Thursday, August 18, 2016

Coming to the Bridge

The Experiment left me in a calm but vague place.  To move the energy I'm working with the visual of crossing the bridge.  I realized that by focusing on what I don't want was keeping me stuck.  "Home" is on the other side of the Bridge.
Now, I'm not sure what to expect to find so I try to be general about my expectations.  I use the Emerald City as a symbol.  The green color alone stimulates growth.
In my meditation I walk off the Bridge and benches on either side of the path appear.  Seems I need to wait for the Shuttle.  When you visit the Archetypal Realms you follow their customs.
My Ego wants to scurry back to where I came from.  My Knee Jerk Projections on other people are even more obvious from this angle and I work through those situations in my mind while I wait on the bench.  The Shuttle won't come until I do.  LOL
To calm my Mind Chatter I play the music from "Midnight Special".  It keeps my thoughts in a loop that keeps me occupied while the Shuttle gets  organized.  I paint while I listen.

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