Thursday, March 14, 2013


I am in Los Angeles and it is hit by a Tsunami.  While dreaming this I thought I was actually watching an action movie then slowly realized it was a dream I was in.

The Waves keep coming.  I'm in an upscale restaurant on the ocean with large windows in all directions.  I see the Wave about to hit again going TO the ocean.  No one seems to pay attention that this Wave is about to hit and go on eating.  The Wave shatters the glass and still people continue with their meal.
On the opposite side of the restaurant I see large rocks along the beach with young people (in their 20's) coming out of the water fixing their clothes, zipping pants and belting belts.  There is a sexual element but not with each other but with the Wave.
Two days later I have another dream and a few of the young people are now gathering in New Mexico along with a couple here.  Mostly men and a couple of young women.  They have come to work on a project and I'm the project manager.  I find them places to stay and we will meet again for a meal after they are settled down.
Then the Guardians put in front of me a wing of a White Owl with an Owl Eye at it's shoulder.  The Eye is like a jewel and hypnotic.  They tell me to feed the group with the meat of this owl wing.  I really don't want to.  It's beautiful and feels sacred.  They insist gently that I must and I start to pluck the feathers and cry.  I want to be able to save the Eye.  And I cry at having to deconstruct this beautiful thing....I wake up as I get a call from work to come in early.

In real life my computer and wifi both went dead right after I last posted...along with several lamps and outlets.  Relationships flipped.  What was is no longer.  Others got stronger.  I can't say I'm the same person I was a month ago.  Mr. "PC" is almost always in my dreams now just around the corner.

"What does dreaming of a white owl mean?"

"What does dreaming of water mean?"

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