Friday, January 22, 2016


While this weekends "session" left me groggy for a couple days it was rather weak.  So many distractions.  Everyone I know is having a crazy time.... extremely challenging situations but going both ways.  Bear/AKA Sandra has taken on extra teaching and a new Menu at Taberna. and raising 3 daughters.  While Randy the Skateboarder is in jail.
I was wondering if anyone wanted to chat directly?  I'm thinking of just dropping the blog.  Everything that needed to be said has been.  I started writing mainly so my kids would know why their Mom is different....which just proved to be to much for them.  Somehow I raised Republicans??  LOL
I never promoted the blog but I've got a small loyal following.    Quality over quantity.  :-)  Sometimes only one person needs what you have to offer. 
Want to chat?

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