coming across Bigfoot Hunters by just shifting their Attention to another dimension. And that they come to this planet because nature is so lush and wonderful.  It would make a great science fiction movie.
Harry and the Hendersons go to Harvard.
The Shifting the Bigfoot talks about feels very familiar to me.
Another video they have done is on a gorilla that got shot rescuing a child at a zoo.  Then goes on to the election predictions.  This was posted June 11 so a lot has happened since then.
I'll post the other two Channelers

I'm posting these because of all the Mult-Layers going on here.  Unique dynamics.  I have my opinion but you should have yours.

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