Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Instant Manifestation

I've become obsessed with politics this week after all the crazy rhetoric.  Normally I don't pay that much attention.  However, watching Trump escalate has been like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
Then he came up with this and things took a serious tone.  Mr. Trump seems to say anything to keep the spot light on himself.  A classic, textbook Narcissist.  Having dealt with these people I got a lot of help from the Spartan Life Coach videos.

So the Point of my rambling is that after I watched the above video and a few more  to get a take on how this was being interpreted the Trump Political Reality Show went from being a Circus Side Show to potential danger as he rallies his supporters.

This is the first time I considered him dangerous. 
And about 15 minutes later a Brown Recluse Spider walked past me as I sat at the computer.  Now if you haven't heard of these you might want to google the image of their bite.  It's too gross to put up a picture.
 I was shocked.  You do NOT want one of these near you.  I'm pretty good at manifesting things into my life and WTF did this mean??  It took a while  to sort out what was going on.  
The Spider is my manifestation of my feeling about where Trump is going with this.  
Trump is the Brown Recluse.

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